Psychonaut in a Public Mystery school

I watched a Youtube video which suggested that Greek mythology called earth Gaia–a living organism. The idea that entire existence including all matter is living consciousness is very near to reality. I found resonance with the idea that earth is actually a vessel of light ascending into the fifth dimension from the viewpoint of all of us who are ascending from third-fourth to the fifth dimension. Treating Gaia as a living spaceship makes us both astronauts and psychonauts. The latter term has been taken from The Tibetan Book of The Dead. I perceived Gaia’s space curvature first in 2012 when under the influence of a substance. It clearly seemed I was in the space on a curved earth. Now as 2016 and dark night of soul started I constantly found solace in the idea of being on a spaceship or in a lab which was a simulation of my previous environments. The idea indeed came from Science-fiction films I had watched before still its resonance was strikingly brilliant and comforting now. People around me, my family members, neighbors, animals, birds and even remote ambulances seemed simulated. They all had an air of unreality about them and they were all extremely fluid and deeply associated with my feelings, thoughts and perceptions. Continue reading “Psychonaut in a Public Mystery school”


Mystery schools: Traversing through realms!

I pay homage to Kuan Yin, Padmasambhava, Nisargadatta, Ramana, St. Rajinder Singh Ji, Jesus, Yogananda,  Buddha and all my spiritual friends for having made me capable of recalling and writing down these. May these help all spiritual seekers and heal all beings!

I never systematically practiced Yoga unless you consider whole life a school of Yoga where my yearning to be liberated grew day by day. It was supposed to be gleaning wisdom from books, friends, videos, angels and life. I had read about mystery schools but never imagined participating in one until now. This story might take many posts and I am sharing with hope that it would help some of you, entertain you and might make you my friend on path of light if you feel it resonates with you in some senses. Continue reading “Mystery schools: Traversing through realms!”

A Zen Story and The Green Mile!

A Zen Story: Is That So?
A beautiful girl in the village was pregnant. Her angry parents demanded to know who was the father. At first resistant to confess, the anxious and embarrassed girl finally pointed to Hakuin, the Zen master whom everyone previously revered for living such a pure life. When the outraged parents confronted Hakuin with their daughter’s accusation, he simply replied
“Is that so?”
When the child was born, the parents brought it to the Hakuin, who now was viewed as a pariah by the whole village. They demanded that he take care of the child since it was his responsibility.
“Is that so?”
Hakuin said calmly as he accepted the child.
For many months he took very good care of the child until the daughter could no longer withstand the lie she had told. She confessed that the real father was a young man in the village whom she had tried to protect. The parents immediately went to Hakuin to see if he would return the baby. With profuse apologies they explained what had happened.
 “Is that so?”
Hakuin said as he handed them the child.
The Green Mile
 I enjoyed watching The Green Mile. The name of the film actually suggests an area for the execution of condemned prisoners, because, they are supposedly walking their last mile before death. This last mile is called The Green Mile. Tom Hanks has portrayed the role of an execution officer very well . The movie is an adaptation  of a Stephen King novel of the same name. I feel that this is one of the best Stephen King stories along with Dolores Claiborne and The Shining.  In my opinion: this is a story of a sage. Though the story is narrated by  Paul (Tom Hanks), the central figure of the story seems to be the sage(John-the healer).
In spite of having been convicted, he comes up with no defense. It shows that he has surrendered completely to the life. He lives in acceptance of what is. Like the sage in the  zen story above  he is very stoical. Moreover, he is a healer and in order to heal others he bears immense pain himself and finally accepts the death which is not really justified in any way. He is immensely sensitive towards the pain of others and in-spite of having devoted all his energies in healing others he demands nothing in return. Like the Bodhisattva of the Buddhist Jataka tales, he is immensely aware of the suffering in the world but being extremely sensitive he is unable to bear the pain anymore and hence prefers death over escape. Nothing has been told about the life of the sage, there is no background information on him. But his compassion overwhelms me.
This film is highly recommended.
[ Written in July, 2010; edited and republished: July 2015]
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