Does Sadness Suit Artists?


As I was reading a poem on a fellow blogger’s site , it occurred to me that sadness suits artists more. I made a comment along those lines. But why do people create art? Isn’t it to get rid of sadness? Isn’t it to be happier? To make ourselves and those around us and those in the world at large happier, cheerful and inspired?

Maybe, maybe not. I have read that all art is neurosis. Maybe it’s. Though there is a world full of literature created by sages who spoke from the highest abode of stillness and this literature never stirs you. It makes you still too. Words carry frequency of the source from where they are spoken. If they come from the stillness they inspire stillness, beauty and positivity. If they come from confusion, neurosis and dysfunction-they inspire the same.

Choose carefully your words for they have the power to change the world–yours and that of others around you. If your words soothe others and act as a balm to heal pain of the others, it’s the highest goodness, for the world is on fire.


The Day He Ran Away From Home to Home!



After having recovered from Schizophrenia( Kundalini) medicines, as his brother and mother kept tirelessly supporting him, he has again found that fire of devotion burning brightly inside his heart, which was, always there, but was temporarily converted into some illusory visions and dreams when he was under the weather created by the treatment.

He tried to run-away yesterday, when he realized that soon after joining this government service he will be forced to marry someone. He so despised the rut of struggling for unnecessary reasons and bondage of marriage which in his brief life experience had caused more misery than bliss to people around him. His love for Krishna is intense and the urge to transcend the mundane world has made him accustomed to chanting holy names every waking minute of the day. He keeps chanting even in his dreams and sleep. He cries and prays after every few minutes to his beloved! Continue reading “The Day He Ran Away From Home to Home!”


Daydreaming Bookworm! 

1991: The five-year old finds a treasure when a box of books arrives in the village school where his parents are teachers. {Never before and never after such generous providence is given for this primary school by the government. Is it a coincidence or a divine favor, who knows, but he keeps wondering about it in his teenage years. } He goes to sail with Sinbad the sailor, gets amazed reading about the fights between Rustum and Sohrab; loves the encyclopedia and delights in the mythological stories and poetry.


He keeps reading those books, oblivious to his surroundings, sitting alone on that Shiva temple wall like humpty-dumpty. His mom calls him to drink milk and dad for playing football with him. The mysterious story of Nachiketa’s meeting with Yama–the god of death, etched a new word ‘Moksha’ in his psyche, which, immediately struck a chord deep inside his heart for some reason and never leaves him for the next decade. Continue reading “Vignettes!”

When I Am Not Writing Or Reading!

What do you do when you’re not writing? How do you reset and return to this dashboard, refreshed? What do you need in your day-to-day life to maintain balance: Running? Yoga? Gardening? Painting? Cooking?

Rhythmic Breathing


Breath is the rhythm of the life. It connects your subconscious and conscious by acting as a bridge. If you observe you find that your breathing follows certain patterns, which vary as your experiences and emotional states vary. You hold your breath when surprised and also when you want to lift something heavy. Breathing is also related to your attention span. When you are angry or excited your breath becomes rapid. When you are calm breathing is calm too. By altering your breathing patterns you can easily and effectively alter your emotional states for good.

Eastern mystics and yogis realized importance of breathing many millenniums ago and made breathing practices part of everyday life. In Yoga, they are known as Pranayama. Prana stands for Life Force and Ayama stands for the Expansion. Rhythmic breathing is a type of Pranayama which uses some type of counting or mantra to help your breath fall into a natural rhythm. This releases toxins from the body and also helps cathartic purging out of subconscious emotions, thus fostering the healing and increasing positivity.

Meditation With Binaural Beats


Binaural beats are sounds similar to subtle natural sounds like thunder, rivers, rainfall and ocean waves. They are very effective and they lead you towards harmony very soon. Even most advanced meditators admit that binaural beats are great discoveries of modern science. These help you reach, Alpha, Beta, Theta or Delta states within a matter of some seconds.

Teaching Kids and My Grandmother


My grandmother was illiterate village woman. She never went to school. She is a sweet lady and she wants to read religious scriptures. Though she is busy most of the times, I try to teach her reading, a bit every now and then when she is free. She becomes very happy as she recognizes words and letters.

Sometimes some young lads come to take help on their assignments. Some of them are facing emotional or spiritual crisis and I try to listen to them attentively. I try to offer them some help and guidance to make their life situation better.

Astrology  Counselling


Sometimes people come with their problems to take counsel on matters related to marriage, career and life. I have been doing some research in Astrology for about a decade now and take a great interest in observing new patterns and learning by reading new horoscopes. I guide people by suggesting remedies for negative Karma and also recommend them meditation and breathing for most of the cases.

Surrender Meditation


Surrendering to life force as it works on your body and mind. You observe and follow the movements of energy. This helps release the energy trapped in the emotions and you feel rejuvenated and relieved. This also boosts the vibration frequency of your immune system.

Watching Films and TV Shows


I am connoisseur of mystery, thrillers, sci-fi and romance. I love Mystery in particular the most. I try to find good mystery films and watch them. I also like some sitcoms which have good humor.


I take frequent showers with cold water. I need to take at least 2-3 showers every day even in winters. It has been so since last few years. I like the touch of the water and many creative ideas come when I am taking bath.

Note: This post is in response to the Blogging University’s Writing 101 assignment.

A Letter To A Friend!

Dear  Friend,

I want to share with you a few pearls of wisdom.


Accept life. Work to change what you can and accept wholeheartedly what you can’t.  When you accept, the energy which was being wasted into complaining starts working for the change. Acceptance allows you to be fully in the moment. Life is a great intelligence, so have faith and everything will work out in the end.

Be Kind

Be generous and kind. Life is a sojourn. We meet people, make friends and then disappear into the oblivion. Being kind makes this sojourn heavenly. Be kind to those who are kind; be kind to those who are not kind. Trust those who trust, also trust those who don’t trust. This way you will always be harmonious.

Ambitions Are Mirages!

Continue reading “A Letter To A Friend!”

Mystery of mysteries!

Tao Te Ching 1

The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named is not the eternal name
The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth
The named is the mother of myriad things
Thus, constantly without desire, one observes its essence
Constantly with desire, one observes its manifestations
These two emerge together but differ in name
The unity is said to be the mystery
Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders

Tao Te Ching is a unique book in the history of mankind. It’s not a collection of religious tenets but mysticism; undiluted, unfathomable and soothing. There are debates about its authorship but popularly it’s believed to have been written by Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu was a peculiar mystic in China in 3000 B.C. The story behind the creation of Tao Te Ching is also very amusing. It’s said that Lao Tzu stayed in the womb of his mother for 32 years. Some accounts say even more. He was born with full-grown beard and teeth and so on.

Lao Tzu became very popular in his vicinity despite being reticent, because his enlightenment was perfect. When great philosopher Confucius heard about him and wanted to meet him he found no match in him and despite his reputation he surrendered to Lao Tzu. It is said that upon exiting Lao Tzu’s humble abode Confucius was dumbfounded and said that he was the most dangerous man.

After a few years Lao Tzu became so troubled by people who kept coming with problems that he decided to leave the country. When he was crossing the border in the wee hours of morning, the toll tax officer recognized him and asked why he was fleeing. Lao Tzu told him the truth and officer asked him to pay the toll. Lao Tzu had no possessions so he soldier requested him to write down his teachings and thus these 81 gems of verses were born. Continue reading “Mystery of mysteries!”

The Space To Write!

This post is in response to writing 101 day-6 assignment:

Where do you write?

In my parent’s house. In my personal room.

Do you prefer blogging on your laptop in a coffee shop?

On laptop, yes; in a coffee shop, no! There aren’t any coffee-shops near-by anyway, else I would have given it a try!

Are you productive in a quiet room, door closed, away from civilization?

Yes, kind of. A few people keep visiting but  mostly it’s quiet where I write. I also use music–like binaural beats with headphones to cut-off the surrounding noise and concentrate. I can get distracted very easily as I am very sensitive to sounds.

What are your writing habits?

My writing habits are good! I write when I feel like writing. I love it and I do it mostly to address the need of the hour. I am fearless as far as writing is concerned, though, I do love to get feedback and improve upon my writing and thinking.

What equipment or supplies do you use to write?

A laptop. Internet. Headphones. Water. A notebook with a pen.

What do you need and want in a physical space?

Silence. Positivity. If it’s a low temperature I love it, though I can manage anyway.

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Blessed Are The Fools!

The Fool, The Child and The Sage!

Ignorance is bliss and blessed are the fools! A child is a fool. Blithe and joyous. A child is full of joy and love. He has a sense of awe and wonder for life. Life is a grand mystery, a great beauty and an unknown thing for him. As a child grows up, he starts losing this sense of awe and wonder and it starts becoming dull and boring. His curiosity and aliveness is lost, his innocence is lost and he becomes this adult who knows everything. Everything is boring now, nothing new is to be known. Is he really aware of everything? Continue reading “Blessed Are The Fools!”

The Dark Room!

X: Where is he?

Y: Why is she hiding?

Z: What are you talking about?

Y: Is it a clue?


X: We should tell her.

Z: Is it an awakening?

Y: It is rotten tomatoes.

X: Perhaps shocked by apathy.

Y: Bullies will go away.

Z: Why so much struggle?

Z: Boring is this game.

X: Her masks are holding her back.

Z: Shocks are tags in rags.

X: Is she soon going into oblivion?

Y: Magnetic circus!

Y: Is he ready to know glares?

Z: Divination?

X: About his dreams?


X: The touch is a solace.

Y: Is she an observer?

X: Bantering is her job.

Z: Panick is about shoes-strings?

X: Everybody except her know about it!

Y: Is he a crybaby?

Z: Soon.

X: It doesn’t make sense.


X: Was he looking at her?

Y: Yes, it was always about him.

Z: Is she fake?

X: About the chatterbox!

Z: Always!

Y: Should we fast forward to 3010?

Z: When there is no tariff on phones, playing games is good.

X: Why does he love depression?


Y: Patrons are running after the jobs!

X: Deep inside her heart guitars are playing full-on!

Y: Who is ribbon?

X: More questions than answers.

Z: Is it a riddle?

X: He has 1000 avatars!

Y: Is he really shy?

Z: Sigh shy?


X: Assessing her is impossible.

Y: Is she a transgender?

X: A dark mystery with 72 chapters.

Z: Books are poker-faced zombies.

Z: Is he in love?

X: She is a confused damsel.

Y: Where have they gone?


Z: It seems so.

X: It’s natural.

Y: Yes, he has to come out of vicious circle.

X: She always loved repetitions.

Z: Is it about Bruce Lee?

Y: He was looking at the balloon which was flying on azure skies.

X: And you were playing hide-and-seek.

X: Who is going to get fever on which day?

Y: Welcos to all amigos!

Z: Puzzles to puzzle you?

X: Look she is here.

Y: Yes, in a dark room.

Z: Why are they kidding with us?

X: Because he is chewing his own bones figuratively speaking.

Y: She is coming out of stupor now.


X: Was it a destined match?

Z: These are isolated thoughts.

Y: Shoes are bees in zoos and they have insomnia like feline gossips.

X: You are blowing his mind away!

Y: Answers are least of her priorities.

X: Has the countdown begun?

Y: It’s all gobbledygook.

Z: Is she Jack-nicholson?

X: Dreams are holes in a tree. They tie bees.

Z: What the hell are you talking about?

Y: Look, look she’s going to the dark-room again…

X: I thought the pool always existed in the dark room!


Z: Whose that coming?

X: A cat who lived 16 lives!

Z: What is really real?

X: As long as it lasts!


Love Is Your Nature

Love is the core of our being and very natural to us. It’s lack of love which is the cause of concern and thought. We all crave for love in one form or another. We are made of love. Love is the force behind the creation, love is what keeps the world running. We all know what love is, it’s a feeling, even if you can’t express it eloquently, in your heart of hearts you know what it is. Love is the most sublime of emotions, though it’s not just an emotion.


There is nobody who hasn’t felt love. It’s true that some of us might have forgotten what it feels like to love or to be loved, still, everyone is born in love. A child who is full of awe and wonder for mystery of beautiful life is so full of love and joy. He lives in love, breathes in it, walks, talks and sleeps in love. Love is not something foreign to us, it has not to be cultivated. It’s our natural state of being. When you are natural you are in love. Continue reading “Love!”