Zaza: Galena graphene pillory crooner retina morphine gillory swooner garbled garb wage wars garbage badgering vagabond vagary bondage age thralldom dominance dominatrix playing tricks matrix a quick fix quivering on lips eclipse ellipsis asyndeton illiterate alliteration litotes meiosis osmotic moped pedagogue gazing gadgets polypeptides tidings hidings hidden meanings connotation contra notation evocative variation variety of varsity sextant tentative renter term matters at hand handsome sommelier saaki ikebana banana nana nanny cranny crony ponytail tailored lorry.   

Logos: Relief of a different kind. Embossed paradox docile dock doctorate of Philosophy Helena Zeus sluice lice mice meteorite spiel ezekiel gabriel raziel daniel humbug patter bugging rigamarole role playing rig fig frog frock rock under the stars snaps naps parsnip nibs snub numb nib mollycoddle doodle delta caldera clapping pageant paens. Continue reading “Physics!”


Three Hearts of An Octopus!

Zaza: Hearts of an octopus in October Sun. Blue owl, blue blood, bleeding stud, sweat of a hippopotamus. Cerulean rule election of delectable rectitude rampart parting ramshackled shacks hacks life strife trivial riverie eerie ataraxia satori samadhi orgasmic bliss splash of green grass yellow flowers home.

Logos: You mean this is too much?

Zaza: What?

Logos: Synchronicity galore. Experiments which can’t be repeated.

Zaza: Uncontrolled environment. Guinea pig. a gig. Zig Ziglar ziggurat minaret mausoleum  solemn millenium aluminium titanium zirconium pandemonium monastic wow kowtow chow chow powwow.  Incontinent contingency awkward ward internecine intercession nonsense rhyme calibrated liberty librarian berth Earth thorn wrong turn urn normative performance stance of neutrality suffrage suffragist gist of gigantic perforations rotations of penultimate kind mates pens stupendous and immense immolation molestation mole station spy espy eye yeah yearling cherub herb rhubarb barbed wire blurb rebus blunder der furor teutonicus. Continue reading “Three Hearts of An Octopus!”


Zaza: Husky slight gruff sufferance prance an ounce of utterance utterly submissive missive nadir of dulcet revelry leveling up lively melody.

Logos: Puerile riling up raillery relaying elated tedium umpteen teenager a wager vegeterian soup coup parsimonious monsoon promontory premonition tortola levitation gladiola glad isolation solace of lasting quantum pancham da chum that did the right thing hinged on zedi died for a cause such a loss floss gross estimation steam teeming up with reams smeared miasma mesmerizing zing mesa asymptotic curves nerves reverential deities etudes interludes ludicrous lubes ridiculous cubes lambast lamb blasphemous pheromone monotonous tone oneous onion syzygy eclipse dark knight apocalypse lapse of sanity vanity nitty-gritty of titanic panic puckered lips slips freudian glitches stitches hitches and hikes kites skating termites mighty tycoon tylenol old racoon rapt temerity ritual austerity osmosis of smoke-screens careen cauldron drones behemoth moths froths filth thermal hilt misplaced rhymes nonsensical dimes smitten tensions apprehensions hens cynical calculators reptilian brains rains snaring rings singing sinners nerds standard tan dard retarded nerd retired tired rewired frames ramses sasquatch watch. Continue reading “Transits!”


Zaza: Dear master, I feel I heard some clear voices today.

Logos: Ah, isn’t it after a long time that we heard something again! What did they say?

Zaza: They were merely confirming what I already knew.

Logos: And what was that you already knew?

Zaza: That’s what. What inspired who and who inspired what and they mutually inspired each other to create swan songs of penultimate kind.

Logos: Strange circus it’s! People hear what is not said, then they read between, under and over lines–no they even erase what is written for there is repeated writing on palimpsests of sistine chapel and then again start playing games–for night is a jungle and darkness is a long tunnel. Continue reading “Farewell!”

The Central Junction!

Zaza: Yarmulke, kippah, ikebana, origami, gamey mary, gold flower, guttural gute nacht, nacho, chomp champion opinion onion on and on, multiculturalism, cultivation of vested stature trumpet petulant etude educe duct tactical calculation culinary negligence.

Logos: Endemic academic pandemic emetic meteor metier etios endocrine cringe gentile tilted terrestrial to recuse a recluse recuperating rating desuetude.  

Zaza: Sedoka katauta toting a cut-out Sudoku oculus Haiku cucumber cumbersome amber berserk serendipity seditious suborn bourbon bom. 

Logos: Literati, Paparazzi, chainsmokers, gazpacho patching I-ching chinchinahua. Keeper’s edition, tradition, diction of perdition, perpetual trepidation.  Continue reading “The Central Junction!”


Zaza: Fusty, musty, crusty, rusty, gusty, stygian angle glandular undulation.

Logos: A board above board aboveboard overboard boarding above dingy ditty ding-dong drab dour trapdoor. 

Zaza: Lopsided lop opulent elope opalescent palpitations of picayune pita pall pale tate.

Logos: Panache, a pain in the ass, a panhandle an ache chasing hashish.

Zaza: Dulcet dulcimer, virtuous virtuosity, tortuous murmurations, murals on the walls in a rural rusticated setting. Tingling glimpse of pasquinade, a renegade serenade, a grenade degrading denigrating grated denizens in zen dungeons geologically isolated dumbfounded fountains.

Logos: Analyze that: Continue reading “Chemistry!”

Boondoggling Panhandle!

Zaza: To parry a blow to catch glow of fleeting gloaming, to dodge roaming ramshackled shackles, remnant dreams in pretan realms, alms given to smashing shinchu. 

Logos: Moribund boondock saints boondoggling moratorium. Rinse verve as it takes nerve for enervated veterinarian renegade to gander gardner nerd. How easy to create delusions–fractured flashes and to perpetuate them as Karma accumulates you succumb to unencumbered cucumbers, numbers which reverberate berated river beds. 

Zaza: Prosaic mosaics, vituperative rants, Entamoeba histolytica, prosody prorogue rogues aubergine genie. Temporized tempers, sequestered sequences, quiescent scientists, senescent sententious sentences cesspool pooling carpooling corporeal corrosive ventures. Continue reading “Boondoggling Panhandle!”

Loving The Phantoms!

Zaza: The word ‘Vyasan’ in Hindi primarily means ‘addictions.’ But the actual word in Sanskrit also meant ‘tragedy,’ and one of the verses taught in middle school says that one’s kin are recognized only when tragedy visits them. It’s interesting how the meaning morphed as word entered into Hindi from Sanskrit. Addictions eventually ruin people and their lives become tragedies. 

Logos: The word guy which primarily means a dude or man is also informally used by people for a group of people including men and women. But unless you peruse a dictionary you rarely come across its secondary meanings. One meaning is a cable or wire used to brace a tent–this is also used as a verb. Another meaning which is even rarer in use is a verb which means to subject someone to ridicule or laughter. I think it’s the primary meaning which is seen in social media, films and magazines mostly.  Continue reading “Loving The Phantoms!”

Neonatal Nonchalance!

Zaza: The last time around it was more of feminine, this time around it seems to be more of masculine. Do you observe the differences?

Logos: Yes I do. Images, words, complexity and simplicity are patterns which attract or repel people. Right versus left brain. There was a suggestion to be yourself even when you were out to help others. Help yourself and then help others or keep helping others as you keep helping yourself or understand it clearly that true help is making others capable of helping themselves for repeated help is no help at all and until you’re beyond the need of all help you can’t truly help others and to be truly beyond the need of all help in all departments of life is truly rare. 

Zaza: What is the most interesting thing about illusion?

Logos: The most interesting thing about illusion is–that it’s. It’s like you asking the questions for which you already have answers. The question is to question the questioner. Illusion is something but not what you think it. Its persistence doesn’t mean its substantiality for it’s a passing show. Therefore it’s not wise to demand its disappearance but to understand its true nature. Understanding liberates you from the thrall of illusion.  Continue reading “Neonatal Nonchalance!”

Jilted Lummox and Periods!

Zaza: On the day of Halloween a bumpkin bumped into a pumpkin and he pumped a lot of air into it. His skin was akin to that of pumpkin’s as he wore it as a cap on his head. Prepossession about possession, a disposition to loathe the position hitherto held, anomalous anomie, encomiastic mien. Encumbrance, remembrance, trance.  Mink, sable, chinchilla, cincinnati hullabaloo, bugaboo, bugbear, fear, endearing star. 

Logos: Some people say things because they need to be said. Some others say them for the sake of saying and then there are some others. 

Zaza: Editing and omission exercises. The problem with dissimulation is that you’ve to be hyperconscious to delete all traces and to cover all the tracks which becomes evident at the very first glance. No such problems exist when you’re flowing, in harmony, in congruence with the Logos. Continue reading “Jilted Lummox and Periods!”