Imagining the imaginings!

Sun and clouds,

Dark and bright,

Playing hide and seek,

Make this morning look like a morning,

It’s usually a noon,

Two redheads talk in sweet tongues,

On top of a rusty electric poll,

Which spreads its thick black and brown arms bidirectionally, Continue reading “Imagining the imaginings!”



Creatrix is activity,

Activity is without any activist,

How wonderful indeed,

When you let credit go,

Blames leave you;

When you let blames go,

Credits don’t concern you,

But you don’t let go,

Because you don’t

You don’t is an anthem,

Which keeps you sane when you see hens all around,

When nothing happens,

Pens rest,

Tests die,

Nothing vies for nothing.

When something happens,

It’s penned by ned which does everything.

You’re free anyway. 

Obstreperous Tintinnabulation!

Ocelot loiters sterilized zedi iodide ions diving in the eternal river,

Splayed splashes displayed dips solids slipshod slippage,

Ashes caches aches catches at matches thatches latches hatches,

Chess essays says aye yes sir esplanade planes napes lanes inanes,

Tintinnabulation ablution bulimia innateness antidisestablishmentarianism, Continue reading “Obstreperous Tintinnabulation!”

Puff of Parrots!

Lungs exploding,

With a wheezing puff of parrots,

Rotting air tingles dead ghost of lane four,

Our rut is tessellated lateral latte caffe,

And avalanche of luncheons eons of hunches,

Gone to one wastebasket where kate lives,

Learn the science of swara as I sing waras,

Your silken smooth touch is a tale of yore, Continue reading “Puff of Parrots!”


Codex dexterity typical calculator torpor porosity roster rooster sterilized zedi,

Edifying fling yin yang linga angler leery eye rye yearning earning ninja,

Jam mojo jocund joker poker kerchief chieftain tanned ned den versatile tiles,

Tessellated laterals latitude etude deodorant rants ants stilted lilts stylus,

Lustrous buddhaverse versification fixation cation anion ion on i, Continue reading “Codex!”

Memory Palaces!

Garden, gardener, gardened eden

den denver verse versioned ned

education creation narration ration

nation at ion cation anion on and on

onion cathode anode node an ode deodorant

lying dormant in an ant your happy place memory palace a lace place,

Memories are places, Continue reading “Memory Palaces!”

Nots Yess and Grays!

When do things go wrong?

If there is a right,

There would be a fight,

A plight and a left,

If traces of memories are left,

They attract each other like clouds on an azure sky,

Which are merely specks of dust and water,

But when together they come they cover the Sun, Continue reading “Nots Yess and Grays!”

Philological Philatelist!

I feel a new energy, a new light surging through me today. This might just be exalted Moon in Taurus which is fourth in the bright Lunar month.  I don’t believe in acute causation therefore I merely place things which occur side-by-side. I heartily thank some of my friends who have helped and inspired me in last few months. I write their names in no particular order :

Eli Kyoko

Elice Gracie

Sameera Mansuri


Dabir Dalton

Rulla Alani

Nandita Yata

Ward Clever

Mel Gutier


Imran Ali


I am truly thankful to you all and also to those who shall not be named. I am thankful to all others who have helped this blog survive with their likes, comments, feedback and criticism. Have a beautiful forever my friends.  

Chenille bedspread read spray ray splay play splashes

Dashes ashes shes esplanade plan nada addled adler

Chatushpada pads bhagavata fortunate natation 

Gambol am boulevard leeway waylay lay lala

Maunder under derelict relics lisp meander wonder

Philological philatelist philosophical list sophia

Unfledged zedi eddy dying flail rail rally

Naphtha ophthalmology logical calories

Lullabies bites stylus tiles sleight eighty eight

Ghetto toe aria ria air rhino pink sweat wet eat

Tea eatery terry jerry tom mote motley tome







Landing on the mines!

One star goes out of existence,

Another is born,

Fur Elise,

Elice in the wonderland,

Landing on the mines,

Insides are outsides,

Sidereal zodiac dices rolling cubes of sugar,

Garrisons sons fords dwarfs and wharfs, Continue reading “Landing on the mines!”


I hover over a shadow,


I am all over,

And yet,

Nobody hears me,

Feels me,

Spots my footsteps.

I am an invisible man.

Sun and Moon embrace,

Melt into arms,

Silence sings, whistles, taps, dances,

Emptiness nests,

Pink peristyle,

Stylish nuts,

Bolts, wires, black pipes,

Diesel, smog, euphony cacophony,

Zig zag juggulars,


Transformer, lantern, iron, driver in brain,

You’re a complete package,

I am an antiparticle now,

Atto scales,

Space between molecules is much more,

The silence of cemeteries,

As compared to that of temples,

Meditation sanctuaries,

Has more space in it. 

More heart.