13 Words Story: Mayhem!


Chaos, Isis, Adipose!

Ouroboros, phantom, fructose!

Time, Death, Satan!

Galactic core, randomness galore!


I need inspiration, not another negotiation!


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I need inspiration, not another negotiation! 

Dibble dabble do, lots to do! 

The peaceful drifting of the mind 

A picture perfect moon this morning 

Stuck on repeat free of thought  

My heart, as bird, takes wing 

Frantic festive furtiveness, goodwill and forgiving 

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13 Words Story!


It kept gliding in, silently, towards eternity and it became  which it was!

Once a captive, now I’m free!



Once a captive, now I’m free. 

Snow, doubts, smile, heart, horse, fun! 

Hold on; for one more day. 

No time to waste in formalities 

Sun and wind, burn and free! 

Be grateful, be thankful, be contented. 

I woke up to live life! 

Try to understand and love everyone. 

Words dancing at the dozen: halved 

Every night she dreams of travelling 

Lost love, too late for discovery. 

I wait for Wade to wave 

Hope they enjoy the perfect life 

He sulked alone until they conceded. 

These feelings I keep to myself 

Togetherness leads to actual mutual bonding 

I wish I could stop worrying 

Will it be longer or shorter? 

They knew there was no option 

Let us slay all negative notions

Loud as a fair dare darling!

No silence for my busy brain

And then, she was set free! 



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13 Words Story: buzz!


Where is this soft music coming from, who is singing, since when, why?

Like gravity is love is love!

Why an arrow? Because love hurts. 

Silly little boy plays with arrows 

He makes her feel so special 

Love all you have to give! 

I want to feel your skin 

Wandering, wondering, I’ve come to you 

Holidays come, holidays go, bah humbug!


Never have my arms held you 

Admire her, he did! Most ardently!

Her heart opens to his touch. 

If we live without, we’re inhuman. 

A brittle heart softened by love… 

Moonlight, shared kisses, Heart sings music. 

Eros’ target became his love obsession. 

Passion for life overcomes all things. 

Love’s like the sun in winter 

It’s neither gain, nor it’s loss!

Like gravity is love is love. 




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13 Words Story: Theme!

The meme affecting theme was gloomy glib gleamy glean, beam boop beep-bang!

Kundalini: The WordY FrYdaY NerdY!

The term Kundalini comes from Kunda, which means a circular object. Usually Kunda is used for artificial water bodies which are circular in shape. They are small ponds. Kundal is a term evolved from Kunda and it simply means circular shaped amulets worn in ears or around wrists. The suffix ‘ini’ is used for feminine things–so Kundal and ini make Kundalini. It generally stands for a feminine natural force which is mysterious and circular in shape and resides at the base of spine in every human being.

The yogic lore is full of hymns addressed to this mysterious force. Russian mystic George Gurdjieff used to say that this tool was put as a buffer in the ancient man and it makes humans fulfil their desires via dreams and imaginations instead of actualizing them in reality–but later on it was removed from the design and still people imagine it to be there. He called it Kundabuffer because it was needed to absorb the shocks which would otherwise damage the human system and wake him up from the deep slumber he always stays in. Gurdjieff was a strange man and his ideas are not easily understood, yet they have some truth.


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Lost my wallet. Who am I?



Lost my wallet. Who am I? 

I am craving for your love 

A constant battle per second daily 

Sunshine and smiles make me happy

Your inviting smile sealed in memory 

In the deep fear I sleep  Continue reading “Lost my wallet. Who am I?”

13 Words Story: Viewpoint!


All persons, situations, feelings-timeless, spaceless waves–totality from here, infinity watching itself!