Light Bulb!

Let me begin from beginning gin,

Ginseng bulb lights three trees up in a yard,

Street lights play hide and seek with seekers of harmony,

Monikers chase stars under big dipper,

UFOs dance with eagles,

Jimmy Jimmy competes with couplets of temple,

Which act as lullabies to those who stand with hands folded, Continue reading “Light Bulb!”


Phases of Aphasia!

It doesn’t matter how many poles you have,

When you’re unhinged, without polls,

Two distant white light bulbs,

Two UFOs,

Three shadows whispering, laughing and ringing into my ginseng ears,

Kids, cute, talented, dancing and singing,

Their temper tantrums,

Proboscis cisco coco brocade cascade cadenza,

Patriarchy isn’t just male dominance,

It’s the moral code created by guardians who shall not be challenged,

It’s as much rotting of soul as happens when life meets death,

Chained stories hinge on memories of recency of causation,

If it was a recent dysfunction I’m less guilty,

Now as I make up excuse I gain time to absorb the shock,

This is how time fights time, Continue reading “Phases of Aphasia!”

The Play!

It’s not playful or mischievous,

For it never moves out of this eternal play,

Of colors,



All it says,




Is perfect,

Through and through,

Rough and smooth, Continue reading “The Play!”


End is Well!

End is a well,

Being and non-being,

Well is end for it’s always a beginning,

Another inning,

All is well,

The frames within which memory operates,

Hold the keys to all doors there are,

Memory is the only miracle, Continue reading “End is Well!”


Nots Yess and Grays!

When do things go wrong?

If there is a right,

There would be a fight,

A plight and a left,

If traces of memories are left,

They attract each other like clouds on an azure sky,

Which are merely specks of dust and water,

But when together they come they cover the Sun, Continue reading “Nots Yess and Grays!”


In You!

Anami the nameless,

You dwell in the well being,

Law of opposites are you,

The conditioner and shampoo,

You program me and I program you,

Taking turns as we revolve around an axis,

The light filling in from our every pore, Continue reading “In You!”



I hover over a shadow,


I am all over,

And yet,

Nobody hears me,

Feels me,

Spots my footsteps.

I am an invisible man.

Sun and Moon embrace,

Melt into arms,

Silence sings, whistles, taps, dances,

Emptiness nests,

Pink peristyle,

Stylish nuts,

Bolts, wires, black pipes,

Diesel, smog, euphony cacophony,

Zig zag juggulars,


Transformer, lantern, iron, driver in brain,

You’re a complete package,

I am an antiparticle now,

Atto scales,

Space between molecules is much more,

The silence of cemeteries,

As compared to that of temples,

Meditation sanctuaries,

Has more space in it. 

More heart.





Atropos apropos tropical tropes,

Props proposed poses artemis,

Poseur heuristic europa pone,

Pickles pickets thickets bushes,

Crickets croquettes quiet corners, Continue reading “Apropos”



Mango maur speak twilight tongues.

Unguent giants dig earth at my doorstep,

Steps tap tape ape pep,

Sometimes technology fails,

Humanity at others,

Hers, heres ears ere revelry, Continue reading “Maur!”


Cosmic Noodles!






This letter is an alpha bet,

Or a beta bate,

Thetha pate,

Gamma rays,

Cosmic noodles, Continue reading “Cosmic Noodles!”