Horoscope of Fyodor Dostoevsky

Name: Fyodor Dostoevsky
Date of Birth: Tuesday, October 30, 1821
Time of Birth: 09:47:00
Place of Birth: Moscow
Longitude: 37 E 35
Latitude: 55 N 45
Time Zone: 3.0
Information Source: Web
Birth data has been taken from astrosage.com
Dostoevsky is regarded as one of the greatest authors of all times and greatest explorer of psyche through his works. His works created foundation of existentialism.
Let’s briefly examine his birth chart here:

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Synchronicity Rides

I was thinking about publishing an article on Vedic Astrology. The thought that Aquarius Moon people have been great researchers immediately occurred to me and Leonardo-Da-vinci, Leibniz, Goethe -all Aquarians flashed before me. Then as I searched Kapil Sharma on Astrosage site I learnt that his birth data has been revised now. Earlier it was ‘dirty data’ casually picked up from the web but now it’s been referenced from some book it seems. I had forgotten that I thought about Aquarius Moon and I searched for Kapil because I had recently watched him on TV. I was surprised to find that he is an Aquarius Moon–though I had examined his horoscope before but since it was not reliable data I did not wish to publish and I had forgotten by now about his Moon sign. Continue reading “Synchronicity Rides”

Dev Anand’s Horoscope!

Dev  Anand was one of the most popular  romantic actors of Indian Cinema and a very influential one as well. I feel his songs especially from 1960s era are treasure for music lovers. He was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time because the golden era of music in Indian cinema did not come again. Out of the great trio of Raj Kapur, Dileep Kumar and Dev Anand, Dev had the greatest success as a romantic hero and hence his movies bagged some of the best romantic melodies. Let’s briefly examine his birth chart here!

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Madhubala’s Horoscope!

Madhubala is considered to be one of the most influential cine-personalities of India. She has been called The Venus of Indian Cinema and has also been compared to Marilyn Monroe because of her charm and tragic early demise. Let’s briefly examine her chart here!


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Horoscope Of Shree 420!

Raj Kapoor has been called The Greatest Showman and Charlie Chaplin of Indian Cinema. Personally I’ve watched very few of his films but those very are enough to tell me that he had great acting talent, charismatic personality and versatility.  His songs are very entertaining to watch even today. Let’s briefly observe his horoscope here!


Charts courtesy: astrosage.com


Cancer Lagna rises with Moon and its north node in it. He was a very sensitive and popular person with an emotionally stable temperament which led to many romantic liaisons. Since Lagna is weak ( 27 degrees) and Rahu afflicts it he suffered from asthma in later years. Jupiter in the 6th house clearly indicates corpulence in later years. Exalted Saturn and Venus in its own house together aspect the lagna and Moon making his horoscope a fairly powerful one, no wonder he gained popular as well as critical acclaim.  Continue reading “Horoscope Of Shree 420!”

Horoscope of Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya!

Acharya Ji was a visionary sage and founder of All World Gayatri Parivar. He worked extensively for reforming Indian society and his ideas which he expressed in voluminous books formed a substantial spiritual literature which contributed in shaping India’s spiritual consciousness in the twentieth century and thereafter. I had the great fortune of reading his books in my boyhood and they shaped my mind for better. Let’s examine his horoscope briefly here.


Charts courtesy: astrosage.com


Pravrajya Yoga:

Moon is in the navamsa of Mars and aspected by Saturn in Rashi. As I’ve so often suggested in these articles there is no black and white in renunciation. Saturn doesn’t aspect Moon fully and Moon is also influenced by Venus and Mercury. The aspect of Saturn is stronger when it’s the sole aspect. It’s evident that he lived a very rigorous life of an ascetic and despised luxuries.  Continue reading “Horoscope of Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya!”

Dr. Abdul Kalam’s Birth Chart!




Dr. Kalam was a visionary pioneer scientist and role-model. Let’s briefly examine his birth chart here.


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Horoscope of Swami Vivekananda!

Swami Vivekananda needs no introduction being an iconic monk who was the first among  popularizers of  Yoga and Vedanta in the West. He’s one of the most inspirational role models. Let’s briefly examine his birth chart here!


Charts courtesy: astrosage.com


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Ramakrishna Paramhamsa’s Birth Chart!

Ranakrishna is one of the most influential sages since late 19th century. His horoscope has attributes of a great personality. There are two aspects to be observed in the personalities of liberated sages–one is degree of realization and second is strength of personality. These two aspects remain inversely related with each other. Deeper realization means weaker personality and stronger personality means weaker realization. Do exercise caution here in understanding that this is applicable only in case of self-realized sages and not in ordinary charts. You might come across many weak and timid characters which are not self-realized and you might also come across some charismatic personalities which are not liberated. Only in case of sages–the stronger personality means the work done by it is great and affects world more visibly. Weaker personalities in such cases suggest that sage affects society only subtly and mostly remains unknown.


To take an example: Ramakrishna and Gandhi had strong personalities. Their effect has been very visible. Ramana Maharshi had comparatively weaker personality but a great depth of realization. It doesn’t mean that there haven’t been sages with personalities weaker than that of Ramana. Ramana indeed had a strong personality and he did affect masses. But when we compare his personality with Ramakrishna and Gandhi it’s weaker. Some people in southern India did consider Ramana as an avatara of Kartikeya but many more considered Ramakrishna to be an avatara. Avatara has a stronger personality and hence work done by it is more. More power means more energy and hence more work. Krishna, for example had a great personality–one of the most charismatic and also great realization, he not only delivered Vedic wisdom in form of Arjuna/Uddhava Geeta but also greatly changed course of history in the world, therefore he’s considered to be an avatara by a great number of people. Many movements still worship Krishna and find salvation through him. Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad also had great personalities which affected great religious movements. Continue reading “Ramakrishna Paramhamsa’s Birth Chart!”

Horoscope of Paramhamsa Yogananda!


Yogananda was a Yogi and Guru who helped popularize Yoga in the West. His book Autobiography of A Yogi is considered a spiritual classic. Let’s examine his chart briefly here.

Yoga1 Yoga2

Charts Courtesy :  astrosage.com

Birth Data:  5 January 1893, Gorakhpur (India), 20:38 PM


  • Ascendant and Moon are both in the Magha nakshtra. It’s one of the three Ketu ruled constellations. Ketu ruled constellations are good for spirituality but bad for material relations. It’s said that natives with this placement have ability to leave body at will by withdrawing praanic currents but it can be true only for a Yogi. It has been reported that Yogananda left his body instantaneously while delivering a lecture by concentrating between his eyebrows. Continue reading “Horoscope of Paramhamsa Yogananda!”