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Truth has the power of a million splendid Suns and even more! In the beginning of his spiritual practice Gandhi used to say: God is truth(which is also known in Vedanta as Sat-chit-Ananda trio’s Sat-which means eternal) but when he matured he said: Truth is God as his preconceived notions about God faded one after another but what remained was Truth–touchstone for all his experiences and undertakings. Truth is our ticket out of this dimension and almost every children is taught to be truthful when she is young but as she grows up and observes the world around- she has to start learning to wear masks else it hurts. In the long run ticket is lost and she keeps wandering here waiting for another way out. 

Truth isn’t what we feel is right out of the propositions of right and wrong but rather that which is eternal and uncaused–independent and in our behavior what we know to be according to the best of our knowledge towards ourselves and others. Truth is the easiest way in and the easiest way out. 


Broken Vows

 There once lived a young man in a town. His search for Truth took him to austere devotion and he had abhorrence for his life situation. He hated all the drama in the lives of householders and ties of responsibilities. One day he simply ran away from his home and reached to a place of pilgrimage. He started serving as a priest there and he also used to serve food to all people who visited the monastery. The Mahanta-the head of the establishment was pleased with his manners, learning and his utmost sincerity was unlike anything he had seen before. Since he was a householder he felt that the young man would be a suitable match to his eldest daughter as he belonged to the same lineage as the family of master. But it would have been too much to ask the young man since he escaped his home only to avoid responsibility and noise. The master was old and suffering from some diseases like diabetes. He had stopped doing world tours so funds coming into the ashram had started dwindling still it was one of the biggest temples in the town. Continue reading “Broken Vows”

False is Mysterious!


“Greatest truth are simplest, like your very own existence…” said Swami Vivekananda. In my childhood I was very fascinated by the mysterious. Somehow I used to equate mysterious with the divine. Now I feel opposite is the truth. Many people think that spiritual must be esoteric and enigmatic. It must be mysterious and it’s true that mysterious attracts your mind because it’s the stuff mind is made of. Mind, ego and the universe are made of falsehood-Maya. They appear to be but they aren’t that is why mind is always attracted towards mysterious and even when you look back at the things you once considered mysterious(which turned out to be simple when observed closely) you still find mind looking out for more mystery where there is none.

Mysterious might be entertaining. It might give you some superficial joy for time being because mind is made of the same stuff but it can’t be the Truth. It’s not peace. All existence is made of one truth. Only one element is and it’s simply you. But when you feel there is some greater truth out there, something mysterious and fascinating–it’s the restless wavering mind which is beguiling you because it’s made of falsehood. All mysterious is false or better say everything mysterious is so because it is false. Falsehood makes things appear mysterious. Dreams are mysterious because they are false. Universe seems infinite and mysterious as different from Self because it’s false. As Self universe is truth and it’s simply you. If magician reveals his tricks he doesn’t appear enigmatic or magnetic anymore, similarly if Maya reveals itself you stop looking for its manifestations. You are truth and simplicity.


A Man and A Truth!

A man wanted to know the Truth.

He started asking people around him.

Nobody could give him a satisfactory answer.

He started reading but none of the books could satiate his thirst.

Then someone suggested him to meditate.

He started meditating. He meditated, meditated and meditated.

After a very long time; the man disappeared; the Truth disappeared.