Zephyr and Oblivious

Zephyr: What is the difference between a genuine and a fake master?

Oblivious: None whatsoever.

Z: How come? I loathe fake masters and messiahs.

O: On one hand you don’t even know the distinction. Funny that you can find something repugnant without even being aware of it–it must be a fake repugnance. 

Z: Is a fake master like a contagious disease? Or like a premonition or a delirium?

O: Adjust yourself. Master is ethereal yet substantial, incorporeal yet manifest. Master is the soul of your soul but he’s not what you take him to be? Continue reading “Zephyr and Oblivious”



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There are two approaches to treat my writings-first one, expecting consistency in thoughts and themes is bound to fail in its efforts through and through–the second, much like life itself can be treated as a testament of varying moods and themes. For example, last year, around this time-I hated Satan whereas I am in love with him this time around. My views on things change very often and they often reflect movement of stars as I find myself very susceptible and permeable to energies around me. Defining ‘me’ could be difficult and disengaging but it’s enough to say that there is no consistent personality as amalgamation of many energies in an equilibrium to environment operates as identities in various persons. There are people who know that they do nothing and there are people who think they do everything and among those two extremes there are most who think they do some things and some other things just happen. I don’t know much about the game of life but I seem to side with existential thinkers who advocate that meaning is created in life by us–that there is no absolute meaning.

Waiting to find Truth and then communicating it with others is futile because Truth can’t be expressed in words and can’t be found in words. The purpose behind writing is not to be absolutely sure about things you write about even if you write nonfiction.  Continue reading “Masquerade”

Mystery schools: Traversing through realms!

I pay homage to Kuan Yin, Padmasambhava, Nisargadatta, Ramana, St. Rajinder Singh Ji, Jesus, Yogananda,  Buddha and all my spiritual friends for having made me capable of recalling and writing down these. May these help all spiritual seekers and heal all beings!

I never systematically practiced Yoga unless you consider whole life a school of Yoga where my yearning to be liberated grew day by day. It was supposed to be gleaning wisdom from books, friends, videos, angels and life. I had read about mystery schools but never imagined participating in one until now. This story might take many posts and I am sharing with hope that it would help some of you, entertain you and might make you my friend on path of light if you feel it resonates with you in some senses. Continue reading “Mystery schools: Traversing through realms!”


Absolute is neither conscious nor unconscious because it’s beyond consciousness. It’s homogeneous, continuous and without any gaps or divisions of any kind. Words don’t reach it neither imagination does. It’s consciousness in which imagination creates various names and universes. Time and space are both creators and destroyers of perception and perception is creator of both time and space though perception can’t destroy time and space.

From the viewpoint of consciousness variations and discontinuity can’t exist without time and space. Time is change and change is time. Time’s passage is not independent of thoughts and thoughts aren’t independent of time. Time and thoughts come into existence together and disappear together. There is no possibility of infinite pleasure because consciousness is consciousness of change. Time doesn’t allow infinite pleasure or pain. Consciousness is also impermanent because awareness is not describable–it’s not a concept. It’s dark and mysterious as far as consciousness trapped in mind forms is concerned but Truth is that it alone is and thought forms don’t exist. That which has a beginning has an end and is therefore hollow.

Kundali and Kundalini!

Today a friend started discussing in words what I had perceived a while ago-that there should be some relation between terms Kundali and Kundalini because they sound so similar. I concurred and then tried to express my views on the same:

Kundali in general means anything with a circular shape . Kundala is the word used for circular ornaments which are generally earrings but might also be used for rings worn on wrists like bands. In Mahabharata epic there is a popular story in which Karna has powerful earrings which he had since birth because he was immaculately conceived from Sun  by Kunti.


Kundalini is not very different from Kundali in meaning. It also means something which has a circular shape. But two terms have been traditionally used for different concepts. Kundali is used for horoscope whereas Kundalini is used for serpentine force  which usually rests at the base of spine.

Are these two related?

I feel they’re deeply related because they’re one and the same thing!

Kundali or horoscope is basically karmic map. At a deeper level horoscope represents Time. Karma or great serpentine Ouroboros is the great devourer Time which has been compared to a dragon or snake eating its own tail because it’s cyclic in nature and infinite.



Ouroboros: Time
Ouroboros: Time

Continue reading “Kundali and Kundalini!”

Why Does Time Fly?

Why does time fly when you’re having fun?

‘Time’, ‘Thought’, ‘Boredom’ are synonymous. The boredom is excess of thoughts. Excess of thoughts not only kills your life force energy but also makes you feel ‘heaviness of passage of time’.

The reason why you feel this ‘slow passage of time’ mostly at times of distress and when you’re waiting is: you have too many thoughts triggered by the sensation of pain. In sleep, in coma, in meditation, your organism is using least number of resources and the number of thoughts are also less; therefore the time flies.

No Time to Waste?

No Time to Waste

Fill in the blank: “Life is too short to _____.” Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion.

For all I know time can’t be wasted but it can waste you. Time is ouroboros -the Devil, the Satan, the eternal devourer which isn’t eternal in itself. Time exists inside mind. Time is mind. Cosmic mind is cosmic time and individual time is individual mind. The perception of time is created by our minds, that is why it’s so damn boring to wait–time seems to have become too stretched. Then, we have all heard how hours become minutes in company of beloved and how time slows down at the time of death. Certain drugs like marijuana also alter perception of time. Time is dependent on perceptions and it isn’t rigid.


When we look at our own lives we find that there have been certain good moments and certain not-so-good moments but what are we looking at exactly? We are looking at mind-stuff. There is no real past as there is no real future either. There is no real present either. Life can’t be compartmentalized into past, present and future. When mind-stuff isn’t life is! Our memories of previous experiences is determined by so many things. Our perceptions and memories are being colorized and recolorized over and over again infinite number of times without us being aware of them. Factual memory is one thing and emotional memory is another and many times they tell certain distinct tales about what happened. I feel that I remember about certain times and I remarked how pleasant they were but now I think about them and there is something which makes me look miserable over there. I don’t want to revisit those places or memories. It’s not that I want to avoid them or run away from them, I feel they are a waste of energy and don’t matter anymore. They might have been a great deal at that time, perhaps because they gave an experience better than previous ones but now I don’t crave for those experiences and am better off. It’s strange that you don’t want those experiences anymore–about which you spoke so highly before.


I have become happier day by day. I feel this is the best day of my life. I feel time becomes elongated when you struggle and want to be something else than what life allows you to be. Our life situations are unique and yet so similar–we all are striving after this or that, trying to become something else which we are not and this is the cause of conflict, strain and stress and unease. Having firm faith in life means you are at the place where you should have been and anyone who says otherwise is deluded. Acceptance of life as it is might not be easy but it is a great reliever and connects you with life. When I revisit the places in memory, which now seem like dreams or life-stories of someone else, I feel, the things which are termed as ‘struggles’ by most of the people, and which I never felt were struggles, as I was happy at those times too, despite certain strain and unease, now seem even more easier because of the coherence present life situation gives to all events. I feel life is too short to run after ambitions and waste on things which will (supposedly) make you happy in future but actually won’t. Life is too short to complain about your relatives, about your spouse, your boss or social situation. Act you must, to make your life situation better, but with acceptance because you are at the perfect place, because you are here. The place and time you are in, is, because you’re. You are allowing it to be. Your presence is the first and foremost requirement for it all to become possible. The life situation you are in is because life, universe, awareness and you are allowing it to be and they are all your names.