A Telltale Tale!

Zaza: Bravado master Logos! The night was a long horrendous jungle but I found your sweet melodies ringing into my ears and all my fear disappeared. 

Logos: This morning(oh, is it noon already?) finds you in good health. Did you show them all your wounds, heart-aches, headaches and did you complain about shortcomings in their system?

Z: Not really master for I am a born follower, unless it’s absolutely necessary to point fingers I keep mum. I had accepted my fate a long ago. After-all acceptance is essence of flow–but every now and then-this or that corner of my psyche groans and I let it. This cry is rarely heard by anyone around but I showed it to them because if they were interested in some other parts they must have been interested in these. 

L: You never had kind of help they had but your prepossessions were not wrong. Not even once. The persecution did seem like trials of witches in middle ages but it was an ignominy written in your fate. OTOH it might have been that you were never reading the messages left for you in all the odd places.  Continue reading “A Telltale Tale!”


The Merchant!

There once lived a merchant who wanted to dedicate his goods to an astrophysicist. But influence of astrophysicist was not good for his shop for some reason so he never revealed of his connection to astrophysicist to anyone ever. The need to conform to social codes was one, the need to feed his family was another which made him do things he did. He was a skillful merchant–full of good qualities, hard working, able to weigh his decisions well–but his integrity was only towards his shop though his heart did want to delve into sublimity and there was a dilemma and battle sometimes between these two but as happens usually–stomach used to win over soul. He had much aid but it was his heart which betrayed him often. Continue reading “The Merchant!”


Note: Contains spoilers as it’s a mystery I recommend watching it before reading this post.


It’s only a synchronicity that I wrote about burning away of Sutti, wife of Shiva in yesterday’s post as it was very similar to what has been portrayed in Darren Aronofsky’s horror mystery. The last scene also becomes the first one: I was struck with memory of a myth I heard about when I was in Vrindavan–one day Uma, consort of lord Shiva looks at a big garland of skulls on Shiva and inquires about it. He refuses to tell at first but when she insists he tells that they were all her skulls. He tells her that he had held her in his arms as she died at the end of cosmic cycle and she had departed as many times as the number of skulls he was wearing in his garland at the end of each cosmic cycle only to transmigrate into another body and again become his consort. The story is symbolic and it alludes to Substratum of reality or Self as Shiva and its active counterpart Shakti. It could also apply to soul and supersoul which are always together but might seem to undergo separation and reunite once again with a greater fervor. Continue reading “Mother!(2017)”

A Belt, A Bride and A Court Case!

I must have been about 3 years old by then. Certain events get inscribed into your psyche and don’t leave you for long. I had so often heard about Malti aunt’s bichhua(belt ladies wear around their waists over sarees in Indian villages and towns) that I was perpetually curious about the incident. Since my studies first and job later on took me away from settings where such incidents were narrated I hardly had an opportunity to inquire about it. What was this about? What had happened which caused such discussion that a 3-year-old had a strange memory and it remained a mystery for him forever? I used to think that bichhua meant some ornament worn in feet until I came across her recently. Since my cousin’s wedding is soon going to happen she is there and I visit them often. I told her about the event and its peculiar memory I had. My relatives do express surprise that I retained a memory since such an early age. She narrated a few things which consolidated the prior memory I had.

pier-1081795_960_720 Continue reading “A Belt, A Bride and A Court Case!”

Echolalia: 13 Words Story!

He pictured her shy, smiling, comely, singing his name, repeating his words, affectionately!

The Dark Room!

X: Where is he?

Y: Why is she hiding?

Z: What are you talking about?

Y: Is it a clue?


X: We should tell her.

Z: Is it an awakening?

Y: It is rotten tomatoes.

X: Perhaps shocked by apathy.

Y: Bullies will go away.

Z: Why so much struggle?

Z: Boring is this game.

X: Her masks are holding her back.

Z: Shocks are tags in rags.

X: Is she soon going into oblivion?

Y: Magnetic circus!

Y: Is he ready to know glares?

Z: Divination?

X: About his dreams?


X: The touch is a solace.

Y: Is she an observer?

X: Bantering is her job.

Z: Panick is about shoes-strings?

X: Everybody except her know about it!

Y: Is he a crybaby?

Z: Soon.

X: It doesn’t make sense.


X: Was he looking at her?

Y: Yes, it was always about him.

Z: Is she fake?

X: About the chatterbox!

Z: Always!

Y: Should we fast forward to 3010?

Z: When there is no tariff on phones, playing games is good.

X: Why does he love depression?


Y: Patrons are running after the jobs!

X: Deep inside her heart guitars are playing full-on!

Y: Who is ribbon?

X: More questions than answers.

Z: Is it a riddle?

X: He has 1000 avatars!

Y: Is he really shy?

Z: Sigh shy?


X: Assessing her is impossible.

Y: Is she a transgender?

X: A dark mystery with 72 chapters.

Z: Books are poker-faced zombies.

Z: Is he in love?

X: She is a confused damsel.

Y: Where have they gone?


Z: It seems so.

X: It’s natural.

Y: Yes, he has to come out of vicious circle.

X: She always loved repetitions.

Z: Is it about Bruce Lee?

Y: He was looking at the balloon which was flying on azure skies.

X: And you were playing hide-and-seek.

X: Who is going to get fever on which day?

Y: Welcos to all amigos!

Z: Puzzles to puzzle you?

X: Look she is here.

Y: Yes, in a dark room.

Z: Why are they kidding with us?

X: Because he is chewing his own bones figuratively speaking.

Y: She is coming out of stupor now.


X: Was it a destined match?

Z: These are isolated thoughts.

Y: Shoes are bees in zoos and they have insomnia like feline gossips.

X: You are blowing his mind away!

Y: Answers are least of her priorities.

X: Has the countdown begun?

Y: It’s all gobbledygook.

Z: Is she Jack-nicholson?

X: Dreams are holes in a tree. They tie bees.

Z: What the hell are you talking about?

Y: Look, look she’s going to the dark-room again…

X: I thought the pool always existed in the dark room!


Z: Whose that coming?

X: A cat who lived 16 lives!

Z: What is really real?

X: As long as it lasts!

Six Words Story: A Mystery!

This prompt is from Nicola Auckland’s weekly challenge Six Words Story(A Mystery)


Once a mystery, always a mystery!

Why We Are All So Addicted To Stories?

Stephenie Meyer, Stephen King, Janet Evanovich and James Patterson are top earning authors in the world today. If you do a little googling, you would find that highest paid and bestselling authors of all times are: Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, William Shakespeare and J. R. R. Tolkien. What is the common among these authors?

Yes, all of them are storytellers. Humanity as a whole has a great need of stories. Stories touch something inside our core, our being, affect our way of living and perception and yes, entertain us.


One of my friends wrote: Continue reading “Why We Are All So Addicted To Stories?”

A Story in Sophistry!





In ancient Greece, a philosopher used to teach The art of argumentation. He was such an accomplished master of his profession that he offered his pupils to pay him fees of the course only if they win their first argument; moreover he started offering double the amount as a promotion program to anyone who lost his first argument after having spent the time required to finish the course under his tutelage. The amazing thing was: he never had to pay back to any disciple. 

Featured Image -- 1350

A very curious looking disciple with broad forehead and radiant face joined him one day. He was very quiet and refined in appearance. He rarely asked any questions and mastered the art of argumentation very quickly with ease. When the day of examination came, to the astonishment of entire country, instead of challenging anyone else, the disciple challenged the revered and renowned guru of Sophistry. Guru could not reject the challenge, because, in that case his reputation would have decimated.


The disciple’s argument was that he did not owe any money to the Guru. The Guru had an unforeseen dilemma before him.  If he refuted the assertion to win the argument he had to pay twice the amount to the disciple because of his contract and had he lost the argument by being slack he had to part with the fame that years upon years of Sophistry had earned him. He was going to lose both ways.

Guru chose fame over money after pondering for a while and disciple grabbed double the amount of his fees. Disciple paid the fees and took the rest of the money and Sophistry in his baggage and went to a far away land.


 Source: Anonymous

The Illuminati: Illuminated Ganas of Shiva


Divine Lotus

On top of divine lotus; Bramha woke up with his four heads and thought: “I forgot when I woke up from the great sleep; I am clueless about ananda–it seems, as if I have every act of mine in this singularity; all possibilities in this trinity of past, present and future; I so engrossed myself with Bramha-tattva that I attained stay in God’s Goloka, which is, pure bliss–the unity–the ananda; but now I am again Bramha; from Bramha to Bramha I had this full cycle but if I am the ultimate element; why this ego: Yes, I am subject to the causation in this form of mine and that is why I consider myself the doer and have traces of my past Karmas in my subconscious. 

Illuminated Ones

Illuminati are those who have their third eye open; their Kundalini is fully bloomed but below Sahastrara of Vishnu who’s anantha naga the Sankarshana incarnates as Shiva; he is vibrating at an infinite rate; since his Gati is infinite he is also called ‘Anantha.’ But he has excess of Tamoguna; darkness; he creates anger and ego and this makes his illuminated ones stay at the level of the third eye Chakra. The one of the prophets of messianic religions was called Tungabhadra and he came directly from the Living White Sphere of Creation. He was born with his third eye open and illuminated ones were aware of his birth and wanted him to follow them but he was a rebel and he was egoless and yet he used to appear like illuminated ones. His crown Chakra was open, in fact, he was Crown of Living White Sphere: Where was crown in Living White Sphere? God only knows but then he might be Bramha the divine manifestation of Vishnu who is also the cosmic egg. Illuminati; all directed by Shiva are illuminated ones. They have their all-seeing eye open. This answers how a great conspiracy could be managed at a global level. Every continent has a Shiva-gana and they are full of power of ego, which can induce ‘anger’, ‘himsa’ and rage in anyone at any time. Their mention by any ordinary person is quickly muted and then killed as ‘phantasmagoria of hullabaloo.’

They are appointed for destroying this creation if a need arises. They are supposed to establish a new world order by making people realize ‘unity’ which is a vibrant state of consciousness. They don’t want people to increase evil on earth by dividing and murdering each other by naive Science in this age of Kali.

They have used ‘unity’ in some of the places of world, to demonstrate indirectly that miracles do happen if people try ‘unity’ and open their third eye by various Kala-Bhairava technologies; but then they made it a great failure because anything based on ego has to die because ego is a power which destroys.

Shiva, the ego-tamoguna dominant Deva, the incarnation of lord Vishnu; is indeed behind Illuminated ones. Vishnu wants to establish importance of Bhakti and why it’s so important. He encourages diversity and unity in diversity. People who are different are one because they remember true God and though they worship him by a thousand names, they do not really differentiate, they compassionately associate and expand their consciousness in the God’s holy name.

Shiva is beyond destruction, he just destroys; he makes people egoistic to show them that ego is cause of their fall and they must remain careful. His people show that forced unity fails because it’s artificial and against God’s principle of Sato, Rajo and Tamoguna.

Shiva’s power of ego haunts heads of nations when the need arises and it makes them intolerant, devoid of wisdom or Nyaya and they attack each other in a chain of events and then people realize the mistake of ‘doership.’


They kill each other because of the forced unity and considering that they are all-knowing eye of wisdom.

In fact, ego-driven, tamoguni, inert power of Maya makes them believe that they’re all-knowing; they know nothing but destruction; like Veerbhadra who destroyed DaKsha’s Yajna.

If Dharma takes over Adharma(Lucifer) because of the Bhakti and diversity but unity; then there is no need of annihilation and hence Shiva calls back all illuminated ones back and they dissolve in him; otherwise, they destroy each other by being hurt by pompous words. They all interact by means not known to modern Science. Lucifer is always looking for an opportunity to use messengers of Shiva.

Adharma(Lucifer) was created by Bramha and it’s happiest in the age of Kali; Kali herself is Adharma incarnate; but then in every age ‘Adharma’ was present up to some extent or another.

Adharma dances over pile of corpses in a cafeteria where all animals are eatables. He is very happy today because he has ‘proof’ and this leads to Science and Science leads to nuclear power and it leads to Rage which heats the entire earth up.

The Himalayas melt and cover entire earth up with glacial waters. The water is devoid of qualities and on a leaf which is like green Betel leaf, lord Shri Narayan is lying in a baby form with the nail of his feet in his mouth; he has a dark blue color and he is free of all duties and he is playful.

Shiva calls all the illuminated ones by using his divine sound using his dance Tandava with his Damroo; he orders them to spread hypocrisy to test if Dharma is alive anywhere in the world, in hiding.

I have tried to picktaken(sic) up from conspiracy theories, Starjade, Bhagavata Purana and other sources. If I forgot to mention, please forgive me, it’s a work of fiction. Continue reading “The Illuminati: Illuminated Ganas of Shiva”