When All Was Said And Done!

Zaza: When hunch went back to the bed the lonely man burnt incense which made a lot more sense. This was, no longer an issue of integrity anymore, there was burden of proof and he realized that his right brain was more powerful than the left because what flashed before him took hours and hours to be expressed.

Logos: All beautiful minds are not deluded and all deluded minds are not beautiful. The mode of payment might have been cheque but it was checkered concrete surface which made noise for…

Zaza: You mean because..for style guides misguides. Foreclosure is not a closure and disclosure is merely a poseur.   Continue reading “When All Was Said And Done!”


The Name of The Atomic Blonde!

Zaza: A tonsure rustic wasn’t sure about his tone. A spate of pates–a catacomb, tomb in catatonia. A logomachy.

Logos: Prick-me-dainty.

Zaza: All day long!

Logos: On and on.

Zaza: There was a senile woman who walked with a curved spine because of dotage. She bought a pair of skating shoes and started running like new. Passersby were surprised but it was nice to see her wings.

Logos: An arbor on a harbor. Pablo met pablum and found it to be a bugaboo, a hullabaloo, a tableau in lieu of a debenture.  Continue reading “The Name of The Atomic Blonde!”

Two Tales And A Spam or Two!

Logos: Let me tell you a tale, no, two tales as they’re both intriguing, romantic and mysterious. They might interest you, though they’re mostly for young children. 

The First Tale

There lived a sylph in a wood. It was a beautiful castle and though it had dark colors painted on all its walls and ivy covered it on all sides when moonlit- it used to attract all passersby. Listening to her riveting sweet songs many passersby used to stop besides her window and used to appreciate her song, her voice and imagined her beauty. They all felt as if she was in love with them. Some of the sensual songs felt as if she was making love to them and each one of them thought as if they were the ones wooed by her and they kept thinking about her. Sylph was singing songs only for her beloved and one day Moon came to her window and said something strange to her which bewildered her and betrayed all her expectations. The song of sylph became a thunderbolt which struck all passersby and they became moribund. One young man in particular, himself a singer of songs, who used to echo back her songs felt dejected and felt no longer any need to live in those woods. He had imagined that songs were for him but they were for someone else. He quickly moved out of those woods and disappeared from the sight. Continue reading “Two Tales And A Spam or Two!”

Stories Behind Your WordPress Names!

Dear friends,

I requested you to share the stories behind your usernames. I am so glad so many of you interacted and shared. These stories are very interesting and help us better remember and understand names, our cultures and personalities. I have compiled all of the stories you shared via comments and edited a bit those which exceeded 50 words. I hope you will see your story here and let me know if I missed something. I will be glad to edit it for you, or add something if you want. I am really amazed to see how much creativity and history goes behind these names!



Alex Harris : Fit Fish

The Defender of Men!

 Alex is short for Alexander. Alexander stands for “Defender of Men.” 


Calensariel: Impromptu Promptings

For The Love of Tolkien!

My RL name is Cheryl, variation of the English name Beryl (a green stone, part of the emerald family, my birthstone). My username, Calensariel, means green (calen) stone (sar) maiden (iel), a combination of Quenya and Syndarin, two of Tolkien’s languages created for Lord of the Rings which I LOVE!



Shambhavi Sharma: The Amused Mind

The Darling of Shiva! Continue reading “Stories Behind Your WordPress Names!”

Story Behind Your WordPress Username?

Dear friends,

 Usernames have interesting stories behind them. Well, not always-sometimes they are real random, or names or nicknames–but then those names also have stories behind them too. As much as I am fascinated by etymologies of English, Hindi and Sanskrit words, I am also fascinated by etymologies of names of people. I have asked hundreds of people about etymologies/stories of their names. My experience has not been too good. Sometimes I have felt people giving me strange looks, laughing behind my back and so on but I have always enjoyed it as it adds a profundity into my feeling about people.HNCK9592

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