Meera Meraki Master!

She was going to enter into the womb of the oblivion. She had witnessed spectacle of consciousness and shadows. Deja vus, preseque vus and jamais vus and all other unnamed games memory plays in this Matrix. Her existence had boiled down to fighting torment of Chronos-despite all her perfections she had no motive to carry on in her existential nightmare where she had seemingly unraveled all pristine and crude layers in a most gruelling and shocking fashion. None of her friends were left now, they fell one by one as she kept walking, then her relatives fell and then her family. Her dreams had died when she was merely a teenager and now reality was an onion with infinite layers. The void kept sucking her into it but she heard a soothing voice and turned back.

It seemed like an unknown voice but it was so distinct from all others she had heard all her life. Whose voice was it? Was it her master or her friend or another half of her soul calling her back? The voice told her that she couldn’t leave until she heard it for she would not be complete until she heard it completely and she stopped in her tracks. She turned back trying to recognize the distant voice which sometimes seemed like that of a long lost friend and sometimes seemed like that of her masters. She also thought it might be demons and ghouls misguiding her in old anfractuous bylanes–she had explored all of them before and she wasn’t interested. But what if it was the voice of her one and only real master? Her twin-flame, her soulmate, her love and life. She told the womb of oblivion to wait for her and started walking back. Continue reading “Meera Meraki Master!”


Broken Vows

 There once lived a young man in a town. His search for Truth took him to austere devotion and he had abhorrence for his life situation. He hated all the drama in the lives of householders and ties of responsibilities. One day he simply ran away from his home and reached to a place of pilgrimage. He started serving as a priest there and he also used to serve food to all people who visited the monastery. The Mahanta-the head of the establishment was pleased with his manners, learning and his utmost sincerity was unlike anything he had seen before. Since he was a householder he felt that the young man would be a suitable match to his eldest daughter as he belonged to the same lineage as the family of master. But it would have been too much to ask the young man since he escaped his home only to avoid responsibility and noise. The master was old and suffering from some diseases like diabetes. He had stopped doing world tours so funds coming into the ashram had started dwindling still it was one of the biggest temples in the town. Continue reading “Broken Vows”

This World Is A Madhouse!

Lying down on a mattress on roof, with his head in the shed and rest of the body in sunshine, on a cold winter noon, he was thinking to himself:

“They say Mr. Sharma killed his wife by burning her to death because of greed. He wanted more dowry. Later on, he married again and became a saintly person who used to go to temple twice daily. He participated in religious movements but when it came about practicing what he preached his greed took over him and he was dishonest with the allocation of government funds. His son met a terrible fate and was shot in the spinal cord in a feud involving a girl. He died a painful death at a very young age leaving his entire family grief stricken. Continue reading “This World Is A Madhouse!”

The Silence!


Once upon a time,

There was a great silence,

Even sound of silence was not there,

A beautiful man came out of it,

Then a beautiful woman,

Love followed attraction,

Then conflict was born,

Then the conflict disappeared,

The the love,

The woman,

And the man disappeared,

The silence.