False is Mysterious!


“Greatest truth are simplest, like your very own existence…” said Swami Vivekananda. In my childhood I was very fascinated by the mysterious. Somehow I used to equate mysterious with the divine. Now I feel opposite is the truth. Many people think that spiritual must be esoteric and enigmatic. It must be mysterious and it’s true that mysterious attracts your mind because it’s the stuff mind is made of. Mind, ego and the universe are made of falsehood-Maya. They appear to be but they aren’t that is why mind is always attracted towards mysterious and even when you look back at the things you once considered mysterious(which turned out to be simple when observed closely) you still find mind looking out for more mystery where there is none.

Mysterious might be entertaining. It might give you some superficial joy for time being because mind is made of the same stuff but it can’t be the Truth. It’s not peace. All existence is made of one truth. Only one element is and it’s simply you. But when you feel there is some greater truth out there, something mysterious and fascinating–it’s the restless wavering mind which is beguiling you because it’s made of falsehood. All mysterious is false or better say everything mysterious is so because it is false. Falsehood makes things appear mysterious. Dreams are mysterious because they are false. Universe seems infinite and mysterious as different from Self because it’s false. As Self universe is truth and it’s simply you. If magician reveals his tricks he doesn’t appear enigmatic or magnetic anymore, similarly if Maya reveals itself you stop looking for its manifestations. You are truth and simplicity.



Profile Pictures, Makeup and Detachment!

Facebook has a tradition-people tend to like profile pictures more than anything else you share. I have experimented with sharing jokes, videos, maxims, news natural sceneries and trivia. But whenever I share my selfie-which is relatively rarer compared to most of my Facebook friends–I get a lot of likes. It’s not just me–whenever other friends share their selfies–more people tend to like it than anything else. Religious idols, messages of patriotism, kindness and shocking truths get lesser likes than selfies. “Why is it so?” I asked myself.

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Fearless Fantasies!

Fearless Fantasies

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

I feel being incapable of feeling fear is different from being someone who has transcended it. Fear, like pain is essential to the survival of organism. For example, if you don’t feel pain you will not know when there is a random cut and you start bleeding and it might cause an irreparable damage or even death in certain situations. Similarly fear is necessary in many cases. You might have seen very young children who pick a snake up or kick a dog fearlessly. Ignorance is bliss! They have no fear and that might be dangerous for them. Their lack of fear is because of their ignorance.


Some spiritual people think that being fearless is being able to walk on fire or hug a tiger. Nothing can be farther from the truth. A truly spiritual person must be fearless. If you are not fearless you are not truly spiritual but here we are talking about something else than ingesting poison or letting an elephant walk over you. Miracles or reckless feats of heroism might appeal to many but that is not necessarily being fearless. Putting your organism in unnecessary danger is not wise by any means and in any sense. Being fearless is having no anticipation of tomorrow. Living in present and being free from both guilt and expectations is being fearless.

Gandhi was a fearless person. So was Jesus. Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, Nanak, Kabir and Lao Tzu were fearless. You are fearless when you know laws of nature and live in harmony with them and yet willing to sacrifice everything for truth and peace. Courage is a divine quality and it comes from within. Tao doesn’t appreciate recklessness but the mystic virtue is to be fearless in the face of adversity. Being obstinate and being determined look similar but they have a great difference in spiritual sense. Being adamant for selfish reasons and following your whims and idiosyncrasies isn’t same as being willing to let every attachment go in pursuit of truth.

Being a fool and being fearless are two opposite things. Someone asked me: “Will you be able to go jungle among thugs in night now you say you feel fearless?” I told them, I won’t be. Why would I do that? Just because I see the same life in tiger and snake I wouldn’t hug every tiger and kiss every snake! Practicality and spirituality should go hand-in-hand. Some romantic spiritual people are so fond of torturing themselves and their bodies that they create their own rules out of nowhere and think they are practicing highest form of discipline. Even trying to perform miracles like putting your hand in burning fire or walking on water is naive. There is no need to try defying laws of nature. If you could be at peace in your heart and content that is the biggest miracle. We do things either out of fear or out of love. When love is found in the core of your heart fear disappears. When you do things out of love more love is found and when you do things out of fear it begets fear. As simple as that!



Blessed Are The Fools!

The Fool, The Child and The Sage!

Ignorance is bliss and blessed are the fools! A child is a fool. Blithe and joyous. A child is full of joy and love. He has a sense of awe and wonder for life. Life is a grand mystery, a great beauty and an unknown thing for him. As a child grows up, he starts losing this sense of awe and wonder and it starts becoming dull and boring. His curiosity and aliveness is lost, his innocence is lost and he becomes this adult who knows everything. Everything is boring now, nothing new is to be known. Is he really aware of everything? Continue reading “Blessed Are The Fools!”