The Craft!

Zaza: What is the aim of the craft?

Logos: It’s the realization. Understanding might be a synonym but operates more at the level of eloquent affectation rather than being. Realization is not even conviction or intuition though its outward emanation might need that vocabulary and their cousins.

Zaza: That which is a construct created by some beings must have a foundation.

Logos: All flux presupposes a solid background. If it isn’t so- there isn’t anything which notes changes and reports them back. These frames might also be changeable and temporal recorders and there can be infinite endless such frames creating and recreating each other. Continue reading “The Craft!”


The Final Deja Vu Was Not A Blow On Head Because It Never Was!

Zaza: Let me tell you what you already know in the heart of your hearts. It’s no secret. It’s not planted numbers. It’s not planted images. It’s not planted epiphanies. It’s not even Cipher. It’s not those brilliantly twinkling bewitching eyes of yours. It’s my knowing beyond an iota of doubt that I have been here before. It’s the strongest of deja vus ever. Not when appellations sync or cogent interlocutors weave translucent prophecies a few hours ahead. But when I read the algorithm. The safe haven. I’ve been here before. Another displaced song. Misplaced rhyme. It’s not me, you or anyone else making anyone else convinced that we create, or not or anything in between. It’s not that. I can’t tell you what it’s for you know it very well.  Continue reading “The Final Deja Vu Was Not A Blow On Head Because It Never Was!”

The Scientist

1. The time and space don’t exist for you because you are absolute. You are time and space and yet beyond it.2. There are infinite parallel universes overlapping on the surface of consciousness. You don’t inhabit a universe but multiverses even as a personality. Events which happen are out there and their perceiver arises only in perceiving. There is no perceiver independent from perception. Only life exists which is sum of infinite events. Death, life and rebirth are one. All events are on screen projected by your light and exist only for a split second so all beings from smallest to biggest are merely shadows.   3. You’re absolutely free as everyone else. Elements act on elements in nature. Nature, mind, consciousness are all names for active Self. You’re that Self and yet beyond all this free from contents of all types. 4. You’re never bound–even when you imagine you’re–neither you’re free–nature and universe is conglomeration of opposites and their harmony. 5. You’re infinitude of infinites NOW. There is no perfection in future–you merely assume a goal and start chasing it. This is nature’s doing. 6. Bondage, yearning, desire, evil and good all exist in nature–in universal mind and differ from situation to situation—there is no good, bad or ugly in absolute. 7. All that you ever wanted to be you already are. Identification with personality makes you believe that you are merely a personality, an identity which is to be protected from things and forces external to it–the Truth is–you’re the only reality there is–hence past, present and future–including all identities exist in you and you’re in all identities. 8. Anything you ever imagined is possible—anything you will ever imagine is possible–is already happening in another universe and all infinite universe draw their being from you. 9. Every element discovered by you is as perfect as you’re–no higher or lower existence as far as reality is concerned—every situation is a dream witnessed by a prime mover who witnesses infinite universes moving through  surface of consciousness. 10. Reality is not the reward of being eligible, fit or training—you’re always reality because reality alone is–which is both indescribable and indefinable–being beyond imagination, words and understanding. All that you understand is a pointer to your very own Self. There is no higher or lower self. 11. For waking state merely brings similar patterns as dream state–there is no difference between waking or dreaming. Sleeping is same as awakening and you are beyond all states because all states are made possible by you. You’re the proof of all isms, ideologies, sciences, knowledge and beings. Nothing could prove your being and be independent of you as well.

Death and Rebirth!

You die every moment to be reborn,

The threads of memory are sewn into a rag,

Which seems like a continuous persona,

The threads are hollow and so is the rag which you carry around shoulders,

The real you is born every moment and Now is its mantra,

There is no tantra vaster than that of memories, fears, worries and expectations,

If you clasp the rock-solid reality it slips through, Continue reading “Death and Rebirth!”


Who thinks himself separate from the world,

Let him help the world,

Projecting a question, and an answer,

You play with yourself,

The only thing worth knowing is this: Continue reading “Reality!”