Aquifer aqua fin finagle nagas phalanges gestation gestalt,

Lunette net luna uno clouds azure inured in red edicts,

Diction prediction preposition prophecies,

Sanile salience silent seance,

Anvil village age collage collectives inventive invectives, Continue reading “Angelica!”


Skylark !

Hunker down bunker gown frown own metamorphosis,

Cistern cigarettes hangovers penultimate pen governors,

Zarathustra thrust stranded trends renditions dictions,

Damascus dam mad am amalgamation of gamut muttering smatterings,

Iota kyoto tokyo y2k caterwaul watchword, Continue reading “Skylark !”

Mysterious Mayhem!

Mayhem hemmed in medicines of time.

A picture painted in paroxysms.

A mysterious array of shadows,

Endowment mentation ions rhizobium.

Nitrogen jugglers shiny objects sleepwalkers.

Olden voices golden frames ramses matrix.

Tricks to test time esteem teem with buzzing bees zing Beijing.

Ming dynasty’s nasty style tyler durden donning plumage black swan.

The voice is one. If you know it you know it, if you don’t you don’t.

Case has been closed you can come back tomorrow. Continue reading “Mysterious Mayhem!”

Asymptotic Potatoes!

Zaza: Dear master what are types of hats people wear?

Logos: It depends on types of heads.

Zaza: What are subtleties.

Logos: They’re gastronomical astronomy.

Zaza: What is an avalanche of valence electrons?

Logos: They’re imbalances of penultimate kind.

Zaza: Preservatives superlatives laxatives seasonings. Continue reading “Asymptotic Potatoes!”

Neem Tree!

Downpour decision out of season reason,

Dark dolores Sun rhymes stymied crimes,

Noah’s ark stark contrast contraband reverberations,

Wash basin dreams threnody dancing gags gagas,

Ragas muffins fins floating birds sinking ships,

Apocalypses dissolutions recreations gaseous recipes,

Precipices piscean visions galactic core,

Ores ovoids voids spores,

Porous porcelain lean noisome sommelier,

Saaki somnolent lentil tilling soil,

Bonds spoonerisms rims wheels heels dhamma,

Logistics interstitial teal swan,

Boulevard vaudeville layers fray,

To and fro placards play cards,

Hardships struggles rugged zedi,

Edict diction verdict inditing indictment,

Home heart art dome meadows masons,

Mansions scions ions sconces,

Seance gloaming lobe ebullient bay,

Neem tree emollients emoluments,

Humdrum humbugs bunny drummers.


Bypassing ICU!

I bypass miracles which I,

Once counted with bullet,

Heads as life operates,

On my heart,

Yet again,

I see you in,


This machine drills through,

Layers of reality,

Fragrant smokes stands still,

Kittens meow sweet,

Tweeting birds return to familiar nests,

Life’s threads visible and,

Rouge marmalade,

Symphony profuse eternity,

I see you,

Weaving another sweater for me,

As we cross roads hand-in-hand,

Yesterday’s tea I drink now,

It’s still hot,

Today’s song will reach you tomorrow,

The song has myriads of threads,

No devotees.  Voltage,

Fluctuates kings, queens, subjects,

A million and one tales,

Pour all at once through my ears,

As I see song of hummingbird,

Wandering through chromatic orchestra,

Chromes chromosomes, missives, interfaces,

Violet, indigo, orange and blue,

Describe their scribe. 

Meta Painters Bohemian Fabrics!

Zaza: Flash of images mazes meta painters dainty rants same similar aims maims memes.

Logos: Rhythm romp ample pomp heart of mystery chemistry sterilized needs zedi.

Zaza: Mystical visions voids cubes ciphers zephyrs rococo sirocco. 

Logos: Sparks points plugs parks walks zaps zips amplifiers.

Zaza: Serenade soliloquy rhapsody mellifluous mufflers.

Logos: Subtle ceremony arcane arc numbers symbols cymbals agents chaos.

Zaza: Doctors black cats rats spicy spices memorabilia. 

Logos: Projectors lie detectors all seeing eye. 

Zaza: Strivers drivers trivialities crests troughs rough patches rivers honey milk onion. Continue reading “Meta Painters Bohemian Fabrics!”


Zaza: Dunlop pendulum stupendous tupperware.

Logos: Lopsided development mentations doting totem.

Zaza: Cupboard dart art fart tart quartz qua sin nonetheless.

Logos: Syllogism pythagoras theorem reminiscent minutes meeting .

Zaza: Cotton guava tonnage wage rampart catwalk vulpine pineapple.

Logos: Distant horizons petrichor chore terpsichorean pirouette roulette.

Zaza: Sattva vat tavern saaki quirky whim him white knight flight eighty eight soldiers. Continue reading “Omphaloskepsis!”

Tenth Dimension!

Zaza: Medley gazelle gelatin walls macaroni molybdenum.

Logos: The volatile vega lateral synapses axions dendrons.

Zaza: Crackers bursting yawning awnings wings of fire.

Logos: Exponential oneicophagia hagiography phylum.

Zaza: When it goes it goes forever. Continue reading “Tenth Dimension!”

Dreams Yodeling Blue Sinews!

Zaza: Maximus galactus sirius usufractus suffrage rage age paginate natalie portman manacled led doors. 

Logos: Ozymandias on dias asyndeton tonnage den ragamuffin gallimaufry mollycoddling mundane den eden garden.

Zaza:  Scribblers cobblers leery cobwebs bismarck’s bookmarks marksmen. 

Logos: Sommelier air ransom summer jocund drums rums raisins rummaging basins. Continue reading “Dreams Yodeling Blue Sinews!”