Calling alpha using omega


How beautiful that Alpha and Omega have gone to sleep now.

That echoes of mayhem rest in their own hearts.

Stealthily treacherous dungeons have thrown a bucket and two towels.

Murmuring and coughing has subsided.

How beautiful indeed that smiling cherubic knows no bondage and suffering.

Myriads of stories are still sleeping inside stainless steel.

Bountiful, generous and gregarious gluttons have gone with the wind into the oblivion of stars forever.

Nonsense makes more sense than sensible sensualists.

Ether speaks through open windows,

In slithering decaying dancing drunk melodies.

From there it comes here,

From here it goes there.

Bouncing back and forth.

Calling alpha using omega,

Beta theta Catherine Zeta.


Fa-la-la-la-la, unleashed!


Fa-la-la-la-la, unleashed! 

Candles, Carols, Cake, is Merry Break. 

Departure of her; arrival of pain. 

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I need inspiration, not another negotiation!


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I need inspiration, not another negotiation! 

Dibble dabble do, lots to do! 

The peaceful drifting of the mind 

A picture perfect moon this morning 

Stuck on repeat free of thought  

My heart, as bird, takes wing 

Frantic festive furtiveness, goodwill and forgiving 

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I want a piece of mind



I want a piece of mind


Nothing to fear but fear itself.


He arrived home, inside a coffin.


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All Hallow’s Eve Poem

In this part of the world Halloween is not celebrated. I don’t know how Halloween started. I was not even aware that it’s celebrated on the last evening of October before reading Edwina’s beautiful poem.

Halloween reminds me of film Scream which I watched in my college days. Then its parodies which were packed with others like Grudge–they were hilarious! Halloween also reminds me of pumpkins–I don’t know why but you see a lot of pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns don’t you?

Pumpkins with shapes like faces in night! I have mostly seen Halloween in films. It’s one of the most fun festivals I must say–it is the most eerie and bizarre of all celebrations.

Even this poem, as I was reading it on the Reader had so many pumpkins on it–every stanza has pumpkins so my guess is right–pumpkins do have to do something with Halloween!


Hall of Ween!

Hallow of a Queen!

Hallo of a Ween?


Thanks Edwina, for this beautiful humorous poem and giving me a reason to rant about Halloween–as I know nothing about Halloween–Trick or Treat! It’s always a Trick–never a treat without a trick you know!

Happy Halloween!

Edwina's Episodes

As darkness descends upon us

And the moon casts an eerie glow

On the last day of October

It is All Hallows Eve, you know


Where souls of those once departed

Come back once more to roam

Visiting their old haunts

Finding their way back home


Some of them are banshees

Screaming in the night

Or ugly, warty witches

That look an awful fright


Vampires who are looking

For someone’s blood to suck

Zombies from the graveyard

Decayed, and covered in muck.


There are ghosts and there are werewolves

All of which you’ll meet

When you answer your front door bell

And the kids yell ‘Trick or Treat!’

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I Am A Traveller, Dear Friends!


A mystic is a traveller in the world, though always at home. It sounds paradoxical. It must do! Wisdom of a mystic is most paradoxical. You might have seen written “होटेल रैन बसेरा !” on various lodges found at the bus stands of small cities in India. Something which roughly translates to “Hotel for staying overnight,” in english speaking countries. The Hindi term has a music about it. The world at large and all homes in it are not more than the overnight stay. The world is constantly in a state of flux. Only change is unchangeable. Change is the law. Change is the only constant.

So a mystic is at home in his heart. Always living in the abode of harmony and peace. Inebriated with love, he is love and lives in love, but at the same time, he considers every external stay as a temporary stay. Everyone he meets is a fellow traveller who will travel only a few steps along. There are no permanent travelling companions because journey here is impermanent but it’s journey nonetheless.


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A Free Style Limerick!

Actually it’s something free-style and I don’t know what. It’s upto you to decide!

I am taking part in Rashmi’s Limerick Poetry Challenge! It’s a well organized challenge with flexible rules. This week’s theme is Fall. Please check the link for more information about the rules. Here is my entry: 


It’s a free fall,

Into the abyss,

In search of bliss,

A divine kiss,

Never goes amiss,

Along the vine,

Lives a miss,

She often says ‘hiss,’

Goofy pental,

Seldom mental,

Harangue gentle,

Toadying bore,

Laughter galore,

This is all,

There is,

Dear pal,

For it’s

A free fall!

Live Before You’re Afraid To Die!


Would she ever have imagined this?

Quietly, patiently waiting for falling leaves,

A passion that consumes cannot last;

Not ahead, not behind, come beside!

After all, a dream is only an illusion;

Loathe thee loathing and not the person;

Was happy, then I wanted more!

I am Baked Alaska, cold inside.

I just want to feel loved;

She could not believe her eyes…

Pumpkin coffee, autumn leaves, sapphire sky;

Beautiful connections with strangers you meet!

Crash, Splash the world fell down,

Blanket the cold feed the poor!

Every time we meet, he smiles,

Embracing change is scary and exciting!


Love? No. Only delusions. Chasing illusions.

Ceaseless wonders reopen the mind’s eye!

Her’s wasn’t a happily ever after!

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It’s A Wonderful Life After All!


It’s  a wonderful life after all! 

Prayer changes my point of view;

Golden, rare, opportunity, where are you? 

Twigs crushed, table twisted, life begins,

It is sad that summer is over,


Images sprung out of my hands endlessly,

How can I keep this secret!

Breath of life, stench of death;

This is how it is, pal!


Empty suitcase, where do I begin?

Losing someone I never really had,

Love, sky, movies, mother, barbecue, wallflower;

Leaves fall, colors change, life evolves, 

Wait. Wait some more. Then submit!



Wet, they hung out the window;

Gradually, silence bloomed like a flower; 

Pacing but there is no escape,

May you be showered with happiness!


Her eyes had a charming twinkle!

With fanfare the waiting crowd arose,

In moonlight hope escapes the shadows,

Do clouds taste like cotton candy?

As tears rolled down her face… 

I stay up late to read!

She collected pretty corners of life,

One cold rainy starless wet night,

she endured his six hour monologue,

Few drops, cured, the thirst away;

A difference a day makes what?

We gently drifted into deep slumber!

I think not, she was freelance;

Quickening of days, relentless turning wheels,

Why air is so cold dry?

Trees in Autumn shed their tears;

Never had they felt so alone!



  1. This is a group poem created by 35 friends.
  2. Some of the friends belong to the Alumni Forum
  3. Thank you dear friends, you have made it a huge success!
  4. You are most welcome to participate in this event!
  5. You have to send a 6 word poem or story, without any theme.
  6. Please send your entries for this week to:
  8. All feedback, suggestions and ideas are most welcome!

A Broken Bridge!


For your eyes only I exist,

Heart’s desire burning deep flame inside,

She stood still staring at eternity;

I am chasing my dreams there, 

My dog snores softly, comfortably couched; 

Point, line, plane, time. Nothing. Everything,

Wind scatters the fallen yellowed leaves;

A sound of something softer than; 

My witnessing of what is there!

Notes: 1. This is a random, themeless poem, created by 9 members of the Alumni Group; each member submitted one entry with 6 words. Nobody except the organizer knows who submitted what, organizer just sequentially arranged the entries based on the random numbers which were given to the participants before they submitted and waiting for the outcome is so exciting and fun. You can also participate in this weekly event if you wish. Thanks!