Bliss of Self!

People seeking enlightenment imagine a state full of bliss. The idea of bliss comes from sensual enjoyments. Ego multiplies the bliss of sensations infinite times and assumes it to be enlightenment. The sensational bliss is always limited in intensity and duration by definition because senses are limited in time and space. Thus idea of infinite unadulterated bliss of Self is merely an idea. Jeevanmuktas tell us that bliss of Self is actually of nature of peace without any sensations and contrasts.

This peace will definitely not appeal ego because it’s seeking sensational bliss. Since it’s imaginary it’s false. True natural state is our everyday nature without mental noise. It’s peace. The truth is–there is no such thing as infinite bliss. Bliss experienced by senses can’t be made infinite. Pleasure is limited because instruments experiencing it worn out soon. The reflection of peace is experienced as sensational bliss but ego keeps assuming that it’s possible to have infinite bliss.

The advertisement of infinite bliss is necessary to lure ego into a self-destructive trap, otherwise ego won’t commit suicide! Hence you see so many books, gurus and cults telling you about infinite bliss. Ego won’t get attracted to either peace or harmony. It is so addicted to imaginary bliss which is similar to intense sensations.


The Natural State!

Problems don’t exist in this state for the simple reason that nothing is considered a threat. There remains no compulsion to pursue pleasure. When pursuit of pleasure ends unhappiness and happiness also end. There are various life situations  and you deal with them with equanimity and poise but they’re not  perceived as problems.

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Peace and Enlightenment Are The Same!

Indeed your own article makes such a point. Expecting to necessarily find “peace” because of “enlightenment” is like doubting Rama because he shot a deer. It is the same error in thinking.

This is an excerpt from the chain of comments on this post. I took this one out because I feel there is an important point.

There is no error in my thinking and there is no discrepancy between the original post and the comments. Most of the times it’s semantics and lack of explanation. In any case, I maintain, above all, that there is no need to waste your time reading this post or any other if you feel they don’t help you or don’t entertain you. I am not on a mission here. I write merely to entertain myself. If you too get entertained I am happy but if you don’t you know better.

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Pin Pointing To The Causes Of Spiritual Transformations!


Finding Causes For Transformations!

As you undergo transformation in your life, you look back sometimes. Especially when you feel very blissful. We all want to find out causes for particular effects. Our minds flourish in the cause-and-effect games. Ego wants to control everything so it is always your attempt to find out those things which ticked.

Questions, Questions and Questions Galore!

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What Is The Meaning Of Life?


What is Life?

Life is generally considered to be the story woven by ego. You have a memory and ego acts as a connector for all memories from all experiences, giving an illusory sense of continuity where there is none. You connect all the dots without knowing it and a story is born and you call it life! Generally when we say life, we mean a story. A story, in which, you are the central figure and then there are events, people, friends, relatives, shocks, surprises, epiphanies, gains and losses.

In mystic sense, you are life. Everything is because you are. It may sound paradoxical but it’s the truth. If you move out of picture your universe vanishes too. Your universe is dependent on you, so you are life. If you are not so engrossed in the events outside you, you will get in touch with eternal fountain of life which is your quintessence.

God is Life! 

Life is not different from reality or essence. God is the ultimate reality residing in everything that exists in manifested or potential form. You are because God is and God is because you are. You are not different from God and God is not different from you in essence.

Love is Life!

All life is born out of love and moved by love. Your essence is love. Love and life are synonyms. Lack of love is lack of life and lack of life is lack of love. Your core is love so you need love. It’s not a luxury. It’s an indispensable need of human existence. Those who don’t get love and think they can do without it just by mental gymnastics, lose all touch with the fountain of life and like a tree whose roots have lost touch with the ground, they wither and become dry. Continue reading “What Is The Meaning Of Life?”

The Tao Masters of Antiquity


Tao Te Ching 15

The Tao masters of antiquity
Subtle wonders through mystery
Depths that cannot be discerned
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Meditation is drinking from the breasts of mother nature!

Meditation is like sucking milk from the breasts of mother nature. Have you observed newborns drawing their food out from their mothers? They enjoy it! It’s not only the only source of sustenance for them, but also a source of immense pleasure and a form of play as well. Observe closely the youngs of all species who suck from the mother nature’s breasts–it’s a play for them, that’s why they enjoy it and love it. They are getting fulfilled and hunger is getting saturated. It’s never boring. They don’t follow any routines for drinking! Whenever they are hungry they ask for it or start crying.

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I Pledge Allegiance: Am I Patriotic?

Whenever I hear national anthem, tears start rolling down my cheeks and I get goosebumps. I love life, people, animal and this love is not limited to my family, state, nation or a particular community. I feel national boundaries are man-made and similar to many other artificial boundaries they are indispensable at a particular point in the evolution of mankind. The order helps societies thrive and without it there can’t be any substantial progress. Chaos and order keep playing with each other and history bears testimony to it. National boundaries aren’t going to be there forever and there would come a time when there would be one world based on universal love and brotherhood.


Humanity is one. All life is one and this molecular dance of life is taking place in many planets, solar systems, galaxies and many universes simultaneously. To not recognize this cosmic play of life and love and to attach oneself to only one’s own country soon makes one jingoistic.

In the farewell party of my school I cried like a baby because I was soon going to miss a place where I had spent ten years of friendship, love and learning. I am a sensitive person who loves animals, nature and people around him and I feel overwhelmed with national anthem because it reminds me of people who have made my life what it is. My happiness is the result of labor of countless number of people who come from my own country and from others. This means I am not against the patriotism but I clearly see a very thin boundary between Patriotism and Chauvinism. This boundary can be crossed at any moment if you are not careful and aware.


Patriotism is essentially a positive value. To show your gratitude towards your people and country is a form of universal love which has created all of us. When I look into my country’s history I see that truly patriotic people were those selfless servants of humanity who have inspired all humanity. Gandhi was a patriotic man whose meritorious deeds based on unconditional love served not only his nation of birth but also the entire mankind. The mind of Gandhi still pervades the earth and millions get inspired everyday by his legend.

Universal Love

I feel a patriot loves his people and country but this love should not stop at the borders of his nation. Rivers, birds, air and seasons don’t observe boundaries. Nature and life are one and the same for all nations. If you keep dividing yourself– this division doesn’t stop at nations–there are sub-divisions based on cast, creed, sex and ethnicity. It boils down to loving just your family–some people have allegiance just to their families and no more. This is overlooking the fact that your love for your husband, son, city, state and country is a tiny fragment of universal love which is source of all creation. If you love someone with all your heart it expands into universal love and it can’t just remain limited to certain people or places. It becomes unconditional universal selfless love of cosmos.

This post was inspired by Daily Post’s Prompt I Pledge Allegiance. Thanks for reading. Please give me your valuable feedback.

Tonguey: An easy meditation technique!


1: ready or voluble in speaking: garrulous

2: of the nature of or affected by the tongue

Here I am going to tell you about a valuable meditation technique, which is named Tonguey because it is affected by the use of the tongue. This technique is very simple and effective and can be practiced any time by anyone of any age group. All you have to do is to have a small mirror in which you can observe the reflection of your tongue. If you keep your mouth open and observe the image of your tongue in the mirror, you will find that the tongue is not static but has vibrations in the various parts of it. These vibrations are thoughts in the subtle form. In a way, whenever you are thinking (whether with words or with images) your tongue will have vibrations. Those who speak too much cannot have a mind suitable for profound thinking because of the same reasons.  

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The Law of Unity

In Science, Philosophy and Spirituality, during my conversations, with my friends, colleagues and relatives, I have often come to an unspeakable difficulty in explaining the nature of Truth, Reality and Existence. The problem is because there’s no concrete proof that reality is one. It’s true that there is no hard evidence for metaphysical things but you can explain some of them using metaphors and examples. When it comes to the peace, bliss and harmony I am at a halt because I find it exceedingly difficult to convey it to the person next to me that reality is one. Truth is one. Peace and bliss are one.

Those who require some guidance on spiritual path often come up with questions like what is the role of spiritual life when so many individual idiosyncrasies exist. While describing the mysterious element of life you use words like existence, truth, reality, harmony, peace, bliss, self and god. These words don’t mean much without realization. But sometimes the need arises–which presses you to use logic for certain things–in those situations I find it hard to convey the quintessence of reality–which is harmony and unity.

If you look to logic and science-do they really help you? Is there a certain law suggesting that reality is one? I think not. But there are hints. All theories in Science work towards achieving subtler and subtler unity. Look at the God Particle. Look at the Theory of Evolution which traces the evolution back to protozoans–single cellular organisms like Amoeba and Paramecium.  There is a hint in all branches of studies that original element is always one–that there’s a harmony which leads to unity which is the source of everything. The Big-Bang theory of creation of this material universe is also giving a hint towards the unity underlying manifestation. These patterns suggested in theories above give a clear indication that even Science is looking for subtle and unique unity.

But as far as I know there’s not any law in Philosophy or Science which suggests that reality is one. That all phenomena is the outcome of some simple unity which has seeds of all varieties. Spirituality has such theories indeed. Almost every religion leads you to a prime-mover or creator who was in the beginning. Advaita-Vedanta also suggests that Self is one and appearances which are innumerable and multifarious are merely shadows of the Self which is the underlying cause and basis of all of them. But I don’t see any proof towards unity which lends me a hand with logic to explain certain things to those who need them.

Though it’s obvious if you care to observe that there’s unity in diversity. All animals have organisms. Complex organisms have very similar metabolisms. They’ve some liquid like blood circulating through their bodies which gives their organs energy to operate and does other functions. Humans look different from each other but they all have blood and bones inside their bodies. Blood types may be different but it’s basically particles–electrons, protons, neutron, higgs-bosons and hubbasons leading to the God particle and all of these are basically forms of energy. Energy is basically one energy working through all nature and manifestation–its forms are so many–electrical, physical, magnetic, atomic, chemical and so on. But there’s only energy and there’s intelligence which is giving shapes to the energy–this leads you to a harmony. One reality, truth, bliss, peace, existence, light, love and self.

Learned readers might point me to any theory or law which suggests unity among diversity. Thanks for reading!