Healing, Cycles and Pain

Zaza: How does one know one is being healed?

Logos: You would feel at ease– fearless and at peace even when in the chaos as if in a bubble or cube of halcyon white light. There would be love yet pain’s cycles will come as you accepted them previously and healed yourself– the cycles of bliss would also be deeper and you would recognize that the oncoming pain is another such cycle so it would also pass. Now you accept it wholeheartedly and this acceptance takes you even deeper into the pain and then healed light adds into your awareness, consciousness, cloud of light you carry. Thus healing continues. But don’t accept all pain to disappear until you live

Body means pain
Pain would always be there
But it would be in bearable chunks
And bliss would be a constant companion even with pain
 Which would be of nature of peace. Now
Zaza: What about disorders and diseases?
Logos: Thought is the root cause of all diseases in its destructive form. Witnessing your thoughts takes you beyond them in the void and energy trapped in them gets released as healing happens. On the whole it’s akin to a fracture or bruise being healed—though karmically it’s a fracture on humanity or Earth and many vehicles simultaneously share that burden as they contribute into healing. The disorders-genetic or otherwise are inherent in nature’s order. 

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Surangama Sutra!

Zaza: Pigeons sparrows rows rice paddies clouds tulsi leaves.

Logos: Messengers singers void synagogue nagas synecdoche.

Zaza: Carriers volcanic eruptions calderas culvert vertical verity.

Logos: Avatars games suffering dark mirrors uncanny canisters.

Zaza: Who deleted nightingale? An angel? Gell well with being waters running deep in the ocean of bliss.   

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Acceptance of Pain!

Zaza: Dear master, if everything is painful, what is the point in trudging? Why live through hell? Even if I consider my life to be a mission for others-will they not die-then what is the point in dying everyday for nothing? Everything is temporary and death is inevitable–why then should I continue living?

Logos: I am a great supporter of Euthanasia. You should search the discussion on Euthanasia on this blog. I’ve contemplated suicide in my life but the weighing balance always weighed pain and pleasure on its two sides and there was question of Karma to take into account. What if eternal recurrence exists? What if you’re sent to learn same lessons again and again until you are done learning them? What if… Continue reading “Acceptance of Pain!”

Weltschmerz And Jittery Junebug!

Zaza: Let’s talk about something else master.

Logos: That which is floating on the surface of your consciousness is something and that which is in the subconscious is else. 

Zaza: Sun has moved out of Gandanta portion of Sagittarius as Moon moves through the Cancer. Sagittarians feel 8th house transit effects.

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Competition by day constipation by night!

Throughout my boyhood I had weak digestion and I suffered from constipation which used to give me creepy pain. It happened again and though there was no surprise I hadn’t expected it to be so ‘deadly.’ I’ve been taking liberty in eating seventy grams of Maggie noodles as breakfast everyday which is deep-fried and made from Maida flourMaida is very refined grains of wheat thus they are sticky and unless you have a very good digestion(which I clearly don’t) it sticks to intestine and doesn’t get cleared when you have regular motions(so irregular motions are needed time-to-time!). I felt as if my intestines were really getting rotten as the excreta was leaving my body after much effort. I had breathing trouble twice within last month and it was considered to be because of constipation as I was consuming Maggie. Continue reading “Competition by day constipation by night!”

Beyond Being Helped!

It’s suffering borne out of ignorance, of darkness. When your body and mind are not at ease you know why they’re not so most of the time. But when people around you suffer, you wonder why they are suffering. When you can feel their pain it’s no longer their pain–it’s yours. We don’t suffer only for our own pain but also for those around us. We might be insensitive to their suffering and then it’s not a suffering for us but if we are sensitive we feel the pain. Sometimes we feel the pain more than the people suffering do–because we are suffering for too many people at once–hearing too many cries simultaneously. When you see ignorance and resultant suffering you are compelled to help people out of their suffering but sometimes despite best of your intentions you can’t. Either they’re reluctant to accept help or they have grown so much in it that they’ve gone beyond being helped. But withdrawing yourself isn’t easy–simply accepting that it’s so and you can’t change it–you can’t alleviate their suffering, isn’t easy. Their suffering becomes your worst nightmare.



Bodhisattva is the name given in Buddhist texts to the beings who are inches away from enlightenment. They’re immensely compassionate and want to show others a way out of their suffering but what if they can’t? It remains their suffering. If you hear too many cries around you and can’t shut yourself down to them you are bound to suffer because of them. It’s your suffering because you’re hypersensitive. Either for good or  for bad you are carrying a heavy weight inside you which can’t let you be at ease. Some people live in so much darkness that they create suffering for themselves and for others –incessantly by their own actions. They have no insight into the mechanisms which create pain for themselves and others and these mechanisms keep repeating themselves for their entire lives. What do you do when you see too many people living in darkness around you? What do you do when all you could do in your power fails to rescue them out of their suffering? How do you desensitize yourself from their pain and how do you shut yourself down? This pain is what makes it impossible for you to sleep and stirrings eventually lead to awakening. Then suffering is but you walk on waters. You float on it.

Why Pleasure Is Pain?


Pain is pain. Pleasure is also painful. It’s not about the experience but about the craving. Craving for happiness is our nature. Our true nature is bliss. Craving for happiness causes unhappiness. We all shun pain and run after pleasure but pleasure ever keeps running away from you if you keep chasing it!

When you are craving pleasure, its absence causes pain. When you are indulging in pleasure the fear that it might go away is always present and causes pain. When pleasure has gone away the memory of pleasure causes pain. So your life moves from pain to pain and in pain. Unhappiness has been termed pain in this discussion. Pain strictly is healing mechanism of body.

Peace is beyond unhappiness and happiness. Bliss is beyond pleasure and pain. Love is beyond pain and pleasure. Light is knowing this! Peace, bliss and love have no opposites. Light has no opposite. Darkness is the absence of light. Goodness has no opposite, evil is the absence!

When you stop craving for pleasure, pain stops. When you accept life, life accepts you!

A Philosophical Question!


It is an ancient question.  It is a question about “Whether non human animals feel like us?”

I ask a similar question: “Do other humans feel like you do?”

There are no means to know it. No means.

All you can do is to interpret the feelings of others and try to relate to them or act towards them in a most meaningful manner; but you cannot ever know what exactly others feel like! You cannot be the ‘other’, even if you have this Neptunian ability of dissolving your boundaries temporarily; you cannot feel how ‘others’ feel.

You may very well ask me: “We relate to and respond to the feelings of others and we do not really need in many cases, to literally ‘become’ ‘the other’ in order to help them in the best possible manner.

Yes, you’re right.

Many times it is being ‘detached’ which helps others, because, having the same feelings (or similar feelings) will make you confused. It might be even better to get into the shoes of others (for a while!) and then, having understood the gravity of situation, become detached and find a solution to help them out. Now: while getting into the shoes of others, if you could feel exactly like they feel; if you could become, even for a minute, what they really are; you might find the most adequate or fitting solution for their condition.

A hypothetical scenario:

A man comes to me and he is in deep despair. He says: “I am in pain and agony.” To give me a hint about the ‘degree’ of pain he is going through, he suggests: “Life is hopeless; I am willing to commit suicide in a minute.” Now: As I try to relate it to the situation where I will be so helpless and dejected that committing suicide will be the only refuge; I realize: It is not necessary (in fact it is a very remote possibility) that the degree of pain at which I prefer committing suicide over living, is, as same as his degree of pain at which he is very willing to commit suicide. This is, in my opinion, the core problem of Psychology:  quantification of feelings-because measurement and comparison is not possible.
Who has been hurt more, me or him? Always remains the question in relationships.
How good your child feels is,  key in their upbringing. How good your old parents feel, is key to harmony and how good you feel is key to peace.
When, you are in a dilemma and you have to take a decision to help one of the two persons based on the degree of their suffering, you cannot easily decide and your decisions might often be wrong in the absence of such discretion