Happy Death Day!


This is a time-loop film like Groundhog Day, Run-Lola-Run, Before-I-Fall and Triangle. There’s even a reference to the Groundhog Day towards the end which indicates inspiration for writer and director. This is the second such film this year–first being Before-I-Fall. In a way there’s nothing new so I didn’t expect much going into it. I thought it was a usual horror film but finding it to be a time-loop thriller created an adrenaline rush and I love time-loop scenarios. They teach so much about Karma and Destiny.  Continue reading “Happy Death Day!”



It doesn’t meet my high expectations which were puffed up by high IMDb ratings which are rarely reliable these days. It has a lot of style but substance seems to be missing. Red balloons and Pennywise, hypochondriac, lisping, motherless, fatherless, loner children, abusive father, suffocating mother, voices, a buding romance triangle and some magic–haven’t we seen all these too many times before. Apart from clichés I feel there was no freshness in the clown’s persona either and a lot of time was spent in following school-life and politics which doesn’t contribute in the second part in any way–though it might be there because this is first of many chapters to follow(I suppose)–I hope they do better than this. Even Nolan’s Joker in The Dark Night is far more scarier and eerie than this one. This is certainly not a complete dud still an average horror film for kids.



Plasma: The fourth state of matter-which is neither liquid, nor gas or solid. 

The fourth state of consciousness–Turiya is neither waking, nor sleep or dream.

Christopher Nolan touched his peak with Memento very early in my opinion and then everything went downhill from there. Many years ago I wrote a post appreciating Nolan and Lynch on my Blogger blog and now sadly I’m not entranced by either of them. Interstellar was a downer for me despite all hype and publicity about singularity et al. But I feel public opinion hasn’t been as divided on any of his movies as on Dunkirk. A visit to IMDb will reveal in no time that some reviewers have given it more than 8 points, oh I must correct myself–majority of them for it has received a rating above 8–but rest of them have severely criticized it.  Continue reading “Dunkirk(2017)”


Note: Contains spoilers as it’s a mystery I recommend watching it before reading this post.


It’s only a synchronicity that I wrote about burning away of Sutti, wife of Shiva in yesterday’s post as it was very similar to what has been portrayed in Darren Aronofsky’s horror mystery. The last scene also becomes the first one: I was struck with memory of a myth I heard about when I was in Vrindavan–one day Uma, consort of lord Shiva looks at a big garland of skulls on Shiva and inquires about it. He refuses to tell at first but when she insists he tells that they were all her skulls. He tells her that he had held her in his arms as she died at the end of cosmic cycle and she had departed as many times as the number of skulls he was wearing in his garland at the end of each cosmic cycle only to transmigrate into another body and again become his consort. The story is symbolic and it alludes to Substratum of reality or Self as Shiva and its active counterpart Shakti. It could also apply to soul and supersoul which are always together but might seem to undergo separation and reunite once again with a greater fervor. Continue reading “Mother!(2017)”

All The King’s Men!

All The King’s Men reminded me of another great film named All The President’s Men which was made on Watergate scandal. This film has one of the strongest star cast ever–some of the finest actors working together on a story. A few scenes really stood out for me–one in which governor Stark faces off judge Irvin. Two stalwarts facing each other–maybe it’s the only time Sean Penn and Anthony Hopkins have shared a screen together. Some critics have complaint about Hopkins’ accent but to a foreigner like me there’s no great difference and accents mattered much less than performances. Jude Law is a silent witness of this duel with slight inclination towards governer who is his friend. Anthony Hopkins still oozes out charisma and I’ve not seen him many times on-screen after “Silence of the lambs.” What Sean Penn has done in this film is pure magic. His waving of small arms in an odd way is totally adapted to suit the type of character he was playing and though it annoyed me a bit at first–I soon understood why it has such an effect on me–it was a stamp of great acting. I know that he’s a critically acclaimed actor and I’ve not seen many of his films but here he handled the transformation of his character quite well. Continue reading “All The King’s Men!”

The Girl With All The Gifts!

Review might have spoilers!

The girl with all the gifts(2016) is going to be one of my all time favorites. The film builds the plot up gradually but sustains interest all along. It doesn’t have clichés of your normal zombie apocalypse films and performances are good through and through. It presents a new perspective on the scenario as there is potential of second generation mutants being able to think and live in harmony with normal human beings shown by Melanie–the girl with all the gifts. She(Sennia Nanua) steals the show by all means and she’s definitely the star of the film. The script is fresh and never gets dull. The direction, cinematography and execution are all tight.  Continue reading “The Girl With All The Gifts!”

Waking Life

Richard Linklater’s waking life is a visual depiction of a seeker of reality who finally merges into it and disappears. The film starts with a young kid playing a game in which his destiny is suggested to be dreaming.  The kid moves out of the game and starts floating in the air as if in a lucid dream. Then he finds himself growing up and talking to various philosophers, experts, people at random and friends. He finds himself in many strange situations but after every one of them he finds that he was merely dreaming. Sometimes he is one of the characters, sometimes  merely a witness, sometimes an onlooker and sometimes merely watching a TV show—all in a dream. Towards the end he finds himself talking to a person in a bar playing Foosball–who tells him about a novel by Philip K. Dick. The novel tells about falsity of time and space and reality which dawned upon the author all of a sudden. The kid asks about the method to wake up and the person tells him to simply wake up! He wakes up on his bed and finds himself dreaming. He then again discovers many things like time, space, quantum mechanics, language, psychology, biology, society and life. Finally he finds out that he has been meeting same people mostly…and those people didn’t have any substantial reality other than shadowy personas projected by his memories, fears, desires, habits, likes and dislikes. He finally reaches to his home where his destiny was revealed to be the dream. Realizing that there was no destiny whatsoever he starts flying once again to disappear and merge into reality. Into his own Self.

Melodies From The Golden era of Bollywood Music!


This is a comical song. I haven’t seen a better advertisement song in Bollywood films. This Ad is certainly a hyperbole. If anyone could advertise anything like this they would multiply their sales in minutes! This is a song about head-massage offered by a street-walking masseuse. The video is very blurred black and white film hence not clear–the masseuse seems to be walking in a 1957 Mumbai street in evening and tries to lure two three customers. He manages to get only one but evidently the one is not content with the service being offered–hence emphasis on its being an Ad-hyperbole. The music and picture has great comical elements.  Continue reading “Melodies From The Golden era of Bollywood Music!”

The Time Traveler’s Wife(2009)

This is an incredibly beautiful film and its beauty lies in the fact that even when the title suggests about time travel being a key theme in it–it isn’t. Well, not in a technical sense at least. It’s honest with its title because when the movie completes you realize well that it’s the wife who is the anchor because the man lacks a stable personality–he’s but a shadow–appears and disappears randomly–no reason or rhyme–no sequence or closing of loops–no altering of events or time-lines either as seen in so many time travel movies. Continue reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife(2009)”

Happy Bhaag Jaayegi Is A Comedy Delight!

Mudassar Aziz’s Happy Bhaag Jaayegi is one of the purest comedies. It employs many conventional humor techniques with impeccable timing without overdoing it. I feel the success of film lies in remaining honest to its intent and application of form. I’ve seen many films which fail because they either try too hard to make you laugh or try to be moralistic and sentimental after giggling you for a bit. The slight twist of Bilal falling in love with Happy is so under-stressed that it doesn’t let comical joyride become derailed even for a bit.

After a while I was remarking on dialogues and comic timing and the sincerity of comedy reminded me of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. Priyadarshan’s comedies of last decade like Hungama have been very similar to this one albeit with some more stress on relations and emotions in some parts. This film doesn’t bore you even for a minute but some poor editing is visible in places. Similarly supporting soundtracks and music might have been much better.  Acting is superb–Sehgal Saab(Dui Manzila Banwa Leen Aur Batao Tak Naahin), Abhay Deol, Piyush Mishra, Jimmy Shergil and Diana Penty have performed well. Ali Fazal’s performance is slightly weak. This film is a treat for all movie lovers and I rate it 8/10!