One Love Many Names!

Today I was having a discussion about love and friendship with Lauren and Heather in Alumni forum I love discussions, still I feel a lot of energy is wasted in semantics. I have never been accustomed only to dictionary definitions because I am not a robot. Dictionaries might provide a common context for understanding each other but concepts like life, love, god and self are best felt independently and realized without dictionaries. They are not exactly philosophical terms for me but rather parts of mysticism.


One Love

Variety and differentiation is obvious in life. It takes some courage to let go of widely accepted notions and go deeper to see unity instead of variety. I deeply believe that Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu and Jesus are not different deities to be worshipped but rather same divinity expressed in different timezones. They are flowerings of same consciousness.

Similarly I believe there is only one love. It’s the same energy which has created this universe and sustains it. This energy is the expression of the supreme self. There are many forms of love. Love of a human being for another human being which is known as philanthropy. Romantic love, which is the most intense form of love and reason why world keeps going on which includes animal instinct for procreation. Agape love is form of love which is seen in selfless and most generous souls who serve humanity unconditionally and it’s the most selfless and balanced kind of love but not as intense in expression as romantic love. Love of relatives which is most intensely seen in form of love of a mother for a child is also conditional love because it starts with conditions. It is often said in quotes and books that love of a mother for a child is unconditional. It simply means it remains all through the life but it is not absolutely unconditional because it starts with the condition of physical relation.


Romantic, Maternal and Agape Love

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Speak No Evil!

Based on The Daily Post’s prompt!

Wicked Witch

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.


Evil Is A Cousin Of Devil!

Evil is a close cousin of Devil. Who is Devil? It’s your lower mind or simply mind. When you judge things as good and bad, it’s bad. When you judge beauty and ugliness it’s ugliness. When you judge right and wrong it’s always wrong. Judgement is Devil. Devil is Evil.

Darkness In The World!

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Give And You Will Be Given!

20.08.15 - 1

I had re-shared the quote above on my Google Plus account. Discussion with a few friends inspired me to create a small post here. I feel you are right when you say that this is not the thing in your experience. I feel many of us have experiences quite contrary to what is written in this quote.

Still, I have a complete faith in the teaching. I feel this quote is the result of teachings of many seers, mystics, saints and sages. Why we judge it to be not so true? We do so because most of the things we judge based on our own limited experience. Which is the most reasonable and logical thing to do. But minds have limitation, reasoning has limitation. Leap of faith is diving deep based on a strong intuition where reason might suggest otherwise and you come out stronger, more fulfilled and alive!


We might use an analogy here. Suppose you are watching a TV series which has 100 episodes. You don’t know how many episodes are there, when it started and when it’s going to end. You start judging right and wrong based on just the 5 episodes you have seen. You think it is all there is to it. You have become convinced about right and wrong, about heroes and villains and about your philosophy of life. Now, if someone shows you all the episodes, chances are that all your notions will be shattered and you will feel that you were under a great illusion because of a limited vision.

Another thing to take into the account is–you don’t receive back in the same form you give. Life and God are infinitely vast mystery. They work in unfathomable mysterious ways. You might not receive from the same person, you might not receive when you were expecting it, you might not receive back quite in the form you were expecting, but receive you will and must for such is the law of nature and life. Life is one. Nature is one. Reality is one. Duality is temporary and hence whatever you give, you give to yourself and hence you are bound to get what you give!


Seers and sages see with the eyes of God. Their vision is infinite and compassion unlimited. Their teachings are a call for all of us. They call us to take the leap of faith and it does need a little courage but then if you do, a profound conviction emerges and you get connected to source of all life and you also start seeing what they see and all illusions and limitations disappear!

I Don’t Want To Fight!

I don’t want to fight!

When I looked for you,

In vain,

In a street, among images,

Strange faces,

On a train,

You eluded me,

Cried rivers for you,

You were not to be found,

On that tree, in the sky,

Neither low, nor high;

I stopped looking for you,

And you don’t leave my side;


I am in a heaven,

Because you reside,

Deep inside;

I see you,

Day and night,

We are one!

I can’t say,

Till death do us part,

There is no death for me,

Since you live in my heart!

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Come, yet again, come!


Come, come, whoever you are!

Wanderer, worshipper, lover of living!

Ours isn’t a caravan of despair!

Even if you have broken your vow a thousand times;

Come, yet again, come!


Who Is God?

God is a word so heavy with the usage down through ages that modern mystics look for new words to convey their message. But if I want to keep it simple, I should say God is Good. God is the sum total of all goodness. Wherever you find hope, faith, trust, compassion, charity, friendship, love, peace, light, happiness, help, kindness, guidance and other such positive values, you feel God is around you.

Godliness is nothing but touch of life. Life is God. God is life. Reality, unity, totality and harmony is one awareness pervading whole existence. You may call it by any name it remains the same and it remains beyond names.


What about bad values then?

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Take Me To The Moon!

This post is based on The Daily Post’s prompt Take Me To The Moon

Take Me to the Moon

How far would you go for someone you love? How far would you want someone else to go for you? 

How far?

Is the question.

I will like to stay here,

In your arms.

Listening to your silly banter.

Seeing you blush.

I will also not let you go,


This is eternity,

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Love Is Your Nature

Love is the core of our being and very natural to us. It’s lack of love which is the cause of concern and thought. We all crave for love in one form or another. We are made of love. Love is the force behind the creation, love is what keeps the world running. We all know what love is, it’s a feeling, even if you can’t express it eloquently, in your heart of hearts you know what it is. Love is the most sublime of emotions, though it’s not just an emotion.


There is nobody who hasn’t felt love. It’s true that some of us might have forgotten what it feels like to love or to be loved, still, everyone is born in love. A child who is full of awe and wonder for mystery of beautiful life is so full of love and joy. He lives in love, breathes in it, walks, talks and sleeps in love. Love is not something foreign to us, it has not to be cultivated. It’s our natural state of being. When you are natural you are in love. Continue reading “Love!”

First Crush!

This post is based on The Daily Post’s prompt First Crush!

Who was your first childhood crush? What would you say to that person if you saw him/her again?


Human minds work in mysterious ways. Mysterious are the ways of life and love. I was very young, maybe 3 to 4 years old. I was there besides a handpump waiting for my turn to take bath. I recall there were many young girls taking bath. They were many years older to me. There was one girl named Bundi. She was my friend and we had played together.

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How to Expand Your Heart!

1. Give:

Give whatever positive you have. The universe is your own self because reality is one. Whatever you give to others you get back. More you give more you get, so expansion of heart takes place as the loving energy embraces you when you give. Don’t be miserly. Give and you would get a thousand times more, give that back and you would get a million times more. Don’t say you don’t have anything, you have something which others lack, give it to others without expecting anything in return. If you don’t have anything just greet people with a kind smile, be generous with appreciation and show your respect to others.


2. Gratitude:

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