One, two, three…six,

Very few stars managed to peep through the dark blanket,

I had donated my quilt to Deewan today,

Now it drizzles with cold wind,

It’s soothing,

Winter’s balmy tears act as elixir,

For the earth which emits petrichor,

The holy cow still trudges in the dark, Continue reading “Time!”


The Track!

They’ve burnt,

Unsaturated fat in the midnight oil,

Oil is well burnt if,

End is burnt by means,

Intentional or unintentional,

Some come to break the code,

Others to wreak sweet havok,

This ode is to those dots in destiny,

Tiny pixels, cosmic mosquitoes,

Toes, nails, chippers, potatoes,

Ailments, balms, qualms, alms,

Ah the story, Continue reading “The Track!”

Without A Mind!

Ah I kept waiting to hear your voice,

That wait meets this moment,

Some identities shuffle– some pain and pleasure,

It doesn’t matter if you’re sensitive,

Insensitive or case-sensitive,

This coming and going is,

A spectacle for nobody,

When you wear the white satin skin,

You merely entertain yourself.

When you jump headlong into abyss,

It sleeps soundly. 

Without a mind. 



Rear cracked view mirror,

Reads Bhagavata tales,

Shadow and light,

Play in the porch with butterflies,

The spring which throbs incessantly,

Lets light enter into the hologram,

Its activity translates in visions,

Insights and unveiling,

The key piece in the devil’s kaboodle is,

The belief that there is something,

More, blurred, red, 

Enter the Sun, Continue reading “Flow!”


Under Pegasus,

As I lazily lay watching cosmic mosquitoes,

This light being with a taile,

Travels and becomes dark,


What was it?

Some say some great being died,

Some others wish as they see it,

If it was a meteor, Continue reading “Harmonium!”

To Fire!

Dear fire,

Circumstances might be dire,

Hire an agency or two to publicize my grief,

The moments brief,

Indicate that nothing lasts if you think it does,

And if you as their witness do,

You’re not what you weep for, Continue reading “To Fire!”


You’re the dream,

When I walk the boundary where,

We’re not already the same,

Two batlings waltz in air,

This intoxicated twilight is a mantra,

Antara of a song coming from a torn tiara,

Which soothe me,

Tiered layers of one reality,

Recollections from memory,

Parrots return to rest with a sizzling breeze,

Junk dances on horny beats,

Rhythm is amiss,

Miss mystery is lost in Chemistry,

Experiments on destiny,

Tiny cloudlet of hope floats in a vast sky,

Changing shapes at random it sails smoothly,

Meeting UFOs, planes, birds and towers,

It would disperse into essential particles in a moment or two,

Becoming whole. 



Imagining the imaginings!

Sun and clouds,

Dark and bright,

Playing hide and seek,

Make this morning look like a morning,

It’s usually a noon,

Two redheads talk in sweet tongues,

On top of a rusty electric poll,

Which spreads its thick black and brown arms bidirectionally, Continue reading “Imagining the imaginings!”

I am not not!

A plane makes majestic sound as it roars through the head of the sky,

A dog barks at a crane,

Which is shouting at it,

Protecting its eggs,

Sandalwood spray molecules dance in my nostrils,

Same space becomes larger deeper as sounds and images, Continue reading “I am not not!”

Two Eighty Tears, Dears!

Your love,

Is inalienable alien,


It submerges whole of my persona,

Two eighty tears flow with those two rings on table,

Which I don’t wear when we talk,

For they remind me of gossips of days bygone, Continue reading “Two Eighty Tears, Dears!”