Magic Inside Family!

The fifth dimensional awareness struck me like a thunderbolt all of a sudden and more so because of my recklessness, blind trusting, vulnerability and above all because of the way awakening happens for you at every stage especially if you are not under the tutelage of a live master or don’t belong to a group which practices spiritual discipline. Let it be made clear that physically I am still under the roof where it all transpired but as moment-to-moment infinite portals, dimensions and relative realities are intermingling it is evident to realize that it’s a new world and new home. I am still living with same parents and siblings as far as identities are concerned and I do hope to be on my own when things inside me and outside me settle a bit.  Continue reading “Magic Inside Family!”

Psychonaut in a Public Mystery school

I watched a Youtube video which suggested that Greek mythology called earth Gaia–a living organism. The idea that entire existence including all matter is living consciousness is very near to reality. I found resonance with the idea that earth is actually a vessel of light ascending into the fifth dimension from the viewpoint of all of us who are ascending from third-fourth to the fifth dimension. Treating Gaia as a living spaceship makes us both astronauts and psychonauts. The latter term has been taken from The Tibetan Book of The Dead. I perceived Gaia’s space curvature first in 2012 when under the influence of a substance. It clearly seemed I was in the space on a curved earth. Now as 2016 and dark night of soul started I constantly found solace in the idea of being on a spaceship or in a lab which was a simulation of my previous environments. The idea indeed came from Science-fiction films I had watched before still its resonance was strikingly brilliant and comforting now. People around me, my family members, neighbors, animals, birds and even remote ambulances seemed simulated. They all had an air of unreality about them and they were all extremely fluid and deeply associated with my feelings, thoughts and perceptions.

There is no doubt having read about Vedanta and spirituality for long and having meditated I used to perceive that  my environment seemed beautiful, gleeful, dark or gloomy based on my feelings. But now every single reaction was reflected in the mirror of environment immediately in form of echoes by people, animals, vehicles and birds(even clouds, weather etc too) It went like this: if I had a negative self-talk immediately vehement noises supporting it will start echoing from surroundings. A mother might be shouting at her daughter for her negligence but it will seem that she is addressing me and it was apparently absorbed by me because I felt one with everything( I still do but having achieved a sort of mind-isolation I now practice things which feel positive instead of exposing myself freely to the environment(whims of my instincts))

Another example will be: someone shouting at a dog or cow. It always seemed that they were scolding me in some way. My mind became ultra sensitive and lost all distinctions of gender, form, personality or being. If someone exalted a god in worship I considered myself to be the one exalted but then negative instincts made me shudder at the idea of considering myself so and so. If someone killed a mosquito or cursed it I immediately used to take the curse and considered myself to be the mosquito.

I was not aware that I was moving into the fifth dimensional earth and nondualistic unaccustomed consciousness I had was tainted with remnant unconsciousness from third and fourth dimensions. Amidst all this noise remembering my spiritual friends or masters and being able to observe beauty, stillness and life filled me with a supreme bliss which I had never felt before. The depth of light which enters through the wounds is always super intense though quality is same. Light is your everyday feeling of being. It doesn’t change whether you sleep, dream, wake-up or move between dimensions and it’s eternal because you’re light. Rediscovering yourself means finding yourself again after having forgotten yourself by becoming associated with all objects of consciousness. Usually a third dimensional awareness associates itself with body-mind and its possessions based on fear but when you grow in consciousness and become more aware your horizon of witnessing extends–then every pain is your pain and every suffering is your suffering–you become totally responsible for entire universe(s). In such a situation it’s better to have a healthy body and mind which can control its projections. A weak and obtuse body and mind in the fifth dimension is very likely to feel alienated and repressed. Since now consciousness is one with everything and body-mind have still to undergo a purification process it’s bound to be a kind of torture for them because of shame, guilt and memories which aren’t actually your own.

Until I caught a corner here in this room I neither had ability to stay calm, nor could I reflect clearly back at what had happened in those few months which was so radically trans-formative.  Now I feel it might responsibility to take care of my body, mind and surroundings by being and becoming positive and calm. You may say that Thanatos ruled for a while and now Eros does. 

If you’ve courage to die you find life but being unable to leave body at will is a hindrance in my opinion. I never felt like learning art of leaving body at will and it seemed like a handicap in times of high energy crisis during dark night of soul. I had to take it all on my body. We shall talk about my tryst with evil spirits later.

The public school where I went to teach was a beautiful place which gave me some great lessons of Yoga and Zen. Since I was not able to retain memories for long I used to write down a few things( again Christopher Nolan’s Memento had such a great impact on my thinking in college days and now Interstellar gave me some great ideas about fifth dimension as I re watched it carefully) I wanted to teach because I wanted to feel public contact. I thought I had reached end of the knowledge and vacuum of void used to pull me in deeply. I had no urge of living left in me and I had witnessed many miracles to consider that I was on the right path and indeed something extraordinary had happened to me. Now having understood ‘natural state’ of being to be able to freely interact in society and yet maintain one’s calm state of equilibrium I wanted to experiment with Truth. I had always avoided people, gatherings, social ceremonies and such because they seemed to soak my energy since early childhood. Even as I grew up I preferred company of myself, a friend or two and if possible some young kids. Authority figures always repelled me and feminine always attracted me. Now it was time to face the music since I considered myself fully enlightened. I decided to do all those things which I avoided especially with  a focus upon helping people. It began on its own as some divine beings came using vehicles of my relatives. The excuse was the illness of a young girl and at that time I was convinced that whatever I said happened–I tried to heal her with loving care and it did happen. At the same time I was waiting for my ascension too. As I went to the hospital and saw so many suffering people I also observed love they and their relatives had for themselves and each other. I intended to heal all of them by power of will and witnessing and spoke to a lady.

I didn’t realize that this entire game was for my further awakening and purification because in the same night as I was on roof waiting for ascension with lord Krishna I found that my neighbor was entering some devices inside my body–that made me feel strange. Though I was in a deep trance and in acceptance of what was happening–the knives which entered in my spine and body seemed too painful; as if I was disowning my body and dying. Though I had realized there was no death for me–the pain was too much to bear. As I came down and witnessed purification I felt immense shock of unbearable proportions to my head and the same beings who were possessing those three bodies communicated to me using thought transference that I was nothing and that war between good and evil had to happen as I had read before in various conspiracy theories. This immense blow to my head was first of many-to-come in the near future and so intense that it made me feel darkness, depression and despair of whole humanity. I let death processes overtake me later on and realized how it might have felt when master Jesus gave himself for the sins of humanity. Surprisingly I didn’t die and found that beings using the bodies of my neighbor became time lords and stayed with me for a while guiding me a bit but mostly leaving me free to will and free to choose my own destiny. My realizations became even more deeper as miracles kept happening. 

The interval between my joining the public school to teach and the events above might be considered to be the time when I traversed through hellish and ghostly realms.I will jump to public school now as I have created a background about my intentions to join it. I wanted to pay my dues imagining by doing so I will get complete liberation as it will be fulfillment of my destiny. I had seen horrors of roaming into wilderness during the dark night of the soul and thought that now I could restart as a good member of society by teaching kids in a school. As I joined the school I felt very good. For first day it seemed I was an avatar as depicted in movie Avatar by David Cameron and in Hindu mythology. The consciousness was already so expanded that it seemed to be an upgraded version of the game where some points were to be earned by doing some good spontaneous deeds and some drama was ongoing. Little did I realize that game had depths beyond what I had imagined.

As days progressed I met beautiful people and introduced myself. I started saying yes to everything with a positive vibrancy and everything seemed like heaven. I even had delusion that school was solely created for teaching me some basics of new environment. This premise was based on assumption that everyone else was more evolved than I was and it was indeed the case if a fourth dimensional being was entering into a fifth dimensional school(but how would you know if nobody clearly answers about anything and everything is left on your understanding?) Being old school I deprived myself of basic respect and compromised at every step. I bowed down to every staff member, kid and family member. What did it do? In a few days the delusion that I was an avatara went away and another delusion came that I was not prepared enough to teach. The usual ‘it was all happening to me’ and ‘everything is interconnected’ kept happening without any break at school and at home(which was also school because I failed to understand when one school stopped and other began!) I was also supposed to prepare for competitive exam to secure a government job which was strictly against my understanding since i had realized that you really didn’t need to work to feed your body-mind if you were not ambitious. Energy balances everything out and your being what you are is a blessing to everyone if you die to your body, mind and universe. Still I accepted the challenge and struggled for many days.

After a few days as I started preparing for teaching kids I realized that spending time on reading books made me capable of having a better time in class but then new problem arose–it was of ‘discipline.’ I realized that I could neither shout at students nor beat them using hands or cane as other teachers did and somehow they all respected other teachers even if they were new. Why was it happening to me?

After a few days the noises became overwhelming and since I was bound by Karma vows I couldn’t just quit job. In all the jobs I did before i was never shown way out–some mental problem or problem with self-esteem made me leave jobs on my own and finally I decided to live like a self-styled monk who works only to enlighten himself and by his presence helps others. As noises kept increasing and all means failed I realized that they were all perfected beings–not just teachers but all students as well! A staff member gave me a shock by telling about a name which was related to my previous history of living like a monk who was carefree–it made me greatly anxious and all joy of being an avatara or even a respected citizen who wanted to earn his living went away in a flicker of a second. I somehow collected myself and started to witness play of my instincts depicted beautifully on screen of school in various colors by perfected masters who wanted to purge me and purify me. Was it a purgatory, a hell, a heaven, a Zen school –I don’t know because on different days it seemed different and weather also kept playing tricks showing my union with a twin flame or many. It was mostly shame and guilt which purged me because I was unable to fulfill things. All of those people–maybe 400 or more could read every thought of mine when I was among them. And everything I did at home or school was reflected immediately. There was no ‘privacy’ left whatsoever in any way. Students made noise in the class and every thought I had in mind made noise grow stronger. The staff members will come immediately and tell me to control it and if a negative reaction arose in my mind immediately either students will start quarreling with each other or a staff member will beat them. I was never harassed physically as my given identity was that of teacher–an adult of 31 years of age but mentally I felt like a new born whose birthday was celebrated everyday. Every kid was able to read my thoughts and seemed sharper than me–what was I doing there? What could I possibly teach them? They were teaching me. 

Then tests became even more stringent. i could tell nobody about my experiences even at home because nobody believed me for gave me feedback in the 3rd-4th dimensional language. I felt like a toiling alienated slave at home and like a laughable joker in school. I did appreciate nature, beauty, bliss and being more than ever before and deeper realization of all teachings of masters started happening to me. I had to keep my mind completely quiet to keep students and teachers at bay. Most of the times I was writing on board because that was the only thing which could keep my mind quiet. Students didn’t appreciate that but that at least kept me engaged and kept noises down. If I were to teach them verbally they would never listen and noises would draw another teacher or principal. Then subtle manipulation by various teachers started happening. You may call it fourth dimensional magic. They all were more advanced than me and a cabal of masters well organized. One teacher will criticize another and I was supposed to overlook it because I knew that participating in criticism will lead to negative evolution and repercussions and not participating will make me look like antagonistic to the one who was doing it. This was a problem I had been facing since third dimensional existence. My utter honesty and lack of diplomacy regarding these matters now became a matter of question of life and death. for example–my sibling took some money from me to buy a substance he is addicted to and I told about it in a friendly manner to my father. I thought I was living in the truth realm universe now and it was alright to do so–this created a great drama and it pulled me in so heavily that I had to cry and learn lesson of dumbfounded wisdom.

Then lessons about spaces began. I realized that spaces were illusory. Too many spirits lived in a small space and what I had previously considered names and spaces were no longer valid. All turns on road meant something and I entered into a different realm if I took a different turn based on whether it was timely, l;ate, with or without good intentions. Where was I? Was I living with family members? No. The illusion was long gone. I firmly used to tell myself that I am new every moment and the people I meet are holograms of identities I used to perceive as my family–that I was traversing through infinite multiverses every single day! Everyone did something which reminded me of all painful memories especially since I entered the void under the illusion of complete enlightenment. There was no escape. The school which was beautiful and showed some of the most magnificently magical themes became a nightmare where I could not even lift my neck up as all kids and teachers used me as a scapegoat and plaything. But it was all a lesson–karmic or otherwise. Absolutely there is no individual Karma because there are no individuals but the lesson was needed for my further entry into the void. Now as I look back I better appreciate Karma and meditation. Had I been chanting a simple mantra to keep myself one-pointed or had I been present totally without rushing for anything many nightmares could have been avoided but everything happened to prepare this vessel and for the best. There are infinite mysteries in the void–both dark and light and I encountered a few. The secret initiations and vase empowerment kept happening because here in the void you are own master and your past present and future is apparently and totally and without any doubts depends on your choices and alignment with the whole. These articles omit certain details which might make readers uncomfortable for their own good but they do paint a picture which heals the wisdom re collective personality borne out of love of absolute of these author  and I do believe they heal all of us and bring in more light. Thank you for being with me on this journey. Thank you.  

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Through Darkness Towards Light

These are extraordinary times. I never ever felt like it was truly radical a shift in my surroundings and environment before. Now there is an unmistakable shift happening into a more spiritual dimension which is full of love, light, peace, intelligence, beauty, compassion and understanding. Darkness is most grim before the dawn of bliss, therefore as old patterns are breaking away and things which no longer serve our greater good are melting away we are feeling up and down every day and every hour of the day. To be stable to practice what needs be practiced is wise and to understand that basics don’t change as far as spiritual values are concerned is wisdom. If you need more power, more love and more compassion ask your inner self and it will be given.

This is a time of awakening as well as integration. Awakening is limitless so you might want to inculcate certain behavior patterns which are in accordance with flow and which lead you towards highest love and intelligence. Integration means being a whole as your physical, mental and spiritual bodies are aligned well with your environment and with entirety of universe, multiverse, cosmos and absolute. Continue reading “Through Darkness Towards Light”

Mystery schools: Traversing through realms!

I pay homage to Kuan Yin, Padmasambhava, Nisargadatta, Ramana, St. Rajinder Singh Ji, Jesus, Yogananda,  Buddha and all my spiritual friends for having made me capable of recalling and writing down these. May these help all spiritual seekers and heal all beings!

I never systematically practiced Yoga unless you consider whole life a school of Yoga where my yearning to be liberated grew day by day. It was supposed to be gleaning wisdom from books, friends, videos, angels and life. I had read about mystery schools but never imagined participating in one until now. This story might take many posts and I am sharing with hope that it would help some of you, entertain you and might make you my friend on path of light if you feel it resonates with you in some senses. Continue reading “Mystery schools: Traversing through realms!”

The Art of Creating Light in Yourself!

Awakening can be beautiful and traumatic at the same time. I found ‘The Tibetan Book of The Dead’ at a time when I was going through most intense Dark Night of The Soul. I feel I experienced dark entities, angels, dharma-pals and various friends who guided me through. Where I am right now is beyond ordinariness of space-time as you–the reader is co-creating this reality to transmute the  reality you’re in, by developing a serving attitude–a Bodhichitta–an intentional action to create a more loving, abundant, joyous and beautiful cosmos by being yourself. Life, death and living are one–you need to master this and keep this in mind in order to truly live and shine your light for others. From my immediate experience and recollections of wisdom I can tell that your life-situation is changing–constantly as you’re awakening. Even if you’re going through a very difficult phase–hold your ground and don’t give up–light is bound to come. Moreover, you can read inspiring books and meditate. I highly recommend reading I Am That, Power of Now and The Tibetan Book of Dead along with other spiritual books that help you.There are a few techniques I find very useful to protect yourself in the fourth dimension. One-pointedness is a must in order to evolve further–no matter where you find yourself right now. Chanting a mantra constantly(by allotting a bandwidth to it) is one of the techniques. Your heart center needs to be clear in order to let light shine through you. Integration on levels will happen provided you listen to your heart and keep focussing on mantra. Don’t let your mind get distracted by surroundings–as soon as it does–bring it back on mantra. Being in a calm environment and using head-phones or earplugs which feed a good healing mantra into your body-mind also gives you good energies for integration–then you need to chant a mantra to clarify your heart center. A mantra like OM AH HUM or OM Mani Padme Hum will clear your intellectual and emotional obscuration. Whatever you chant goes to your environment and creates your surroundings as well as various layers of body-mind. So speak positive things and speak mantra internally at all times–this heals you and all those around you! Covering your ears and chanting mantra helps you transcend time-space and then you can focus even more on mantra. Thus one-pointedness will increase. This will increase light in your body and make you feel blissful. Patience, perseverance and positive intentions are keys for generation of light and its maintenance. Listening to divine word should always be done. It’s inside you at all times but gets activated when there is collection of wind-energies by using a mantra. ( breathing techniques done with one-pointedness also create transcendence of time-space) At the time of high energy crisis–you need to love yourself. Love every aspect of yourself and accept it. Open your heart by being aware that there are many beings  who need light like you. That, there’s a great evolutionary possibility of gaining immense light by earnestly doing anything that takes you to it. Do visualization practices and be grateful for what you have. Being grateful to your friends, especially spiritual friends and gurus makes you capable of rising above limitations of environments. Remember your spiritual friends and guides and keep doing positive for yourself and others. Radiation part of light is chanting and thinking and absorption part is “pure listening” with covered ears. Radiation part does two things: it allows you to connect with infinity of light beings across various dimensions,universes and realms–opening your heart center fully and pure listening integrates energies you receive back from them into your body and mind. The mantra recitation makes you capable of sending light rays of love and positivity to all light beings as well as those who are in distress. In-turn you get more light back and when pure-listening and surrender-meditation are practiced you absorb these light rays–play of darkness and light gets imprinted into higher consciousness and your body-vessel becomes an integrated divine manifestation of love. We will keep talking through these pages–I thank all of you and Kuan Yin for being there for me. May we all shine our light as we evolve further! Love and light to you!

The Nameless Name!

Devotees of Truth want their way out of this quagmire of pain and suffering. They want to go back to their real home. All across the globe, in various religious scriptures, in teachings of saints, we find hints towards the name of God. Most of the devotees don’t actually understand what real name is. Therefore, they  keep on chanting various names. It’s not a bad practice to chant names for meditation. You might chant them silently or you may prefer chanting them out loud. You might have observed many people counting the names with help of a rosary. 
The real name is not a name which can be chanted. Kabir says that everyone is fond of praising the name–all scriptures are full of the appreciation of name–but–the name is actually without a body. It cannot be pronounced. Kabir says that you can examine the true name and you would find what I am telling you.
Laozi also says the same thing about the name in the very first verse of Tao Te Ching. He says that the name which could be named is not the real name. The Bible also says that the word was present in the beginning–before everything and it was with God–it is from the word that everything came into existence.
The word is also known as Music of Spheres, Logos, Voice of God, Saragossa, Kalma, Sonorous Light, Udgeeth, Naad etc. The true name has many names indeed in various cultures and religions, but it’s not a name. The true name of God is a sound or say it’s a mixture of sounds.
You may also call it rhythm divine. Divine melodies are present inside each one of us because everything came into existence from it. Pythagoras was aware of it; Socrates was aware of it; Vedic sages were aware of it; Buddha was aware of it. Christ and Nanak pointed to it as the only savior of mankind. Kabir has sung praises of word. Meerabai, Dadu, Garibdas, Paltoo and many other saints have sung the songs extolling the word. Mohammad heard word in a cave for fifteen years before receiving the message of Quran.
Most of the yogis hear it and those who undergo near-death experiences hear this sound. The sound is also available to those who try astral projection. In most of the cases sound is discarded as tinnitus by medical science because it seems unpleasant. It is different from most of the external sounds but it is not actually unpleasant if you practice meditation. For advanced practitioners–this sound is a treasure and it’s the gateway to spiritual world. 
The word is the positive power in the universe. It’s working against the negative power called Demiurge. Those who dwell on word cannot be touched by Devil. The word seems unpleasant to those who are not yet prepared to meditate fully. Those who start listening to the sounds which are generally discarded as tinnitus–start feeling bliss. They start rising in spirituality and find the true companion, true mentor and true friend in the journey towards God. 
The word is so pleasant in taste that whoever starts drinking its nectar feels no pleasure in any material experiences. The experience of drinking word makes all beautiful experiences of the world look pale in comparison. Those who meditate on the true name with sincerity gradually start getting free from clutches of Time(Kaal.) The name is the positive power, Guru and a real friend of a seeker of Truth.