Zaza: Galena graphene pillory crooner retina morphine gillory swooner garbled garb wage wars garbage badgering vagabond vagary bondage age thralldom dominance dominatrix playing tricks matrix a quick fix quivering on lips eclipse ellipsis asyndeton illiterate alliteration litotes meiosis osmotic moped pedagogue gazing gadgets polypeptides tidings hidings hidden meanings connotation contra notation evocative variation variety of varsity sextant tentative renter term matters at hand handsome sommelier saaki ikebana banana nana nanny cranny crony ponytail tailored lorry.   

Logos: Relief of a different kind. Embossed paradox docile dock doctorate of Philosophy Helena Zeus sluice lice mice meteorite spiel ezekiel gabriel raziel daniel humbug patter bugging rigamarole role playing rig fig frog frock rock under the stars snaps naps parsnip nibs snub numb nib mollycoddle doodle delta caldera clapping pageant paens. Continue reading “Physics!”


Three Hearts of An Octopus!

Zaza: Hearts of an octopus in October Sun. Blue owl, blue blood, bleeding stud, sweat of a hippopotamus. Cerulean rule election of delectable rectitude rampart parting ramshackled shacks hacks life strife trivial riverie eerie ataraxia satori samadhi orgasmic bliss splash of green grass yellow flowers home.

Logos: You mean this is too much?

Zaza: What?

Logos: Synchronicity galore. Experiments which can’t be repeated.

Zaza: Uncontrolled environment. Guinea pig. a gig. Zig Ziglar ziggurat minaret mausoleum  solemn millenium aluminium titanium zirconium pandemonium monastic wow kowtow chow chow powwow.  Incontinent contingency awkward ward internecine intercession nonsense rhyme calibrated liberty librarian berth Earth thorn wrong turn urn normative performance stance of neutrality suffrage suffragist gist of gigantic perforations rotations of penultimate kind mates pens stupendous and immense immolation molestation mole station spy espy eye yeah yearling cherub herb rhubarb barbed wire blurb rebus blunder der furor teutonicus. Continue reading “Three Hearts of An Octopus!”

Leaving The Table!

Zaza: Unequivocal vocation, equivocation avocation cation, anion on and on onion neon lights stultified fabrics bricks fabricated caterers turmeric dreams requiems, tiller trolley frolick folly Science of transience sentient sapience paens sappy pisces.

Logos: Jettisoned son contrails of tailored colors of twilight.  Infusion, perfusion, confusion concatenated natation titration onerous sonorous nonplussed noxious noisome isosceles celerity alacrity critical calorie ripe penury penchant for chanting names profuse professor sorority of righteous somnolent lentils.

Zaza: Hankering after a hanky inordinate malarkey key to malaise sectarian bias semblance of blanch chalice malice alice in the wonderland wondering about limbo and animal land, a dead puppy and populace ace grace of almighty flighty height eight ignited genii igneous rock a crop frantic antic caper tapered tape peppers peers spears perambulating ram bulbul bulging giants ants stunts of fifth kind dancing around dunes sniding ding-dong long line of ancestors ghostbusters.

Logos: Untrammeled trams smarmy mermaids aids wolverine rhinoceros, cerulean azure jury injury unhinged wastebaskets blankets bland tickets kit-kats skating studs students on detente tense sense. Contrived trivialities malapropos postulate heart of kitten ten kits in a bag some rag dagger in the back backpack package of karmic age arm race mace macerate reptilian epic picture of pixie mixie pickle lefty fight rights of wings brownies nickels and dimes dogland.     Continue reading “Leaving The Table!”


Note: This brief post is prompted by a wonderful post on Jyoti’s blog here

Truth has the power of a million splendid Suns and even more! In the beginning of his spiritual practice Gandhi used to say: God is truth(which is also known in Vedanta as Sat-chit-Ananda trio’s Sat-which means eternal) but when he matured he said: Truth is God as his preconceived notions about God faded one after another but what remained was Truth–touchstone for all his experiences and undertakings. Truth is our ticket out of this dimension and almost every children is taught to be truthful when she is young but as she grows up and observes the world around- she has to start learning to wear masks else it hurts. In the long run ticket is lost and she keeps wandering here waiting for another way out. 

Truth isn’t what we feel is right out of the propositions of right and wrong but rather that which is eternal and uncaused–independent and in our behavior what we know to be according to the best of our knowledge towards ourselves and others. Truth is the easiest way in and the easiest way out. 


Zaza: Dear master, I feel I heard some clear voices today.

Logos: Ah, isn’t it after a long time that we heard something again! What did they say?

Zaza: They were merely confirming what I already knew.

Logos: And what was that you already knew?

Zaza: That’s what. What inspired who and who inspired what and they mutually inspired each other to create swan songs of penultimate kind.

Logos: Strange circus it’s! People hear what is not said, then they read between, under and over lines–no they even erase what is written for there is repeated writing on palimpsests of sistine chapel and then again start playing games–for night is a jungle and darkness is a long tunnel. Continue reading “Farewell!”

The Central Junction!

Zaza: Yarmulke, kippah, ikebana, origami, gamey mary, gold flower, guttural gute nacht, nacho, chomp champion opinion onion on and on, multiculturalism, cultivation of vested stature trumpet petulant etude educe duct tactical calculation culinary negligence.

Logos: Endemic academic pandemic emetic meteor metier etios endocrine cringe gentile tilted terrestrial to recuse a recluse recuperating rating desuetude.  

Zaza: Sedoka katauta toting a cut-out Sudoku oculus Haiku cucumber cumbersome amber berserk serendipity seditious suborn bourbon bom. 

Logos: Literati, Paparazzi, chainsmokers, gazpacho patching I-ching chinchinahua. Keeper’s edition, tradition, diction of perdition, perpetual trepidation.  Continue reading “The Central Junction!”


Zaza: Fusty, musty, crusty, rusty, gusty, stygian angle glandular undulation.

Logos: A board above board aboveboard overboard boarding above dingy ditty ding-dong drab dour trapdoor. 

Zaza: Lopsided lop opulent elope opalescent palpitations of picayune pita pall pale tate.

Logos: Panache, a pain in the ass, a panhandle an ache chasing hashish.

Zaza: Dulcet dulcimer, virtuous virtuosity, tortuous murmurations, murals on the walls in a rural rusticated setting. Tingling glimpse of pasquinade, a renegade serenade, a grenade degrading denigrating grated denizens in zen dungeons geologically isolated dumbfounded fountains.

Logos: Analyze that: Continue reading “Chemistry!”

Boondoggling Panhandle!

Zaza: To parry a blow to catch glow of fleeting gloaming, to dodge roaming ramshackled shackles, remnant dreams in pretan realms, alms given to smashing shinchu. 

Logos: Moribund boondock saints boondoggling moratorium. Rinse verve as it takes nerve for enervated veterinarian renegade to gander gardner nerd. How easy to create delusions–fractured flashes and to perpetuate them as Karma accumulates you succumb to unencumbered cucumbers, numbers which reverberate berated river beds. 

Zaza: Prosaic mosaics, vituperative rants, Entamoeba histolytica, prosody prorogue rogues aubergine genie. Temporized tempers, sequestered sequences, quiescent scientists, senescent sententious sentences cesspool pooling carpooling corporeal corrosive ventures. Continue reading “Boondoggling Panhandle!”

Loving The Phantoms!

Zaza: The word ‘Vyasan’ in Hindi primarily means ‘addictions.’ But the actual word in Sanskrit also meant ‘tragedy,’ and one of the verses taught in middle school says that one’s kin are recognized only when tragedy visits them. It’s interesting how the meaning morphed as word entered into Hindi from Sanskrit. Addictions eventually ruin people and their lives become tragedies. 

Logos: The word guy which primarily means a dude or man is also informally used by people for a group of people including men and women. But unless you peruse a dictionary you rarely come across its secondary meanings. One meaning is a cable or wire used to brace a tent–this is also used as a verb. Another meaning which is even rarer in use is a verb which means to subject someone to ridicule or laughter. I think it’s the primary meaning which is seen in social media, films and magazines mostly.  Continue reading “Loving The Phantoms!”

Echoes and Phowa!

Zaza: Chinese chequers, Portuguese portage, pert perks, sassy sesquipedalians, yawp, yawn, whine, nine intaglios, imprecations and imbroglios, gluey igloo, loo, loopholes, holes, oleaginous ingenue, genuine asinine, asafoetida tilda, matilda, dominatrix playing tricks, trickster, huckster, crustacean ocean, anaphora, phowa, iowa, wanton tonnage, coming of age on the same page, paginate, agape, gaping gawker, hawker, hawk, procrastinating jock, jocund condo, odor, dormitory tertiary rapacious pact, pugilist, listless ace, assortment, sortie without motley, layman, leman, manumit remittance. Unpretentious repentant, truculent revenant, nontechnical technology, ogies and isms, meretricious merit, play of opposites, pantomime, mimesis, systematic matrix, metrics, histrionics, sonorous noesis, sissy. Gentrification by a gentry, a door and a sentry. Trying hard to get by, biased seeds, ceding to proceed through throttle. Marvellous maven, venerable veteran, renegade gathering, thermal malaise, bellicose bellum, lamabast bastion, bastard tardy ardent denomination. 

Logos: Once upon a time there lived a boy in a village. His name was genuous. Though he was no genius he met a genie who took him to an ingenue ingine. The boy liked ingine so much that he took it in and drank like a gin. Then the boy was known as ingenuous because he was inebriated. Then genie took him to a discus and the boy took a fancy as he kept discussing all sundry and water balloons all through the night–the boy took the discus and threw it to a distance no one had thrown before him, then the boy was known as disingenuous. Artful warlock met the boy on his way back and the boy told him everything which had happened. The wizard told him that since now he had less art than before he would be known as artless disingenuous tautologicus philosophicus. Then the warlock took genie and put him into a vodka bottle with a cork at its top and  with a warning threw the bottle away into the sea. My question to you, my dear sir is–why did the genie meet the genuous boy? What genre was that? Continue reading “Echoes and Phowa!”