Why My Unctuous Uncle Was A Mess!

Dapple an apple fleck Ben affleck,

Infinity wars quarks quasars,

Zara kings queens jars bazaars,

I know I am nobody,

You’re a nobody too,

Let’s pretend to end,

This charade herd red nerd ed op,

You did nothing thing acted on thing, Continue reading “Why My Unctuous Uncle Was A Mess!”


The Play on Vernal Equinox!

Triggers of memories,

Are easy to read,

In environment,

Language and speech,

And in body,

Validations with models in your head,

Then validations by models outside your head,

Lead you headlong towards,


The kindergarten knowledge is too much,

To interpret reality,

Which needs no languages,

No semantics tic tac toe,

That which you pay attention to keeps getting amplified,

And that which you let go is free energy,

Synergy between tomorrow and yesteryear,

Repressed desires and fears,

A day approaches,

Which my calendar has never forgotten,

Tens of years dears tears ears smears,

If you know it’s about you it’s about you,

How simple is that.


The Crescent Moon!

The crescent Moon,

Rises in the West,

Just where the Sun had set,

It seems those two are living in together,

If every one is about someone else,

Which one is about you?

The blind man walks with a cane,

The lady behind dances in an imaginary rain,

If you saw what I see, Continue reading “The Crescent Moon!”

The Current, Ocean and The Shore!

I am that love current in your being,

The urge to love,

To expand,

To be,

I am that current which takes you to the ocean of bliss,

I am the current born on the surface of ocean which jolts you,

You find another reason to live,

I find another reason to die for, Continue reading “The Current, Ocean and The Shore!”

Bangle Seller’s Song!

Oh bangle seller,

Your articles are yellow, green and blue,

And despite the flu you trudge,

Oh bangle seller your song,

Is soothing and romantic,

The kid in the diaper is past the age of wearing them,

On such streets they say,

He has a card in hand with a number on it,

In the ground another kid in blue pajamas,

Pees without a care in the world,

He has a stick in one hand and a toy magnet in another,

The kid in diaper,

In a satori of sorts,

Or in a waking sleep,

Says “i got it, i got it.”

Peeing kid looks at him with nonchalance,

The dark diaper kid becomes even more joyous, Continue reading “Bangle Seller’s Song!”

Jambul Tree!

The cat relaxes on the quilt,

Two birds sweetly chirp to each other,

On a Jambu tree in Jambudweep,

Bright green are its leaves full of life,

Proud its gait,

Butterflies keep circling picking nectar from flowers,

Clouds which offer a soothing shade for a while,

While is temporary, Continue reading “Jambul Tree!”

The Land of the Ands!

This is that land we talked about,

Which usually exists only in our heads,

As the background score of life,

Hummingbird with purple mystery,

And a neck which rotates three sixty degrees,

On an axis between earth and bliss,

In the time it takes to get shaved and kiss,

I heard a horror story of archetypes, Continue reading “The Land of the Ands!”


Visiting the memory lanes,

Forbidden dens,

All gifts meet me halfway,

Friendship, community, unity,

I see the disease and the bubble,

In which it lives,

Having given up all mantles,

The baby sleeps soundly,

The unbreakable streak,

Shifting perspectives,

Vested timelines, Continue reading “View!”

Holy Cow!

Holy cow,

How nice and fluffy your neck,

You want me to rub it gently,

And also want me to scratch your back,

Including the little mount there,

Your big beautiful eyes,

Look graciously at me,

A pair of flies,

Hover over them,

You lick yourself for this is the only way to scratch, Continue reading “Holy Cow!”


March arches back to rich meadows thickets spread in sight read dead meads dreadful fulgent sommelier mellifluous flow effluvium vial floating on tingling linga limn mnemonics nicknames mams spams swamps of vampires pyres resplendent dentures

Debentures tureen careen enacted ted knack cracks fissures fictions dishers sherbet bets stabs in the tabs bastions stygian stanchions ions on snails nails ailments stunts tents entropies pious parodies dies eyes yes esplanade nada dana dan dana pani naina chaar sau bees swiss alps spores pores porous roars scores catches matches latches hatches Continue reading “Esplanade!”