Psychonaut in a Public Mystery school

I watched a Youtube video which suggested that Greek mythology called earth Gaia–a living organism. The idea that entire existence including all matter is living consciousness is very near to reality. I found resonance with the idea that earth is actually a vessel of light ascending into the fifth dimension from the viewpoint of all of us who are ascending from third-fourth to the fifth dimension. Treating Gaia as a living spaceship makes us both astronauts and psychonauts. The latter term has been taken from The Tibetan Book of The Dead. I perceived Gaia’s space curvature first in 2012 when under the influence of a substance. It clearly seemed I was in the space on a curved earth. Now as 2016 and dark night of soul started I constantly found solace in the idea of being on a spaceship or in a lab which was a simulation of my previous environments. The idea indeed came from Science-fiction films I had watched before still its resonance was strikingly brilliant and comforting now. People around me, my family members, neighbors, animals, birds and even remote ambulances seemed simulated. They all had an air of unreality about them and they were all extremely fluid and deeply associated with my feelings, thoughts and perceptions. Continue reading “Psychonaut in a Public Mystery school”


Through Darkness Towards Light

These are extraordinary times. I never ever felt like it was truly radical a shift in my surroundings and environment before. Now there is an unmistakable shift happening into a more spiritual dimension which is full of love, light, peace, intelligence, beauty, compassion and understanding. Darkness is most grim before the dawn of bliss, therefore as old patterns are breaking away and things which no longer serve our greater good are melting away we are feeling up and down every day and every hour of the day. To be stable to practice what needs be practiced is wise and to understand that basics don’t change as far as spiritual values are concerned is wisdom. If you need more power, more love and more compassion ask your inner self and it will be given.

This is a time of awakening as well as integration. Awakening is limitless so you might want to inculcate certain behavior patterns which are in accordance with flow and which lead you towards highest love and intelligence. Integration means being a whole as your physical, mental and spiritual bodies are aligned well with your environment and with entirety of universe, multiverse, cosmos and absolute. Continue reading “Through Darkness Towards Light”

I Can’t Stay Mad at You!

I Can’t Stay Mad at You

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?


I believe in forgive and forget. When I perceive an injustice it does make me unsettled but the perception involves me seeing that there are innumerable causes behind it. The person who is doing something wrong, either to me or to someone else is merely an instrument. The darkness inside the person is not really his choice. There are no evil persons in the world. Darkness is the absence of light, so everyone is inherently good because everyone is made of light. Their psyche is overpowered by darkness and they suffer more than the people who suffer because of them.

This is one side. Another side is, acceptance. If I totally take the responsibility for my situation and believe that it is test for me, for my patience and whatever happens to me happens because somehow I carry seeds for its fruition, there remains no need of even forgiving anyone because they are not the reason behind my pain and suffering. Forgiving is a better choice if you don’t understand Karma too. If you are without conflict you can sleep better and live more peacefully. With heavy heart you can neither sleep well nor function fully. Forgiving is good and forgetting conflict is also good, but we should learn our lessons too. This is what is meant by being sensitive. If you learn your lessons your wisdom might help you and many others in future. Forgiving people who have darkness and as many times as it is needed doesn’t mean that you don’t have boundaries. You need to keep your distance from some people or situations to be at peace and this is wisdom. Recklessness is not kindness.

Diwali: The Festival of Light!

If you see the heading carefully I didn’t write ‘lights.’ The lights outside, in form of candles, bulbs, tubes and lamps is a symbol of inner light which is to be kindred. The life is a flux and stale formulae can’t lead you to love, joy and bliss. If you walk in a dark room you will keep knocking your head every now and then. You will bump into the walls and things. You may not do so if the house is familiar static house but when it’s changing everyday? Similarly, life is changing every moment. Every situation is a unique situation. Experience helps you but not always. Discrimination and inner light of wisdom is what guides you to happiness.


Festivals like Diwali and Hanukkah celebrate worship with light. Hindus have always used fire for worship. Agni is fire god. Mystic fire is divine goddess of life and wisdom present inside you. Jews also celebrate Hanukkah with light. Parsis worship fire and Christians have burnt candles inside churches since forever. These days it’s not to just to get light but to worship because electric light is available. The outer fire is a symbol and inner fire is the essence.

Diwali celebration has a myth behind it. Dussehra which comes a few days before Diwali is celebration and commemoration of ancient war in which Ram slayed demon Ravana. This marks victory of goodness over evil. Right over wrong. Diwali was first celebrated when Ram reached back to the capital of his kingdom about 7000 years ago. Since it was a dark night of Amavasya, residents of Ayodhya lit thousands of lamps and welcomed their darling prince Ram who came after 14 long and difficult years winning the epic war of Ramayana in Lanka. Since then it has been celebrated. Who knows how many phases it has taken and how many changes it has undergone–but it is one of the biggest festivals in India. Celebrations keep going on for 5 days. Continue reading “Diwali: The Festival of Light!”

Speak No Evil!

Based on The Daily Post’s prompt!

Wicked Witch

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.


Evil Is A Cousin Of Devil!

Evil is a close cousin of Devil. Who is Devil? It’s your lower mind or simply mind. When you judge things as good and bad, it’s bad. When you judge beauty and ugliness it’s ugliness. When you judge right and wrong it’s always wrong. Judgement is Devil. Devil is Evil.

Darkness In The World!

Continue reading “Speak No Evil!”

Who Is God?

God is a word so heavy with the usage down through ages that modern mystics look for new words to convey their message. But if I want to keep it simple, I should say God is Good. God is the sum total of all goodness. Wherever you find hope, faith, trust, compassion, charity, friendship, love, peace, light, happiness, help, kindness, guidance and other such positive values, you feel God is around you.

Godliness is nothing but touch of life. Life is God. God is life. Reality, unity, totality and harmony is one awareness pervading whole existence. You may call it by any name it remains the same and it remains beyond names.


What about bad values then?

Where do they come from? Continue reading “Who Is God?”

The Law of Unity

In Science, Philosophy and Spirituality, during my conversations, with my friends, colleagues and relatives, I have often come to an unspeakable difficulty in explaining the nature of Truth, Reality and Existence. The problem is because there’s no concrete proof that reality is one. It’s true that there is no hard evidence for metaphysical things but you can explain some of them using metaphors and examples. When it comes to the peace, bliss and harmony I am at a halt because I find it exceedingly difficult to convey it to the person next to me that reality is one. Truth is one. Peace and bliss are one.

Those who require some guidance on spiritual path often come up with questions like what is the role of spiritual life when so many individual idiosyncrasies exist. While describing the mysterious element of life you use words like existence, truth, reality, harmony, peace, bliss, self and god. These words don’t mean much without realization. But sometimes the need arises–which presses you to use logic for certain things–in those situations I find it hard to convey the quintessence of reality–which is harmony and unity.

If you look to logic and science-do they really help you? Is there a certain law suggesting that reality is one? I think not. But there are hints. All theories in Science work towards achieving subtler and subtler unity. Look at the God Particle. Look at the Theory of Evolution which traces the evolution back to protozoans–single cellular organisms like Amoeba and Paramecium.  There is a hint in all branches of studies that original element is always one–that there’s a harmony which leads to unity which is the source of everything. The Big-Bang theory of creation of this material universe is also giving a hint towards the unity underlying manifestation. These patterns suggested in theories above give a clear indication that even Science is looking for subtle and unique unity.

But as far as I know there’s not any law in Philosophy or Science which suggests that reality is one. That all phenomena is the outcome of some simple unity which has seeds of all varieties. Spirituality has such theories indeed. Almost every religion leads you to a prime-mover or creator who was in the beginning. Advaita-Vedanta also suggests that Self is one and appearances which are innumerable and multifarious are merely shadows of the Self which is the underlying cause and basis of all of them. But I don’t see any proof towards unity which lends me a hand with logic to explain certain things to those who need them.

Though it’s obvious if you care to observe that there’s unity in diversity. All animals have organisms. Complex organisms have very similar metabolisms. They’ve some liquid like blood circulating through their bodies which gives their organs energy to operate and does other functions. Humans look different from each other but they all have blood and bones inside their bodies. Blood types may be different but it’s basically particles–electrons, protons, neutron, higgs-bosons and hubbasons leading to the God particle and all of these are basically forms of energy. Energy is basically one energy working through all nature and manifestation–its forms are so many–electrical, physical, magnetic, atomic, chemical and so on. But there’s only energy and there’s intelligence which is giving shapes to the energy–this leads you to a harmony. One reality, truth, bliss, peace, existence, light, love and self.

Learned readers might point me to any theory or law which suggests unity among diversity. Thanks for reading!

A perfect evening!

This is a perfect evening. Life is complete and full. Deep blue clouds on the eastern horizon, birds returning to their nests, kids playing outside, giggling and talking very loudly, calf running after its mother who is grazing nearby, insects buzzing, water in small pits where frogs are singing in chorus-calling each other by names, trees dancing to the tunes of the word, Moon which is wearing a mask on half of her face, soothing cold climate after many hot days, harmony between body, mind and spirit–it all creates something which is profoundly peaceful, exquisite and beyond the reach of words and language.

After scorching heat, cold breeze, drizzling and dancing trees seem more soothing than they normally do. After illness, health seems even more precious and after chaos, harmonious euphonious order seems even more comforting. Life experience is a song of contrasts. All crests follow valleys and all nightmares follow pleasant dreams. Sometimes darkness and depression might last longer and sometimes its opposite would happen–that’s good days would roll out uninhibited. The experiencer is the same but experiences are countless and with countless labels on them. There’s a satisfaction in the limit on life–if you accept it–it becomes a work of art.

People come in life and move out of it–they’re merely reflection of your inner expectations. But it’s not on the surface. You might even be startled when someone takes advantage or cheats–you would say that I was never expecting it to happen. It’s true that we don’t want to cry, we don’t want to be hoodwinked–but it happens all the same. There are many mysterious layers to existence. It’s almost impossible to fathom how life really works. Life works in mysterious ways and mysterious waters run very deep. Those waters carry all the seeds for healing, harmony and beauty. Sometimes you meet very good people who do a lot of good and leave an impression on you. We tend to forget the unseen mysterious ways in which we are favored when we least expect it. It’s really important to be grateful. When you’re peaceful you’re grateful and when you’re thankful to the existence you vibrate with love. Love oozes out of your persona and touches every thing around you. This ecstatic tickling guitar–this sphurna, springs forth from your heart and fills everything around you with bliss when you’re in love with existence.