Walk and Fall!

This post is inspired by a discussion with Eli Kyoko. Thank you Eli.

Zaza: Dear master, how do we differentiate right from wrong? Is there justice? Is peace possible?

Logos: Peace and order are same. The natural order includes everything from volcanic eruptions to our blood circulation. Human thought is the root cause of duality, separation, fear and pain and it also comes from the same order the peace comes from. The mirror is painted on the back by a coating which allows the rays travelling to it to get reflected. This coating is ego bubble. This coating is time. Time is thought. Our thoughts are created by perceptions and their frequency varies against the clock time–which in turn, makes us feel how passage of time becomes smooth or rough, light or heavy.  Continue reading “Walk and Fall!”



You bring me back to life as you sing,

You’re life,

Rife with contrast of dark and white,

You take me to the light,

On a beautiful flight among clouds and rainbows,

You’re light, Continue reading “Life!”

Gloomy Gloaming!

Gloomy gloaming sinks within,

Its unfathomable depth,

Orchestrates Orion belt ions,

On my head betelgeuse,

Peyote coyote coy sparrow tweets,

And jumps to the railing again,

Rayleigh counts scattering as,

Enervated kids keep skidding on filmy notes,

This mystery asks no questions,

For it’s very romance of romance. 


Eternal Recurrence of Seventh Kind!

Zaza: What is navigating through the frozen time?

Logos: The reality is one solid block with all events permanently frozen in it. When you realize something it has actually been realized infinite number of times before. It’s only the conviction, the certitude that makes you appreciate, truly appreciate the fact that you’ve been through this before.

Zaza: Can’t this merely be an illusion?

Logos: Yes, it can also be an illusion. But when it’s there you would know without any doubt that it’s a realization. The conviction is complete and poisons get transmuted into jewels of wisdom.

Zaza: How do we perceive them?

Logos: Since entire memory is one consciousness–there is no subject-object division in it in essence. Only temporary ego bubbles act as paints on the back of mirrors in which it watches its beautiful face and recognizes itself, temporarily. 

Zaza: Thus memorizing is of essence?

Logos: Not forgetting what needs to be remembered is the key to nowhere. Since all memory is one and illuminated by glorious cosmic central Sun, whenever you connect deeply to heart you see all at once. We are talking about some things which are talking about us–thus dependent co-arising of all phenomena. Continue reading “Eternal Recurrence of Seventh Kind!”

Acceptance of Pain!

Zaza: Dear master, if everything is painful, what is the point in trudging? Why live through hell? Even if I consider my life to be a mission for others-will they not die-then what is the point in dying everyday for nothing? Everything is temporary and death is inevitable–why then should I continue living?

Logos: I am a great supporter of Euthanasia. You should search the discussion on Euthanasia on this blog. I’ve contemplated suicide in my life but the weighing balance always weighed pain and pleasure on its two sides and there was question of Karma to take into account. What if eternal recurrence exists? What if you’re sent to learn same lessons again and again until you are done learning them? What if… Continue reading “Acceptance of Pain!”

To A Dear Friend!

Zaza: Invincible, really?

Logos: Did you ever consider yourself that? 

Zaza: Maybe I said that you can’t defeat me in a debate.

Logos: And I took offense.

Zaza: And then maybe you hoodwinked many young kids out of money and then I didn’t find you worth my company and yet I forgave you.

Logos: No my friend, you wrote a contemptuous article–it’s still there in your archives. And on the way you kept creating many enemies who came in guise of friends and I could really never let you go. I kept conspiring and burning in envy–envious about your being free–free from what? Envious about your being poor, being a beggar. How could you go so free. I wanted to bring you down from your imaginary throne–again and again. I was thinking about you day-and-night. I spent a significant amount of my money, resources and energy in making you feel like a culprit and criminal. That gave me a huge satisfaction because what’s a life we don’t find out enemies who caused us hurt and misguide our friends about them to get back at them or our own satisfaction. Continue reading “To A Dear Friend!”

The Notion of Romantic Love!

Zozo: What do you think about notion of romantic love?

Zaza: I think it’s one of the biggest delusions.

Zo: Why?

Za: Look, don’t get me wrong. As far as its divine part is considered it’s the strongest feeling out there and partly because it’s nature’s call for life to continue. Life wants to express itself and continue reproduction in physical forms–this coupled with strong urge to belong to a group, to be part of a community, to be cared for creates a sense of romantic and conjugal love at base. Then there is a most sublime part to it–which is akin to Self-realization. You love yourself the most no matter what you consider yourself to be. 

If you consider yourself to be body you love your body.

If you consider yourself to be your possessions you love them.

If you consider yourself to be your relatives you love them.

If you consider yourself to be knowledge you love knowledge. Continue reading “The Notion of Romantic Love!”

Zuzu and Zozo

Zuzu: Dear master, I am going gaga over the pithy call received today from the Galactic Core, connotation of which goes way over my head.  

Master Logos: Galactic core is well-aligned with our Sun at present. Cosmic central Sun, Galactic Sun and Solar Sun are all in sync, therefore an open heart is bound to create an overflow of information which is pristine at this point in time. Gandanta Mula phase will last a few more days, then sing old seasonal songs as you usually do.

Zuzu: I observed that Zozo wanted to work with me again, having made accommodations for my idiosyncrasies this time around. He sang last season:

“You thought you’d be bored, I’ve you floored!” Continue reading “Zuzu and Zozo”

What Is In A Name?-1

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”


William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a popular reference to William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet seems to argue that it does not matter that Romeo is from her family’s rival house of Montague, that is, that he is named “Montague”.


I’ve not read Romeo and Juliet, neither do I plan on reading it anytime soon but the quote seemed apt to be used here for I need to write something I’ve been putting off for some time now. I’ve written a lot about Logos-the word which is source of all but this post is about relative names which are manifestations of that supreme principle. I’ve spent a considerable time asking people meaning of their names and in that process made some people uncomfortable too but many were amused. But it’s true that most of us take names for granted including names of places. It’s primarily because thickening of our learning processes with our growth makes us feel a tedium which resists any new learning and a ‘same old, been there, done that’ is painted on every perception. A childlike curiosity and wonder looks at every word with wonder but that doesn’t translate it into learning automatically because learning is all about inculcation and discipline.  Continue reading “What Is In A Name?-1”

Unhinged Pastimes

An unhinged man once asked a hinged man :”If a polygamist witnesses death of one of his wives, will he be called a widower? “And the hinged man answered–“it depends on the number of wives he had to begin with-say he had two wives–then he becomes a semi-widower and if he had four wives he becomes a quarter-widower and so and so on and on.

Deism is an interesting concept. I recall Chuck–the God of TV series Supernatural who leaves the world to itself. But if the very substratum of world is made of god-essence or Self- then merely an operational detachment of a God doesn’t really isolate him from his creation in my opinion.    Continue reading “Unhinged Pastimes”