Competition by day constipation by night!

Throughout my boyhood I had weak digestion and I suffered from constipation which used to give me creepy pain. It happened again and though there was no surprise I hadn’t expected it to be so ‘deadly.’ I’ve been taking liberty in eating seventy grams of Maggie noodles as breakfast everyday which is deep-fried and made from Maida flourMaida is very refined grains of wheat thus they are sticky and unless you have a very good digestion(which I clearly don’t) it sticks to intestine and doesn’t get cleared when you have regular motions(so irregular motions are needed time-to-time!). I felt as if my intestines were really getting rotten as the excreta was leaving my body after much effort. I had breathing trouble twice within last month and it was considered to be because of constipation as I was consuming Maggie. Continue reading “Competition by day constipation by night!”


Pastime Pastiche

There is really no scope for improvement whatsoever in the way things are being done here. Some people take orders and some others give them and they want to keep it that way. If you show them to do things in a better way they won’t accept it–not because what you propose is irrational but simply because they’re not comfortable with it. They might be comfortable with the irrational and they will create a false sense of being busy-busyness. They provide all sorts of arguments–nonsensical arguments for keeping the irrational but comforting attire. All you need is caution and reticence. Act but don’t think that you’re showing a torch to anyone. Don’t be a role-model. Don’t mock others. You’re merely passing time. It takes hardly any time to get wounded–wounds physical and psychological get created instantly in accidents but take a great time to heal and even when they get healed they leave scars–physical and emotional. Such is life. Continue reading “Pastime Pastiche”

Technology of mystery!

I realized my great fortune of being able to use technology. I was born at the right time to enjoy  comforts provided by it. To every generation the past generation technology seems to be bulky and outdated. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to carry VHS cassettes with me to watch my favorite films or to wait many hours to be able to call my friends via trunk operators. In many regards technology has made life of a common man more luxurious and comfortable than even royalties of past centuries who lived before industrial age.  Continue reading “Technology of mystery!”

Slightly relieved

I was cleaning my  bathroom and used acid for stains. This crawling insect was hiding in some place and suddenly came over on my foot when acid was used as it was unable to bear the fumes I suppose– I started avoiding it by sweeping it away from my foot and then it was chasing my feet in the small space of bathroom because it resisted the acid which was killing it rapidly and as I was running in circles there was a chance  I might have slipped and broken a bone or two. This was the very insect I had tried to drive away by throwing water in the last two days and it was a 16-legs-super-persistent-stare-you-in-your-face-type horrid creature like  none I had seen before in my bathroom. Now it died because of the acid and I threw it away. My intention wasn’t to kill it before I applied the acid but then as i saw it dying I felt it was supposed to die like this. I felt slightly guilty. Continue reading “Slightly relieved”


Who thinks himself separate from the world,

Let him help the world,

Projecting a question, and an answer,

You play with yourself,

The only thing worth knowing is this: Continue reading “Reality!”

Why This Universe?

Question: If peace is the nature of Self or reality why this gigantic universe? There are innumerable life forms and I feel I have so many things to do and duties to attend. How could you pass universe merely as a dream?

Answer: This question has been asked so many times and you have also asked it many times. Why do I need to point to the fact that question has been asked many times and yet you ask it? To show the play of modes of energy in your mind. In a mind overwhelmed by passions there can’t be establishment of knowledge and peace. The holy company and such discussions strengthen mind by making it calm. In other words they increase harmony in your mind and subdue modes of inertia and passion gradually.

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Maya: Buffer, Shocker and Self!

In the eleventh canto of Srimad Bhagvatam, Lord Krishna tells his friend and disciple Uddhava about the true nature of bondage and liberation. He tells that there is one Self alone and it’s because of difference among various mental tendencies –we observe so many beings. There exists neither bondage nor liberation. The imagination of bondage as well as liberation is because of Maya(Kundalini). Avidya(illusory potency) and Vidya(liberating potency) are both forms of Kundalini or Shakti.

Until there’s lack of ripeness the Self considers itself to be a limited being. The force which ensures this sleep is called Avidya. The prefix ‘A’ before Vidya suggests that the word is exactly opposite of Vidya. Vidya is the knowledge or force which liberates one from suffering, hence Avidya is the false knowledge which keeps one in bondage.


The humor lies in realizing that both Vidya and Avidya are AVIDYA because they’re parts of the dream. After awakening there is neither bondage nor liberation. They’re like dreams seen last night. It doesn’t matter whether you were running after materialistic pursuits or after some very peaceful heavenly state in your dream. Once dream is over you know that it never was reality. All the attempts to wake-up were in the dream therefore they were also as illusory as the things which kept you sleeping. It might seem paradoxical–because we think our attempts to wake up were really necessary to wake up. Actually we are always awakened–completely enlightened. The belief that we are not is what leads us towards spiritual pursuits and austerity. The tapas merely burns away the notion that we are bound. How dramatic that Vidya which is also AVIDYA has to first come in to make you believe that you are in bondage. Before Vidya comes into play you firmly believe that you need various forms to be at peace. You don’t even imagine that unity exists. But once Vidya starts functioning you start imagining a state which is free from duality and struggle of running after pleasure. Then it makes you so sensitive that you shun all material pleasures as false. Vidya burns away the notion of any separation from peace. Only after realization you firmly get established into the eternal state. It’s your ever present peace behind all movements. Vidya turns extraverted mind inwards. As it becomes introverted and one pointed the stillness increases and gradually becomes firmly established. Continue reading “Maya: Buffer, Shocker and Self!”

Bliss of Forgetfulness!

Infants are naturally drawn to some things and sometimes it seems they’re willing to do anything for those things which grab their attention but this preoccupation is temporary(though not superficial.) Something else comes along and holds their attention and then they forget the previous thing which seemed like the thing of utmost importance for them. Most kids below five years of age  seem permanently happy. They’re helpless on many accounts and cry so often for so many things. They throw temper tantrums on parents, siblings and relatives which looks cunning to some of us  but actually they are using the only tool available to fulfil  their needs. The fear is merely for the protection of the organism  and worries are absent in them.

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Karma Chameleon

Karma Chameleon

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

I have written on reincarnation many times before. I feel Karma need not have reincarnation to be valid. Karma works well as a stand alone principle too. Last year a theory occurred to me which was associated to another theory which occurred to me some 8 years ago. This theory suggests that reincarnation doesn’t happen as is shown in most stories. This is just a theory like other theories which you already know. I don’t believe anything firmly.


Facts should be paid attention to: no two personalities in the world are same. The fact that your thumb prints will not match with anyone else’s is true not only for living persons but also for all the persons who have lived in the past. This clearly tells us that nature doesn’t repeat. All personalities are unique. Now the big question is: who reincarnates?

Since no two personalities are same–even if your habits, feelings and visions are similar to a person who lived 100 years ago–you are not that person. You can’t be that person. Nature doesn’t allow it. So what exactly reincarnates? Memories?

The life which is present in you-consciousness is the same life which was present in a person living 100 years ago–so it’s obvious to understand that life doesn’t reincarnate. Then what does? Is it only memories from past? Maybe that is what reincarnates. Maybe there is a gigantic pool of memories and some of them get materialized at a point of time and sometimes it happens that these memories are vivid and create illusion of personality’s reincarnation.

The arguments given in favor of reincarnation include: people have certain great skills right from birth because they had invested time into certain things in previous births. This seems justified because the world is being run by cause-and-effect. You have to work hard at something to earn merits so it’s not possible that someone has some gifts just by chance.

But this explanation creates more problems than it solves. Why am I suffering? Why am I so vulnerable and sensitive? It’s because of the previous birth? When did my first birth happen? Why? Nobody has an answer for these.

The theory of destination which occurred to me last year is simpler. Life and universe on the whole use collective pool of memories known as Karma. Various individuals have destinies which are very intricately interwoven in a complex way with each other and the universe is evolving. Some people are destined to be geniuses. Some others are destined to be enlightened spiritually. Some others are destined to die early. Some others are destined to be millionaires or rock stars and so on. Destiny is a super-force which supersedes all but God. Some constellations focus at a certain point and certain memories get attracted to that place and those glued memories create a body at that point and a universe is born.

Helmets on Lease!

This was a small town just ten years ago. In last ten years or so it has become extremely populated. Roads which were made to bear a few people-narrow roads, are carrying a load of people which is too much now. There were barely any checkpoints for bikers a few years ago but now traffic police is creating some random checkpoints every now and then. Still not many people are wearing helmets or carrying all the necessary documents with them. Someone told me that district magistrate issued an order which makes it mandatory to wear helmets when buying petrol. Nobody on a bike without a helmet should be given petrol.


Some people made a business out of it. All businesses are based on demand and supply. Now cheap helmets are being sold aplenty but what is comical in the vicinity of petrol pumps is helmets on lease. You borrow a helmet for 5 minutes and pay 10 rupees for it. It makes the rent 2 rupees per minute. After getting the petrol you return the helmet and life goes on. Some heavy fines are being charged mostly to students who were habitual of carrying 3 people on a bike. This is becoming a developing city now!