The Notion of Romantic Love!

Zozo: What do you think about notion of romantic love?

Zaza: I think it’s one of the biggest delusions.

Zo: Why?

Za: Look, don’t get me wrong. As far as its divine part is considered it’s the strongest feeling out there and partly because it’s nature’s call for life to continue. Life wants to express itself and continue reproduction in physical forms–this coupled with strong urge to belong to a group, to be part of a community, to be cared for creates a sense of romantic and conjugal love at base. Then there is a most sublime part to it–which is akin to Self-realization. You love yourself the most no matter what you consider yourself to be. 

If you consider yourself to be body you love your body.

If you consider yourself to be your possessions you love them.

If you consider yourself to be your relatives you love them.

If you consider yourself to be knowledge you love knowledge. Continue reading “The Notion of Romantic Love!”


Zuzu and Zozo

Zuzu: Dear master, I am going gaga over the pithy call received today from the Galactic Core, connotation of which goes way over my head.  

Master Logos: Galactic core is well-aligned with our Sun at present. Cosmic central Sun, Galactic Sun and Solar Sun are all in sync, therefore an open heart is bound to create an overflow of information which is pristine at this point in time. Gandanta Mula phase will last a few more days, then sing old seasonal songs as you usually do.

Zuzu: I observed that Zozo wanted to work with me again, having made accommodations for my idiosyncrasies this time around. He sang last season:

“You thought you’d be bored, I’ve you floored!” Continue reading “Zuzu and Zozo”

What Is In A Name?-1

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”


William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a popular reference to William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet seems to argue that it does not matter that Romeo is from her family’s rival house of Montague, that is, that he is named “Montague”.


I’ve not read Romeo and Juliet, neither do I plan on reading it anytime soon but the quote seemed apt to be used here for I need to write something I’ve been putting off for some time now. I’ve written a lot about Logos-the word which is source of all but this post is about relative names which are manifestations of that supreme principle. I’ve spent a considerable time asking people meaning of their names and in that process made some people uncomfortable too but many were amused. But it’s true that most of us take names for granted including names of places. It’s primarily because thickening of our learning processes with our growth makes us feel a tedium which resists any new learning and a ‘same old, been there, done that’ is painted on every perception. A childlike curiosity and wonder looks at every word with wonder but that doesn’t translate it into learning automatically because learning is all about inculcation and discipline.  Continue reading “What Is In A Name?-1”

Unhinged Pastimes

An unhinged man once asked a hinged man :”If a polygamist witnesses death of one of his wives, will he be called a widower? “And the hinged man answered–“it depends on the number of wives he had to begin with-say he had two wives–then he becomes a semi-widower and if he had four wives he becomes a quarter-widower and so and so on and on.

Deism is an interesting concept. I recall Chuck–the God of TV series Supernatural who leaves the world to itself. But if the very substratum of world is made of god-essence or Self- then merely an operational detachment of a God doesn’t really isolate him from his creation in my opinion.    Continue reading “Unhinged Pastimes”


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There are two approaches to treat my writings-first one, expecting consistency in thoughts and themes is bound to fail in its efforts through and through–the second, much like life itself can be treated as a testament of varying moods and themes. For example, last year, around this time-I hated Satan whereas I am in love with him this time around. My views on things change very often and they often reflect movement of stars as I find myself very susceptible and permeable to energies around me. Defining ‘me’ could be difficult and disengaging but it’s enough to say that there is no consistent personality as amalgamation of many energies in an equilibrium to environment operates as identities in various persons. There are people who know that they do nothing and there are people who think they do everything and among those two extremes there are most who think they do some things and some other things just happen. I don’t know much about the game of life but I seem to side with existential thinkers who advocate that meaning is created in life by us–that there is no absolute meaning.

Waiting to find Truth and then communicating it with others is futile because Truth can’t be expressed in words and can’t be found in words. The purpose behind writing is not to be absolutely sure about things you write about even if you write nonfiction.  Continue reading “Masquerade”

Competition by day constipation by night!

Throughout my boyhood I had weak digestion and I suffered from constipation which used to give me creepy pain. It happened again and though there was no surprise I hadn’t expected it to be so ‘deadly.’ I’ve been taking liberty in eating seventy grams of Maggie noodles as breakfast everyday which is deep-fried and made from Maida flourMaida is very refined grains of wheat thus they are sticky and unless you have a very good digestion(which I clearly don’t) it sticks to intestine and doesn’t get cleared when you have regular motions(so irregular motions are needed time-to-time!). I felt as if my intestines were really getting rotten as the excreta was leaving my body after much effort. I had breathing trouble twice within last month and it was considered to be because of constipation as I was consuming Maggie. Continue reading “Competition by day constipation by night!”

Pastime Pastiche

There is really no scope for improvement whatsoever in the way things are being done here. Some people take orders and some others give them and they want to keep it that way. If you show them to do things in a better way they won’t accept it–not because what you propose is irrational but simply because they’re not comfortable with it. They might be comfortable with the irrational and they will create a false sense of being busy-busyness. They provide all sorts of arguments–nonsensical arguments for keeping the irrational but comforting attire. All you need is caution and reticence. Act but don’t think that you’re showing a torch to anyone. Don’t be a role-model. Don’t mock others. You’re merely passing time. It takes hardly any time to get wounded–wounds physical and psychological get created instantly in accidents but take a great time to heal and even when they get healed they leave scars–physical and emotional. Such is life. Continue reading “Pastime Pastiche”

Technology of mystery!

I realized my great fortune of being able to use technology. I was born at the right time to enjoy  comforts provided by it. To every generation the past generation technology seems to be bulky and outdated. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to carry VHS cassettes with me to watch my favorite films or to wait many hours to be able to call my friends via trunk operators. In many regards technology has made life of a common man more luxurious and comfortable than even royalties of past centuries who lived before industrial age.  Continue reading “Technology of mystery!”

Slightly relieved

I was cleaning my  bathroom and used acid for stains. This crawling insect was hiding in some place and suddenly came over on my foot when acid was used as it was unable to bear the fumes I suppose– I started avoiding it by sweeping it away from my foot and then it was chasing my feet in the small space of bathroom because it resisted the acid which was killing it rapidly and as I was running in circles there was a chance  I might have slipped and broken a bone or two. This was the very insect I had tried to drive away by throwing water in the last two days and it was a 16-legs-super-persistent-stare-you-in-your-face-type horrid creature like  none I had seen before in my bathroom. Now it died because of the acid and I threw it away. My intention wasn’t to kill it before I applied the acid but then as i saw it dying I felt it was supposed to die like this. I felt slightly guilty. Continue reading “Slightly relieved”


Who thinks himself separate from the world,

Let him help the world,

Projecting a question, and an answer,

You play with yourself,

The only thing worth knowing is this: Continue reading “Reality!”