Advantages of Slow Reading!

You might have heard about people reading hundreds of books per year. “Be wary of fast readers,” said Gore Vidal once, himself a voracious reader and scholar, he was aware of pitfalls of too fast too much. ‘Photoreading’ is a process by which you can increase your reading speed as much as 100 times! Paul Scheele is a pioneer in the field of accelerated learning and Photoreading and he is an ardent advocate of speed reading. Skeptics look at speed reading as suitable only for ‘just a few’ applications, if any. Continue reading “Advantages of Slow Reading!”


Give Yourself A Number, Get In The Flow!

Productivity and Creativity

Productivity and creativity are not isolated. Greatest geniuses in history of mankind were most productive people. If you think you would always get Eureka ideas without giving out anything shoddy you are committing a mistake and doing injustice to your creativity. Out of a great amount of quantity substantial quality emerges for us. Michael Michalko, in his wonderful article in How Geniuses Think  sheds light on this beautifully: Continue reading “Give Yourself A Number, Get In The Flow!”

How Online Communities Help You!

It has been about 7 years since I started participating in online communities. I have always felt like an outsider in my birth place, mostly because of my views on life. As I kept interacting online I found a few very generous people who liked my ideas and gave me valuable feedback which helped me grow intellectually and otherwise. Continue reading “How Online Communities Help You!”

How to get your voice heard in blogging university?

The last two days have been very enriching experience of sharing for me. I have made many new friends and started following their blogs. I have received overwhelmingly positive feedback and support from my fellow classmates, for which, I am extremely grateful. I didn’t ever imagine this experience to be so rewarding. It seems as if I was living in a small shell in the outskirts of Blogosphere before entering into university. It has been a serendipity. I was expecting aloof observers who would give me some tips and feedback–I received them–a great many–and also made some beautiful friends. You all are very generous and helpful.

I wanted to thank you all for your kindness. I wanted to create a post to express my gratitude and love for you. When day one was about to end–I thought it was going to be the best day in university–because I had doubts about being able to repeat the level of active engagement on day one. I was wrong. The day two was even better than the day one. And it became even more easier on day two. Continue reading “How to get your voice heard in blogging university?”