Awakened Sleep Or Jagrit Sushupti!

The dream of this universe lasts until duality lasts. There’s a beautiful example to explain how Jeevanmuktas seem to function like everyone else: if you suddenly come across a snake while walking along a road– your whole body starts shivering and heart starts pumping extra blood to make you ready for action. If upon being closely examined this snake is found to be actually  a rope which was mistaken for a snake from afar or because of faulty vision a great sigh of relief is experienced but all the reactions which got triggered earlier don’t totally disappear immediately after the realization. The main difference between before and now is  in the fact that you’re no longer active with the idea that there is a danger ahead. You no longer prepare yourself consciously and since an inert rope is no cause for alarm or any action you simply pass along with an air of detachment.

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Why Did Mahabharata War Happen?

The other day, a friend had read about the cause of Mahabharata war and he shared it with me and wanted to know about my view.

Pandavas were five brothers who were righteous and had a common beautiful wife named Draupadi. Duryodhana was eldest among the Kaurava cousins who used trickery and deceit to get what belonged to Pandavas and also humiliated Draupadi because of a deep grudge. The story briefly goes like this: though Kauravas were jealous of Pandavas since very beginning, they became even more inimical after Draupadi humiliated Duryodhana before many people. A special palace was created by the chief artisan of demigods Vishwakarma for Pandavas. It had floors which shined like water bodies and water bodies inside it seemed like plane surfaces. This caused Duryodhana’s fall who was unaware of the design. Draupadi took advantage of the opportunity and mocked Duryodhana and his parents together. Dhritarashtra was blind by birth and his wife had taken a vow to not use her sight after marriage, thus both parents of Duryodhana were practically blind but since they were king and queen they sailed through. Draupadi had previous grudges against Duryodhana and his brothers and she used the opportunity to mock and taunt him.

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Rajoguna: The WordY FrYdaY NerdY!

Arjuna asked “Why does man get compelled towards sins even when he doesn’t want to do them? As if he is being forced by some unseen power?” ||36||


Sri Bhagavan said “Oh Arjuna! Its cause is lust born by contact with rajo guna which becomes anger later on and which is all-devouring enemy of this world||37||

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3, Karma Yoga


In the battlefield of Kurukshetra Arjuna who was dumbfounded by overwhelming emotions is being addressed by Krishna. Krishna tells him why he must perform his duties without attachment. When Arjuna asked about sins, Krishna tells him that it’s lust born when senses come in contact with rajo guna which is  the root cause of all sins.  Continue reading “Rajoguna: The WordY FrYdaY NerdY!”

The Artist’s Eye!

The Artist’s Eye

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.)

In my extremely boring post on Diwali Fair I told you that I bought 10 posters. While Mona Lisa is worth US $782 million ( I am making the dollar sign $ probably for the first time in a blog post, but why would it matter to you, so, now I have wasted your ten seconds and I must apologize?) in 2015, these paintings I bought only at 10 rupees each. I bought ten of them for a sum of 90/- rupees. I have been doing this since forever for some reason. I used to paste posters on walls of my room since early childhood. They were both photographs as well as paintings of icons. I remember having kept pictures of Hanuman, Swami Vivekananda, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Roger Federer and Krishna growing up. I also used to keep-Laughing Buddha dolls for positivity.

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Why Krishna Is The Greatest Avatar?


Avatars: Descending of supreme goodness.

Avatara means descending of supreme goodness. As such entire creation is manifestation of the same energy but some personalities come to make world a better place to live and among them some are so powerful, influential, lustrous and outstanding that they are known as avataras. The concept of avatara is clearly recognized only in Hinduism. Islam considers greatest people  prophets. So Jesus, Moses and Krishna qualify as prophets but they shouldn’t be worshipped because humans can’t be worshipped. Jainism has similar views but worships the messengers who are called tirthankaras. Mahavir to Rishabhdev all tirthankaras are worshipped but they are all renunciates. Buddhism recognizes a long chain of enlightened beings with Buddha being the greatest influence among all. Sikhism emphasizes role of being humble and adhering to teachings of great gurus like Nanaka. It’s evident that only Hinduism worships humans as avatars but they have some reservations for doing so.

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Pearls of Wisdom From Bhagavad Geeta!



Bhagavad Geeta is the song of lord Krishna. It was delivered in the battlefield of Kurukshetra some 5000 years ago to Arjuna who was his beloved friend and disciple. It has been influencing thinkers of world since then. Originally its 700 verses were part of sage Vyasa’s epic Mahabharata. I will take verses of Geeta from my reading and discuss them with you.

Today I am taking verses 5th and 6th from chapter 3, Karma Yoga:

Everyone is compelled by the modes of nature working inside them to act. No one could be without doing Karma even for a moment. ||5||

One who forcibly controls sense organs but keeps thinking about sensory objects is called a hypocrite. ||6||

Krishna is explaining importance of performing duties to Arjuna who is terrified of battlefield. In previous verses he tells him that there are two ways to know self–one is to realize it by doing meditation as Jnanis do and another is to perform devotional service of lord. Without these two if you declare yourself a renunciate you will be merely deluding yourself.  Continue reading “Pearls of Wisdom From Bhagavad Geeta!”