Bursting Bubbles!

Zaza: One, two, three….thirteen…he counted steps following the tiny white dot inside his skull as he kept walking from one wall to the other. Fur elise was audible in the vicinity. Hummingbirds were singing with buzzing beatles, bees and their shining skins told tales of kinship. He felt like an oxidized pole of electricity, very tall, stiff, lifeless, stained.   Continue reading “Bursting Bubbles!”


Helmets on Lease!

This was a small town just ten years ago. In last ten years or so it has become extremely populated. Roads which were made to bear a few people-narrow roads, are carrying a load of people which is too much now. There were barely any checkpoints for bikers a few years ago but now traffic police is creating some random checkpoints every now and then. Still not many people are wearing helmets or carrying all the necessary documents with them. Someone told me that district magistrate issued an order which makes it mandatory to wear helmets when buying petrol. Nobody on a bike without a helmet should be given petrol.


Some people made a business out of it. All businesses are based on demand and supply. Now cheap helmets are being sold aplenty but what is comical in the vicinity of petrol pumps is helmets on lease. You borrow a helmet for 5 minutes and pay 10 rupees for it. It makes the rent 2 rupees per minute. After getting the petrol you return the helmet and life goes on. Some heavy fines are being charged mostly to students who were habitual of carrying 3 people on a bike. This is becoming a developing city now!

सट्की तुम्हारी तो ‘दगा’ दे दिया !

‘टपरा तलाशा ‘

 तलाश  पूरी  हुई 

देखा  तमाशा 

 तमाश  पूरी  हुई …

 अटकी  तुम्हारी  तो वफ़ा का वास्ता ;

सट्की तुम्हारी  तो  ‘दगा’   दे  दिया 

 हुआ  यूँ  कि  कभी  ‘ये’ दिया 

 और  कभी  ‘वो’ दे  दिया 

‘हग’ अंग्रेजी  में  था  तो  मुकम्मल  था 

 हिंदी  में  हुआ  तो  ‘बेजा ‘ दे  दिया 

‘गुजारा ‘ तो  बोले  जिंदगी  थी 

न  गुजरी  तो  ‘उम्र ‘ का  ‘फलसफा ‘ दे  दिया 

‘कागजों’ पे  उकेरा  तो  ‘लफ्ज’ कहलाये 

 जो  न  उकेरा  उन्हें तो  ‘मरहबा’ दे  दिया 

  एक  ‘दाद’ दी  तो  महिफिलें  रंगरेज  हो  गयीं 

 दुत्कारा  तो  ‘अँधेरा ‘ दे दिया!

The Curious Case of A Dusty Bike!

There is a bike in the parking lot of my office. The bike is very silent and lonesome and very dusty. It never changes its place, as if it is permanently glued to its location. Those who park their bikes besides it, those who roam around and those who go on a mild walk after the lunch through the parking lot, along with housekeeping staff and janitors consistently observe this bike. Some of them let it slip easily into their subconscious, some of them crack a joke about it, some others wonder about it for a moment or two and some others, like me, like to speculate and wonder and write about it.  It has been there at the same place since I have been frequenting the parking lot, that is, since last 1.5 years or so. The bike is not very worn out. It’s not very old either. It seems to be a model not older than half of a decade. Continue reading “The Curious Case of A Dusty Bike!”

My Wittiest Hilarious Neighbours!

These blogs have posts full of wit and humour. Their tongue-and-cheek commentaries on life around them would make you laugh. I highly recommend visiting these blogs as it would be a fun diversion from your busy schedules and a lot of entertainment.

1. Blogging It Like A Goddess: I was not familiar with her superb sense of humour until I read this post today. I thought she was a wonderful storyteller who introduced you with mythological figures. i felt an inner connection with her the very first time I visited her blog. Reading this hilarious post today brought her shining talent for humour before everyone.
2. Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies: Art does flow in his veins. His classical salt and pepper commentaries on everyday observations make you burst with laughter and his caricatures tickle you again and again. Get your daily quota of humour from Anand’s blog.

3. The Anonymous Talker: The man behind the mask has a great comic sense and timing. His gifs make you feel comical and his wit is sublime. His talent for storytelling is also profound and moving. You won’t regret visiting his blog.

4. Travel Much?: Olive has a sharp wit and great sense of humor. His travel accounts and his adventures in this linguistic jungles would giggle you and make you burst out in laughter. you would also find wonderful pictures and travel recommendations on his blog.

5. An Old dog Learning to Blog: Kathy Mars’ tagline makes it clear that you are not dealing with an ordinary blog and her pictures and posts ensure that you get a good giggle and little bit of tickle every now and then.

6. James Proclaims: Often irrelevant and irreverent ramblings of a man who has got nothing to say but is going to say it anyway with wit and wisdom. You would enjoy his musings. Go visit!

How to Lose Friends and Estrange People on Facebook

absolutely bunkum!

How to Lose Friends and Estrange People on Facebook
Here I am going to tell you the secret recipe to lose friends and to alienate people on Facebook. What? The title of this post looks familiar? Yes, it’s inspired by a  book  How to Win Friends and Influence People. This book was written by motivational self-help guru Dale Carnegie and what a wonderful writer he was. I started reading his book How to stop worrying and start living in my school days-though I was neither worried nor living at that time! This book was given to me as a gift by one of my uncles so I read it just as an exercise to improve my reading comprehension.
First things first: The word Friend has been recycled by Facebook in a new way. The word is an avatar of the original word. It has some of the attributes…

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