Birth Chart of Rahul Dravid!

Rahul Dravid is one of the best test cricketers ever. He is an icon and a role model for young people because of his conduct as a cricketer. He is celebrating his birthday today. Let’s have an overview of his birth chart and see what makes his horoscope unique!

Lagna and Stellium

Rahul Dravid-chart

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Assessing Mantra and Tantra Knowledge in Swamsa Lagna!

Mantras are sacred sound vibrations carrying energy with them. These sounds can be used for expanding consciousness. Mantra Siddhi is perfection in the use of mantras. Such masters can help others with their power. Tantras are mystical formularies which have a special type of energies associated with them. For example: Gayatri Mantra is a sacred Vedic mantra which has been used for many thousand years for expanding consciousness. Similarly Shree-Yantra is a sacred Tantra used for attaining prosperity. Tonoscope experiments have established it beyond doubts that Shree-Yantra is visual representation of divine primordial sound Aum. 
Malefics in the Swamsa trines suggest knowledge of Mantras and Tantras. Two malefics suggest a great knowledge of these and one malefic suggests a good knowledge of these. The association and aspect of benefics on these malefics suggests that native would use this knowledge for welfare of others and that of malefics suggests that native might use this knowledge for malevolent purposes. 

75-76. MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS (up to sloka 84):O Brahmin, if there are two malefics in a trine from Karakamsa, the native will have knowledge of Mantras (sacred spells) and Tantras (mystical fomularies for the worship of deities for attainment of super-human powers). If a malefic simultaneously aspects the said yoga, the native will use these learnings for malevolent purposes while a benefic’s aspect will make him use the same for public good.


Below given is the Swamsa-chart of Shri Narayan Datt Shrimali. He was a reputed Astrologer who published a lot of books on Mantras and Tantras. He helped many people with his knowledge of divine.

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Horoscope of Baba Ramdev!


Baba Ramdev is a spiritual leader who has popularized Yoga in India and West by using electronic media in the twenty first century. Let’s examine his chart and see what makes him a stalwart in field of Yoga.

Birth Data used: 25 Dec 1964. 20:24 PM. Mahendragarh(Haryana)


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General Combinations For Writers In A Horoscope!

In general we should observe following factors for a career in writing in a horoscope:

A. Mercury–its strength in radix, navamsa and divisional charts. Associations to it by aspects and conjunctions in radix and navamsa charts.

B. The Third House-its strength, the occupants and aspects to the house. The dignity of lord of third house in the radix and divisional charts especially in navamsa and dasamansa. The associations by conjunction and aspects for the lord of the third house.  
C. The Fifth House–its strength. The dignity of lord of the house in the radix and divisional charts especially in navamsa and dasamansa. The associations by conjunction and aspects for the lord.

D. Karkamsa Lagna: 

Jupiter alone or with Moon in the fifth house makes for an author who is all knowing. Similarly Jupiter and Moon in Karkamsa. Jupiter alone will also make a great author who is well versed in Vedanta. Mercury, Venus and Sun denote reduced degrees of authorship in such placements. Some experts are of opinion that same analysis is valid for the second house from Karkamsa as well.

E. Third house from Mercury–The occupants and aspects to the house. The dignity of lord of the house in the radix and divisional charts especially in navamsa and dasamansa. The associations by conjunction and aspects for the lord.

F. Moon conjunct Neptune: 

The influence of Neptune over Moon(mind) makes one capable of inhabiting skin of other people. The ability to feel how others feel makes one capable of creating many powerful fictional characters. This ability also helps one empathize with others.

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Horoscope of Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is the incumbent prime minister of India. He came to office last year after a record victory for his party BJP.

Narendra-Modi-in-White-Turban (1)



Atmakaraka is the planet with highest degrees in any sign in the radix chart. In his chart Saturn is Atmakaraka and it’s placed in the Karma Bhava(tenth house) in the horoscope. Saturn is a planet of common people, elders, downtrodden and justice. Saturn being atmakaraka suggests that mission of such a native is to serve people. Since Atmakaraka is placed in the tenth house, which is the house of social visibility and public responsibility, he is shouldering a great responsibility and will continue to do so for the major part of rest of his life. Atmakaraka is placed in the sign Sagittarius in the Navamsa(ninth division of radix) which suggests a fall from some conveyance or a high place. This might be true either literally or figuratively. In my humble observation, many role models who have propagated traditional and spiritual values have this placement. Continue reading “Horoscope of Narendra Modi”

Horoscope of Sri Sri Ravishankar!

Sri Sri Ravishankar is a spiritual leader. He is the founder of Art of Living. He invented Sudarshan Kriya, a method of rhythmic breathing which has changed lives of millions of people across the globe. The goal of his foundation is to create a stress-free, violence-free and peaceful world.

I was not attracted to his teachings until last year when I came across his horoscope. I found that his horoscope has a dazzling array of planetary placements which is rare and extraordinary. His horoscope is similar to those ideal charts carved for lord Shri Ram, lord Krishna and Aadi Guru Shankaracharya.

Let’s observe a few points in his horoscope.

Lagna Chart: 

I have used 13 May 1956, 00:00 hours, Papanasam, Tamil Nadu, India as birth details, courtesy We see Capricorn rising in ascendant with 16 degrees and 52 minutes, which suggests a fairly strong lagna. Moreover, the ascendant lord Saturn is retrograde and located with it great friend Rahu(the north node of Moon!) Classical texts suggest that a retrograde malefic confers benefic results and vice versa. Though it is worthy of being noticed that Saturn is located in its enemy(Mars’) sign. Mars is also located in its exaltation sign owned by Saturn in Lagna, which creates a wonderful Rashi-Parivartana Yoga giving strength to both of the planets, not to mention the Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga created by Mars alone which makes him a great leader and confers great physical strength and yogic powers to him! Continue reading “Horoscope of Sri Sri Ravishankar!”