Karma Chameleon

Karma Chameleon

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

I have written on reincarnation many times before. I feel Karma need not have reincarnation to be valid. Karma works well as a stand alone principle too. Last year a theory occurred to me which was associated to another theory which occurred to me some 8 years ago. This theory suggests that reincarnation doesn’t happen as is shown in most stories. This is just a theory like other theories which you already know. I don’t believe anything firmly.


Facts should be paid attention to: no two personalities in the world are same. The fact that your thumb prints will not match with anyone else’s is true not only for living persons but also for all the persons who have lived in the past. This clearly tells us that nature doesn’t repeat. All personalities are unique. Now the big question is: who reincarnates?

Since no two personalities are same–even if your habits, feelings and visions are similar to a person who lived 100 years ago–you are not that person. You can’t be that person. Nature doesn’t allow it. So what exactly reincarnates? Memories?

The life which is present in you-consciousness is the same life which was present in a person living 100 years ago–so it’s obvious to understand that life doesn’t reincarnate. Then what does? Is it only memories from past? Maybe that is what reincarnates. Maybe there is a gigantic pool of memories and some of them get materialized at a point of time and sometimes it happens that these memories are vivid and create illusion of personality’s reincarnation.

The arguments given in favor of reincarnation include: people have certain great skills right from birth because they had invested time into certain things in previous births. This seems justified because the world is being run by cause-and-effect. You have to work hard at something to earn merits so it’s not possible that someone has some gifts just by chance.

But this explanation creates more problems than it solves. Why am I suffering? Why am I so vulnerable and sensitive? It’s because of the previous birth? When did my first birth happen? Why? Nobody has an answer for these.

The theory of destination which occurred to me last year is simpler. Life and universe on the whole use collective pool of memories known as Karma. Various individuals have destinies which are very intricately interwoven in a complex way with each other and the universe is evolving. Some people are destined to be geniuses. Some others are destined to be enlightened spiritually. Some others are destined to die early. Some others are destined to be millionaires or rock stars and so on. Destiny is a super-force which supersedes all but God. Some constellations focus at a certain point and certain memories get attracted to that place and those glued memories create a body at that point and a universe is born.


Supernatural Season 11

Note: This contains spoilers.

I have watched four or five seasons of Supernatural so far( I don’t know exactly how many!) But this show has improved with seasons. And it’s a marathon TV like The Simpsons! When I started watching first few seasons it seemed like a cheap horror and I couldn’t understand what hype was about so I started with the latest season( which was the 9th if I remember well!) And it was alright. I enjoyed a few things and a few other looked like overly dramatic. Then I watched a few seasons back as well. The tenth season was a disaster. It was boring and it seemed they were looking at finishing the show and writers were running out of ideas. Many fans said that it would have been better had they simply finished it after the 9th season instead of giving a boring year full of seemingly forced ideas which seemed trite.

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Who Is God?

God is a word so heavy with the usage down through ages that modern mystics look for new words to convey their message. But if I want to keep it simple, I should say God is Good. God is the sum total of all goodness. Wherever you find hope, faith, trust, compassion, charity, friendship, love, peace, light, happiness, help, kindness, guidance and other such positive values, you feel God is around you.

Godliness is nothing but touch of life. Life is God. God is life. Reality, unity, totality and harmony is one awareness pervading whole existence. You may call it by any name it remains the same and it remains beyond names.


What about bad values then?

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