Manhattan Murder Mystery!

The name itself was alluring and I had heard a lot about Woody Allen-though what I had heard about him exactly can no longer be located in my cache right now. For the first time I had this DVD I skimmed through the film because I had many others to watch in a row. I felt there was a lot of talk–dialogues, trialogues and monologues. The impression it gave me then was of a humorous film but I could not watch it for many years since that day. Continue reading “Manhattan Murder Mystery!”


Happy Death Day!


This is a time-loop film like Groundhog Day, Run-Lola-Run, Before-I-Fall and Triangle. There’s even a reference to the Groundhog Day towards the end which indicates inspiration for writer and director. This is the second such film this year–first being Before-I-Fall. In a way there’s nothing new so I didn’t expect much going into it. I thought it was a usual horror film but finding it to be a time-loop thriller created an adrenaline rush and I love time-loop scenarios. They teach so much about Karma and Destiny.  Continue reading “Happy Death Day!”

Happy Bhaag Jaayegi Is A Comedy Delight!

Mudassar Aziz’s Happy Bhaag Jaayegi is one of the purest comedies. It employs many conventional humor techniques with impeccable timing without overdoing it. I feel the success of film lies in remaining honest to its intent and application of form. I’ve seen many films which fail because they either try too hard to make you laugh or try to be moralistic and sentimental after giggling you for a bit. The slight twist of Bilal falling in love with Happy is so under-stressed that it doesn’t let comical joyride become derailed even for a bit.

After a while I was remarking on dialogues and comic timing and the sincerity of comedy reminded me of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. Priyadarshan’s comedies of last decade like Hungama have been very similar to this one albeit with some more stress on relations and emotions in some parts. This film doesn’t bore you even for a minute but some poor editing is visible in places. Similarly supporting soundtracks and music might have been much better.  Acting is superb–Sehgal Saab(Dui Manzila Banwa Leen Aur Batao Tak Naahin), Abhay Deol, Piyush Mishra, Jimmy Shergil and Diana Penty have performed well. Ali Fazal’s performance is slightly weak. This film is a treat for all movie lovers and I rate it 8/10!


This film has the shortest title ever! It portrays a case in a country(Greece, but never openly admitted to be so in the film) where a political activist is put to death by powers with help of military and police. The justice procedural is brilliant and fun to watch. The film starts off with very rapidly moving scenes and it’s slightly difficult for audience  to relate in the beginning but soon enough plot becomes clear and the film turns out to be an intriguing thriller with a wonderful investigation which partially leads to justice. The soundtrack is lovely and performances by actors are very convincing. It received great critical acclaim and I feel it’s justified.

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A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin!

A young woman is accused of murdering her debauched neighbor after dreaming it. Was she set up, or did she really do it?

Lucio Fulci’s film is very Lynchian and yet it was made when David Lynch had not even learnt the transcendental meditation. The couple of dream sequences are captivating and almost surreal. The beauty with which symbolism has been embedded in them is astonishing. They striked me because I had not seen anything as beautifully filmed in a 70s film before. Then comes the chase scene which is breathtaking. It’s a fairly long scene but it hooks the audience well to the screen for its entire duration.

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One Deadly Summer(1983): A Twisted Tale Of Revenge!

Note: Contains Spoilers!

What looks like an erotic drama at first has much more to it. A 19-year-old girl marries a guy who is a hardworking mechanic. It seems that girl is aimless and enjoys partying. It becomes clear after sometime that there is a sad story behind her birth and she is out there to take revenge. She has carefully chosen the family to get married into. She plans hard into taking revenge only to realize that the people who she thinks were responsible for the grave crime were not really responsible. In another sub-plot it is revealed how her foster-father became crippled. Towards the end audience comes to know that her revenge was exacted long ago by her foster-father and she was wrong in having misunderstood him in an event which led to making him crippled.

She had contrived to use her husband to take revenge and after discovering truth she crashes completely thus getting admitted into a mental hospital and that makes her husband furious. He kills the people she had planned to kill all along thus four families get destroyed in a fateful turn of events. The film has wonderful music and a great pace of execution. All performances seem natural.

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Mirage is a mystery film starring Gregory Pack and beautiful Diane Baker. The film’s action, twists and mystery is certainly not at par with best mysteries of the present day but it keeps you hooked for the first two third part. I could easily guess about the twists but kept watching till end. I feel the memory has always played the most mysterious agent in mystery films and Memento along with a few other classic mysteries are based on fallibility of human memory. I also think it was kind of trendy in that decade to use psychosomatic disorders to make intriguing thrillers!

The performances are good enough: there are only a few characters and story is pretty straightforward when looked back in the end. A person has lost all his memory of last two years and his amnesia comes at a time when many dangerous people are chasing him. He takes help from a professional detective but this detective along with his other associates are killed one by one and he keeps running from place to place. The film is in black and white so you can also watch it for nostalgia. Things are quite simple in it and you can also see how New York used to look in 1960s. I give this film 7 out of 10 as a mystery.

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Mister Klein!

Mister Klein is a 1976 mystery film. It’s set in the second world war era. A wealthy trader of art crafts who is named Robert Klein lives in France. Jews who are escaping France as they’re under pressure from government sell their paintings to him at very low prices. One day a namesake of Klein sends some trouble on his way and he becomes involved in an intriguing plot where he has to prove that he is catholic and has nothing to do with the Robert Klein who is a jewish criminal.


Mr. Klein visits a worn out lodge where his namesake has been spending time and the concierge is his romantic interest. He also visits a distant palatial residence where wife of the owner was involved in another liaison with his namesake. Despite all his attempts he couldn’t ever find him out. The intrigue leaves him ruined and in the end he is cast out of France with all Jews who were being deported to Germany. The last scene is very stark irony of fate and the mystery of his namesake ever remains unsolved. This film has wonderful performances, soundtrack and stunning visuals. It’s in French.

Analyze This and Analyze That!

This is a set of films which tickles you. A mafia boss is suffering from anxiety disorders and visits a psychiatrist. Well, you might have seen The Sopranos and might already have an idea. The first film and The Sopranos got released almost at the same time. I wonder if this was more than just a synchronicity. I started watching The Sopranos a few years ago under the impression that it was a comedy show but got bored very soon with the protagonist who was gut-wrenchingly annoying! I realized that it was not a comedy after all and that was the reason why he seemed so violent and cruel to me.

643full-analyze-this-screenshot Continue reading “Analyze This and Analyze That!”

The Avengers: Age of Ultron!

This is Blabberwockying!

It has been almost 2 months since I watched a good film. Since Blogging University’s courses started I was hooked to the fascinating world of blogging with WordPress. This kept my mind off films, though I am a film buff. Yesterday I decided to watch the biggest blockbuster of the year.


My experience with the first film of the series was mind-blowing. I have always been in awe of the special effects created in the hollywood flicks. In 2011(If I remember it well) I went to a theater in Bangalore to watch Avengers. Since we were busy, I could not manage to book tickets in advance and I had to sit in front row with my friend. I had to keep the neck titled up for entire film, still the experience etched in my memory as the single most beautiful cinematic experience. What a beautiful world they had created, I felt. I kept thinking that how out-of-the-world profound technology used in cinema has become. The 3D effects and amazing action sequences made me feel as if I was in another world. Continue reading “The Avengers: Age of Ultron!”