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Today I am sharing a song which has an interesting story.

Kaun Hai Jo Sapno Me Aya

I watched this film Jhuk Gaya Asman some 25 years ago. I never watched it again but it has always remained in my memory. The hero who is singing while driving this jeep pays heavily for doing so because he dies immediately after this song as his jeep crashes in a valley. After which his soul goes to the god of death Yama. Yama somehow allows him to have an earthly existence. I don’t remember why exactly but he keeps showing up in all places without body because of his love for the girl for whom he is singing this song(yes, the one flying!)

Film: Jhuk Gaya Aasman

Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Singer: Mohammad Rafi

Artists: Rajendra Kumar, SayaraBano


Like gravity is love is love!

Why an arrow? Because love hurts. 

Silly little boy plays with arrows 

He makes her feel so special 

Love all you have to give! 

I want to feel your skin 

Wandering, wondering, I’ve come to you 

Holidays come, holidays go, bah humbug!


Never have my arms held you 

Admire her, he did! Most ardently!

Her heart opens to his touch. 

If we live without, we’re inhuman. 

A brittle heart softened by love… 

Moonlight, shared kisses, Heart sings music. 

Eros’ target became his love obsession. 

Passion for life overcomes all things. 

Love’s like the sun in winter 

It’s neither gain, nor it’s loss!

Like gravity is love is love. 




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Poetry Corner Invites!


Poetry Corner is a simple weekly event to celebrate spirit of creativity, harmony, group and mystery. We all contribute our bit to a poem with 6 words randomly, without any theme( we can change it)–everything about this event is flexible.

You have to send your 6 words via mail( why mail? To keep mystery and anonymity of contributions.)

Garth Meaney, who is a fellow blogger and a wonderful friend, suggested this idea on Alumni Forum and we have been organizing this event since last few weeks. It’s becoming bigger and better and more fun by every passing week!

I invite your contributions for this week’s poem. I have already received 30 entries. I suggest you to have a look at the current poem, to have an idea, please see:

Live Before You Are Too Afraid To Die!

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Water: A Random Poem!

This poem is a result of team effort by 7 members of Alumni Group. The interesting thing is–these contributions are anonymous. Only the organizer knows about the identities and other members don’t. The order of arrangement of verses is based on the sequential arrangement of numbers which were randomly allocated to the participants. Nobody knew what others were coming with. One thing which was common was the theme Water and the condition was to not to use the actual word in the verse and it had to be an iambic hexameter.


Source flows life grows no end,

I am rippling downstream

Soothing caress of life,

Eternal stream of love, 

And I said why did they;

A single drop splashes

My throat yearns for your kiss…

Echolalia: 13 Words Story!

He pictured her shy, smiling, comely, singing his name, repeating his words, affectionately!