Acceptance of Pain!

Zaza: Dear master, if everything is painful, what is the point in trudging? Why live through hell? Even if I consider my life to be a mission for others-will they not die-then what is the point in dying everyday for nothing? Everything is temporary and death is inevitable–why then should I continue living?

Logos: I am a great supporter of Euthanasia. You should search the discussion on Euthanasia on this blog. I’ve contemplated suicide in my life but the weighing balance always weighed pain and pleasure on its two sides and there was question of Karma to take into account. What if eternal recurrence exists? What if you’re sent to learn same lessons again and again until you are done learning them? What if… Continue reading “Acceptance of Pain!”


Suicide, Euthanasia and Pain

Zaza: Why do people commit suicide?

Logos: Look at the horrors of life: poverty, hunger, diseases, alienation, exploitation–it’s a wonder that people live despite all that and mostly forgetful of all these around them in everyday lives. But you may ask: why do people who are not suffering from poverty or physical diseases take their lives? There are eminent people in the history of mankind who took a quick exit. Why? I feel it’s not about what appears to be the relative status of people in the society but about how sensitive they’re. 

Although he forcefully separated himself from existentialism, Camus posed one of the twentieth century’s best-known existentialist questions, which launches The Myth of Sisyphus: “There is only one really serious philosophical question, and that is suicide” (MS, 3). And his philosophy of the absurd has left us with a striking image of the human fate: Sisyphus endlessly pushing his rock up the mountain only to see it roll back down each time he gains the top.

“There is only one really serious philosophical problem,” Camus says, “and that is suicide. Deciding whether or not life is worth living is to answer the fundamental question in philosophy. All other questions follow from that” (MS, 3). One might object that suicide is neither a “problem” nor a “question,” but an act.


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Madness With Three Horns!

Zaza: Master, the monarch has claimed three people within the last ten days around us. Is this the season?

Logos: It’s always the season. Hindus consider this phase as night of demigods and their day begins when Sun enters into Capricorn which is celebrated as Makara Sankranti. Long lasting myths like Mahabharata tell how Bheeshma the grandfather of Kauravas and Pandavas kept waiting for this period to pass away from this realm. The reason is: if a being leaves body before Sun has entered into Capricorn they travel via Moon realm and come back after some time but if they leave body via Sun route they ascend to higher realms and don’t come back. 

Z: Is death painful, dear master? Continue reading “Madness With Three Horns!”


Logos: Once a centaur asked a doe, are you my foe? The doe smiled and then said: Abre-los-ojos–I am a figment of your imagination!

Zaza: Master Logos! How pleasant to see you this morning! A wayward reindeer, accosted a man without fear, it had an emblem on its forehead which read ‘interactive fiction,’ the man had misplaced diction, for all his predictions immediately came to happen. The dream had a ring and a fairy, a school where they celebrated his arrival–one who was new there and fogged. His daze didn’t let him call olden cubs and bears but he found himself getting converted into a pettifogger, gossip monger. 

L: A child used to see same dream day-after-day. Once he stopped and asked the dream: why do you keep coming back? The dream said: it’s not that I particularly like visiting you, for I’ve many other things to do, but I am supposed to be your fate, I’m already late, in delivering goods, which I brought from the woods, now let me do my job, get a bob and tie this bib under your chin, no need for pin, else you would choke, let me slightly poke–how does the dream know what you looked like, when you were afraid of your bike, how did the flavored spice scored a ton? They outdid your expectation, trials and tribulation.  Continue reading “Bardo!”

The Story of The Last Awakening-One!

I thank Kuan Yin, Saint Rajinder Singh Ji, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Master Padmasambhava, Jesus, Buddha and all spiritual friends for making me able to remember and empowering me to write down for healing of all. I hope this inspires you on your awakening journey. Thank you!


When I met this beautiful soul in 2005 in college I had merely heard about the term ‘consciousness expansion’ and I was going through the first Dark Night of Soul which was truly dark and intense and my loving relationship with parents had dissolved in a blow of awakening. I lost faith in all relations and used to scribble all my thoughts and feelings for many hours everyday to heal myself and to increase my intelligence. This beautiful soul had many spiritual books and seemed to have all the answers for my spiritual questions. As I sat with him in his room and kept smiling at his wisdom and intelligence–the joy of having met someone who was truly beautiful flooded my soul. I asked him what he thought about me and he told he hadn’t seen such intense desire to wake up in anyone before. He told me that when he saw me first time in college notions like ‘a soul in sorrow’ and ‘an escapist’ came to his mind. He belonged to an exalted spiritual lineage which I immediately appreciated and yet he had also seen bouts of poverty before becoming stabilized. At that time he was going through healing as he had felt deserted in a romantic relation–he used to see flames in air. He was very sentimental and misunderstood me because of intense velocity with which his bandwidth was open. I saw book ‘Power of Now’ in his collection and asked to borrow and he gladly gave me the book. Before this book ‘The Einstein Factor’ proved to be pivotal in my awakening–I had bought it when I went to take an exam in 2002 in Bhopal–which was a big city–the book just attracted to me an d promised increase in intelligence. Since I had spent a lot of money on it my father rebuked me at home and I had to cry. This was a major theme. I had to cry a lot for reading Osho’s books which my parents were going to burn and which awakened me to futility of relations I had. All the books which made me cry awakened me. Continue reading “The Story of The Last Awakening-One!”

Mystery schools: Traversing through realms!

I pay homage to Kuan Yin, Padmasambhava, Nisargadatta, Ramana, St. Rajinder Singh Ji, Jesus, Yogananda,  Buddha and all my spiritual friends for having made me capable of recalling and writing down these. May these help all spiritual seekers and heal all beings!

I never systematically practiced Yoga unless you consider whole life a school of Yoga where my yearning to be liberated grew day by day. It was supposed to be gleaning wisdom from books, friends, videos, angels and life. I had read about mystery schools but never imagined participating in one until now. This story might take many posts and I am sharing with hope that it would help some of you, entertain you and might make you my friend on path of light if you feel it resonates with you in some senses. Continue reading “Mystery schools: Traversing through realms!”

Death and Rebirth!

You die every moment to be reborn,

The threads of memory are sewn into a rag,

Which seems like a continuous persona,

The threads are hollow and so is the rag which you carry around shoulders,

The real you is born every moment and Now is its mantra,

There is no tantra vaster than that of memories, fears, worries and expectations,

If you clasp the rock-solid reality it slips through, Continue reading “Death and Rebirth!”