Cuckoo’s Nest and Dragon Tattoo!

Zaza: Let’s negotiate peace talks.

Logos: Why not. Do you still feel indebted to them?

Z: Yes of course.

L: It’s like this: a profound lover of mystery finds himself as a character in a mystery movie. Puzzles to puzzle him. Is there a greater adventure when you thought all was routine and boring? You thought you will be bored and girl with the dragon tattoo had you floored, decimated, bowled over and much more. 

Z: Not even once I tried to learn their art. 

L: Yes, because it’s not compulsory. Everyone reaches to the goal via different ways. You had it easier than them I suppose. It’s merely a beginning though. Actually it’s always a beginning and end as every beginning is an end and every end a beginning. But you must accept the fact that it all started happening only after tasting the ambrosia–so that might explain it a bit.  Continue reading “Cuckoo’s Nest and Dragon Tattoo!”


The Merchant!

There once lived a merchant who wanted to dedicate his goods to an astrophysicist. But influence of astrophysicist was not good for his shop for some reason so he never revealed of his connection to astrophysicist to anyone ever. The need to conform to social codes was one, the need to feed his family was another which made him do things he did. He was a skillful merchant–full of good qualities, hard working, able to weigh his decisions well–but his integrity was only towards his shop though his heart did want to delve into sublimity and there was a dilemma and battle sometimes between these two but as happens usually–stomach used to win over soul. He had much aid but it was his heart which betrayed him often. Continue reading “The Merchant!”


When mom shouted, I ran to dad for solace,

When dad was angry, I looked for mom’s embrace,

When both of them scolded me I looked for  God’s grace,

When God rebuked me,

‘I’ disappeared.

God disappeared.

Dad disappeared.

Mom disappeared.

This World Is A Madhouse!

Lying down on a mattress on roof, with his head in the shed and rest of the body in sunshine, on a cold winter noon, he was thinking to himself:

“They say Mr. Sharma killed his wife by burning her to death because of greed. He wanted more dowry. Later on, he married again and became a saintly person who used to go to temple twice daily. He participated in religious movements but when it came about practicing what he preached his greed took over him and he was dishonest with the allocation of government funds. His son met a terrible fate and was shot in the spinal cord in a feud involving a girl. He died a painful death at a very young age leaving his entire family grief stricken. Continue reading “This World Is A Madhouse!”

Fa-la-la-la-la, unleashed!


Fa-la-la-la-la, unleashed! 

Candles, Carols, Cake, is Merry Break. 

Departure of her; arrival of pain. 

Muddle along merriment, mixed with melancholy…  Continue reading “Fa-la-la-la-la, unleashed!”

Irene Adler!



Irene Adler,

Richard Bandler,

Humpty Dumpty Down,

Frown on the gown,


Frog and crow

Half way street

Not so discrete!

Merriment and laughter,

Saunter santa clauses

Eternal recurrence,

Darkness and scent

Phantom of opera,

Musketeers with mascara,

Gone with the wind,

Front and hind.

Never look back at abyss,

Shhh it might kiss!

Kissing will haunt.

Giving thousand taunts.



I Write Like Dan Brown Now!

For some background information on this article, please visit previous articles I Write Like Lovecraft and I Write Like Arthur C. Clarke!. This is an experiment I carry out every month because it’s fun and it helps me see if there are any changes in my writing style. I have not read any of the authors which show up in my analysis so far. Maybe, just a bit, that too a very long ago. For example, I read P. G. Wodehouse when I was waiting for my job after passing out from college. But that was that, never before or after!


Here are results from the latest experiment:

Continue reading “I Write Like Dan Brown Now!”



Tin tin, said ambulance in motion, in a commotion, frenzied zombie  respite despite!

Unexpected Guests!

Unexpected Guests

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.


Nietzsche says, there are no facts only interpretations. Actually, there is no objective universe out there. All universes are subjective universes, so you are constantly talking about your interpretations and you think that by getting many people to agree with you, you start talking about facts, but it’s never so. I neither read fiction, nor write it. I don’t think I write facts either. My interpretation of life events–the egoic cobwebs-do they qualify as facts or fiction or neither? I don’t know.

The prompt today immediately spoke to me. Not even a split second was needed to accept or reject it as a scene from an evening 3 years ago started playing in my mind. I went to attend an examination and as I returned and walked inside home – in the living room an elderly couple was sitting- eating a slice of cake. As soon as they saw me they stood up from their seats and both of them tried to touch my feet. I got startled at such respect and held their hands in air saying that there was no need to pay obeisance to me. I didn’t think that I deserved that. Then, my grandma who was sitting there with them told with a smile on her face that they were parents of a girl who was supposed to be my bride if I accepted the proposal. This annoyed me a great deal as I had become fed-up with all marriage proposals, especially this one in particular. The talk had been going on and on for many months. Continue reading “Unexpected Guests!”





Strange solace, an unfamiliar feeling, acceptance, tintinnabulation, beads on the rosary of existence.