When you know,

Now nothing can be done,

By any one,

You stop doing top,

Yet actions flow like ions,

Of pixie stardust,

For nothing stops you anymore,

From dancing on wings of reality,

Which isn’t a wish.

Perfection doesn’t happen,

It’s not penned,

Unscripted uncharted,

Unchartered chattering,

Rings of reality take whole of you.  


Code Bliss.

Language of bliss,

Isn’t recognized by others,

It’s music divine,

Incessant omkar,

Follow the nectar drops,

They take you to the secret chamber of ecstasy,

Where tingling heart throbs like eternally vibrant spring in winter,

Read the light,

Talk to sound,

Watch layers change one after another after another,

See how Chronos plays through Moonbeams beans jelly fishes,

You merely watch as a spectator,

Torpor of Moon pouring through these holes,

Poles of heat and cold,

Bronze and gold,

Rhyme is reason enough,

Season of love. 

The Heart Center!

Zaza: A recreational recreant in an archipelago with green grass, a flock of sheep and a shepherd. 

Logos: Are there messages for you, you ask. There are messages, in every nook and cranny for those who need them but fractured reality will do no good to you. A coast where no ship can find a moor. You were a part of their dream–a costly part. You come very costly. Rahu weaves its phantasmagoric matrix to delude. Some more energy gets trapped into temporal loops: stories for some, business for others and pastimes for yet others. The restless energy comes to Tathata who transmutes it into a divine archipelago–an exquisite space where flock of sheep can breath. Who is it that chases mirages and plays game of shadows? You can never find it. Don’t you recognize perfect freedom of being free from seeking–this very moment? There are people who don’t perceive any mystery around them, then are those who perceive it but take no interest, some people search for origins of mystery and then there are others who have made peace with the mysterious. Can you make peace with the mysterious, treating it as nothing more than slight mango powder tang in a bowl of oatmeal? If you can treat it that way consider yourself liberated, otherwise consider yourself a slave to it.    Continue reading “The Heart Center!”

Bliss of Self!

People seeking enlightenment imagine a state full of bliss. The idea of bliss comes from sensual enjoyments. Ego multiplies the bliss of sensations infinite times and assumes it to be enlightenment. The sensational bliss is always limited in intensity and duration by definition because senses are limited in time and space. Thus idea of infinite unadulterated bliss of Self is merely an idea. Jeevanmuktas tell us that bliss of Self is actually of nature of peace without any sensations and contrasts.

This peace will definitely not appeal ego because it’s seeking sensational bliss. Since it’s imaginary it’s false. True natural state is our everyday nature without mental noise. It’s peace. The truth is–there is no such thing as infinite bliss. Bliss experienced by senses can’t be made infinite. Pleasure is limited because instruments experiencing it worn out soon. The reflection of peace is experienced as sensational bliss but ego keeps assuming that it’s possible to have infinite bliss.

The advertisement of infinite bliss is necessary to lure ego into a self-destructive trap, otherwise ego won’t commit suicide! Hence you see so many books, gurus and cults telling you about infinite bliss. Ego won’t get attracted to either peace or harmony. It is so addicted to imaginary bliss which is similar to intense sensations.

Cold Bliss!

Surrender meditation is different from other forms in that it’s more of relaxation than concentration. You simply lie down and witness the flow of energy. Since we are not mindful in our activities there is a lot of energy trapped in muscles. We also have a lot of energy trapped in unwatched mind–in emotions. Witnessing this energy brings it into awareness and releases it. If we aren’t aware of this energy then it remains in the dark and causes unease and stress. When you surrender, you do nothing but accept life, the moment and flow of energy. The aware intelligence is itself working to create balance-to release stress and energy which is trapped in muscles and emotions.

road-21205_640 Continue reading “Cold Bliss!”

Who Is God?

God is a word so heavy with the usage down through ages that modern mystics look for new words to convey their message. But if I want to keep it simple, I should say God is Good. God is the sum total of all goodness. Wherever you find hope, faith, trust, compassion, charity, friendship, love, peace, light, happiness, help, kindness, guidance and other such positive values, you feel God is around you.

Godliness is nothing but touch of life. Life is God. God is life. Reality, unity, totality and harmony is one awareness pervading whole existence. You may call it by any name it remains the same and it remains beyond names.


What about bad values then?

Where do they come from? Continue reading “Who Is God?”