Club Ball!

Zaza: Dear master why do enlightened people have no doubts?

Logos: Enlightened means full of knowledge. Knowledge is light. Knowledge is love. Knowledge is peace. And Knowledge is memory. All knowledge means having access to totality of memory at all times. But that’s a complicated explanation. A human brain can handle only a tiny amount of information and energy. The awakening is unfolding of memory and remembering what we are timelessly makes all doubts disappear. Doubts are because of pain. Pain asks a thousand questions peace asks none. In love, in peace, in light all questions, all doubts disappear. Subject and object division disappears. Continue reading “Club Ball!”


Awakening and Enlightenment!

Zaza: What is beauty?

Logos: That which makes you feel blissful is beautiful. If your heart is open it makes everything look beautiful because you transcend time and space and live in love. Such experiences leave imprints on your consciousness and become guiding light in themselves to make you look for bliss. Pain is bliss hidden in darkness. When you attend pain consciously and stay with it you come to a point where surrender happens and beauty arises. The vedanta calls reality Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram and Sat-Chit-Anand. The real is auspicious and beautiful. Being grounded in reality is being grounded in knowledge and bliss. Bliss and beauty are inseparable. Truth and its auspiciousness are blissful and they’re all aspects of one reality which is the Absolute light of being and non being. Continue reading “Awakening and Enlightenment!”

Deletion of Impressions!

Zaza: Dear master how do impressions get deleted in the awakening process?

Logos: This is a very good question. Pat yourself on back for having asked that because this is where pain, suffering and its end awaits. The awakening energy is the thread connecting all life in the cosmos. It’s what buddhists call buddha nature. It’s your extremely subtle consciousness. Tantra and yogic literature also calls it Kundalini, Atma, Soul, Superconsciousness and by many other names. Until this thread starts working in human beings they’re asleep. The energy is called Avidya or ignorance in such a state because it keeps absorbing all the shocks from the environment as it acts like a buffer for them and the system remains insensitive. This doesn’t let people feel pain and suffering in its completely repelling and shocking brutality. There’s no compassion for oneself or others in such a stage.  Continue reading “Deletion of Impressions!”

Integration: Radiation and Absorption

Whatever you think, speak or do is a radiation for totality. It has always been so–now after awakening you realize it more than ever. All words you think, write and all expressions via body, mind and speech are radiations. If you feel you belong to a community of light workers, angels, humanity, star-seeds or gods—your expressions, your creativity is connecting you to the mind-continuum of those very beings across time and space. Absorption is receiving words, light-codes, energy in all its possible forms from all existence. If you feel you belong to a certain group you will receive light from them. The actuality of radiation and absorption–the interconnections of various forms of consciousness and dependent arising of all phenomena becomes overwhelming and then enlightening as you awake towards your full-potential. Continue reading “Integration: Radiation and Absorption”

Integrating yourself after awakening!

The knowledge which you share out of loving kindness stays with you as light even in the darkest of times. It becomes your guide. It becomes your crystalline spiritual intelligence–therefore, never feel shy of sharing out of love. Give your best out to all your friends–to all those who need it and it will come to you thousand-fold. Only intentions matter in this act of sharing–those who truly deserve light will be drawn to you and by sharing you will be drawn to them. As a great friend has said–the love is our food, guide, tracker and means of living in higher dimensions. Continue reading “Integrating yourself after awakening!”

The Art of Creating Light in Yourself!

Awakening can be beautiful and traumatic at the same time. I found ‘The Tibetan Book of The Dead’ at a time when I was going through most intense Dark Night of The Soul. I feel I experienced dark entities, angels, dharma-pals and various friends who guided me through. Where I am right now is beyond ordinariness of space-time as you–the reader is co-creating this reality to transmute the  reality you’re in, by developing a serving attitude–a Bodhichitta–an intentional action to create a more loving, abundant, joyous and beautiful cosmos by being yourself. Life, death and living are one–you need to master this and keep this in mind in order to truly live and shine your light for others. From my immediate experience and recollections of wisdom I can tell that your life-situation is changing–constantly as you’re awakening. Continue reading “The Art of Creating Light in Yourself!”

Waking Life

Richard Linklater’s waking life is a visual depiction of a seeker of reality who finally merges into it and disappears. The film starts with a young kid playing a game in which his destiny is suggested to be dreaming.  The kid moves out of the game and starts floating in the air as if in a lucid dream. Then he finds himself growing up and talking to various philosophers, experts, people at random and friends. He finds himself in many strange situations but after every one of them he finds that he was merely dreaming. Sometimes he is one of the characters, sometimes  merely a witness, sometimes an onlooker and sometimes merely watching a TV show—all in a dream. Towards the end he finds himself talking to a person in a bar playing Foosball–who tells him about a novel by Philip K. Dick. The novel tells about falsity of time and space and reality which dawned upon the author all of a sudden. The kid asks about the method to wake up and the person tells him to simply wake up! He wakes up on his bed and finds himself dreaming. He then again discovers many things like time, space, quantum mechanics, language, psychology, biology, society and life. Finally he finds out that he has been meeting same people mostly…and those people didn’t have any substantial reality other than shadowy personas projected by his memories, fears, desires, habits, likes and dislikes. He finally reaches to his home where his destiny was revealed to be the dream. Realizing that there was no destiny whatsoever he starts flying once again to disappear and merge into reality. Into his own Self.

Awakened Sleep Or Jagrit Sushupti!

The dream of this universe lasts until duality lasts. There’s a beautiful example to explain how Jeevanmuktas seem to function like everyone else: if you suddenly come across a snake while walking along a road– your whole body starts shivering and heart starts pumping extra blood to make you ready for action. If upon being closely examined this snake is found to be actually  a rope which was mistaken for a snake from afar or because of faulty vision a great sigh of relief is experienced but all the reactions which got triggered earlier don’t totally disappear immediately after the realization. The main difference between before and now is  in the fact that you’re no longer active with the idea that there is a danger ahead. You no longer prepare yourself consciously and since an inert rope is no cause for alarm or any action you simply pass along with an air of detachment.

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Guru Purnima and The Blogoversary!

Today is Guru Purnima and my blog has very recently completed one year on WordPress. I had forgotten about the anniversary but WordPress reminded. Last year’s article on Guru Purnima  says almost all which is needed to be said. Today  I would just like to talk a bit. First, I would like to thank WordPress and fellow bloggers who made blogging easier for me. I would also like to thank all anonymous readers. 


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Three Cases of Awakening!

Someone willing to study spiritual nativities in Astrology faces a few problems. One of them is unavailability of accurate birth data. Another is lack of reliable information on awakening. That is why there are very few birth charts available online today which shed light on relationship of awakening with planetary energies and alignments. I would like to share a few of such nativities today, where kundalini awakenings were recorded accurately along with the birth data.


Jiddu Krishnamurti’s Awakening

Jiddu Krishnamurti was an eminent thinker of twentieth century and one of the most celebrated spiritual figures. He was anti-guru and very reasonable. He was born on May 12th 1895, Sunday at about 00:32 AM in Mandapalli, Andhra Pradesh India. Below given is his birth chart and navamsa (courtesy:


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