Integration: Radiation and Absorption

Whatever you think, speak or do is a radiation for totality. It has always been so–now after awakening you realize it more than ever. All words you think, write and all expressions via body, mind and speech are radiations. If you feel you belong to a community of light workers, angels, humanity, star-seeds or gods—your expressions, your creativity is connecting you to the mind-continuum of those very beings across time and space. Absorption is receiving words, light-codes, energy in all its possible forms from all existence. If you feel you belong to a certain group you will receive light from them. The actuality of radiation and absorption–the interconnections of various forms of consciousness and dependent arising of all phenomena becomes overwhelming and then enlightening as you awake towards your full-potential. Continue reading “Integration: Radiation and Absorption”

Integrating yourself after awakening!

The knowledge which you share out of loving kindness stays with you as light even in the darkest of times. It becomes your guide. It becomes your crystalline spiritual intelligence–therefore, never feel shy of sharing out of love. Give your best out to all your friends–to all those who need it and it will come to you thousand-fold. Only intentions matter in this act of sharing–those who truly deserve light will be drawn to you and by sharing you will be drawn to them. As a great friend has said–the love is our food, guide, tracker and means of living in higher dimensions.

Evolution of soul can be considered a journey up the mountain in some ways. There are various steps where you rest for a while and look at the beautiful views, at valleys and at dark places you visited, but you can’t stop at any steps. Either you pick yourself up and walk hand-in-hand with your friends or you will be forced to wake up and then you will start climbing up–they’re both the same. Internalization of awakening means you realize that there is no separation and your friends, enemies, body-mind and infinite forms and possibilities exist inside great-mind–which is void and your very own true nature. Externalization of awakening means that your friends and guides come to help you in forms like yours and with more intelligence and light–you are grateful to them and compassionate for all those who might be in need of help like you were before. In case of externalization what my good friend said–white ray of becoming or Buddhist creation of Bodhichitta(compassionate wisdom)–making of logos in your self is in operation and in the internalization the black ray of ‘Being’ –the Dharmakaya of Buddha–the enlightenment as realization of true unity of it all is being worked out.

Stability and freedom are a must to realize yourself deeply and you must strive for them at every step of evolution. As you go up you find that certain limitations no longer exist yet thee will be new limitations and you need to work on removing those limitations. These need not be external. You must realize that what you see outside is merely a reflection of what is inside–so when you have a clean heart you will only see love, beauty, compassion and light all around you. You will see immense intelligence and there is no limit to light. There is no limit to love and intelligence–they’re growing infinitely.

Good inspiring books, friends, things which really helped you in past(wisdom recollections) are considered your spiritual genes and they’re not to be shunned in new dimensions. You will realize that no memories stay and emptiness is what you merely read or heard about before but is a fact in your day-to-day life. This is where you need to crystallize spiritual intelligence by reading good books and convincing yourself that all light is within you. You are not alone because all your spiritual friends are with you–at every step. Remembering your masters, guides, loved ones and friends helps you sail through states where light is very low and shimmering only at banks. Enlightened masters like Buddha, Nisargadatta, Rumi, Kabir, Nanak, Jesus, Mother Mary, Elecktra, Vajrayogini, Tara, Padmasambhava, Shri Ram Sharma, Eckhart Tolle, J. Krishnamurti, Kuan Yin, Ramana Maharshi are in the ocean of being and immediately bridge you with eternal when you remember them. This faith is faith for your highest self  and devotion is to purify your intellectual and emotional obscurations to have courage to look at your deepest fears, anxieties and desires. 

After a certain time, it becomes your conviction that death doesn’t exist in the way you thought it does. It’s merely fear which can be called death. Death is fear of being alone, fear of losing knowledge, friends, comfort and harmony. Death is fear of moving into the unknown. Death is fear of being hurt again and again by poverty, criticism, alienation and desires. Death is being unable to rest and being unable to sleep. Death is clinging to certain forms or being attached to certain ways of living. Death is not being able to let-go and not being able to trust anybody. When you realize very clearly that your life, death and rebirth are continuum of memories and there is no hard center in you which lives or dies–you’re unafraid of death. When you traverse through the valley of death–you are merely traversing through your dark memories and those dark memories are not just yours–they come from common collective pool of consciousness. You are healing yourself and healing others by witnessing those memories. You’re bearing pain of others and by attending that pain you release light to life. Life is never as fresh as after death. Without death life is stale and stagnant. The death happens every moment for the ego–because it’s ever recreated but for the real–there is no death because it was not created–it’s eternal. Realizing this means realizing eternal life in which there is infinite beauty, infinite joy and boundless freedom to create.

Reality is something which can’t be expressed in words. Apparently we can’t express even our simple feelings of beatitude. love and joy in words–then how could we express what is infinitely more than all of these! Reality is neither one, nor many, it’s a mystery of mysteries as far as becoming and exploring aspects of yourself is concerned. But it’s your everyday existence–the very feeling of “I AM” as far as Being is concerned. You’re reading these words and you are. This is a fact. This is Peace. This is Being. Abide in this. Evolutionary momentum is needed so that you could abide in this with all others and there is no suffering for yourself or others.

A technique to employ to gain evolutionary momentum is to bring timelessness to all your interactions no matter where and when. If you’re reading something–realize that it’s happening ‘now’. In the sense that writer is actually writing it as you are reading it! The book might have been written a thousand years ago–your higher self is present beyond time–so in a way you’re talking to yourself. Imagine the writer talking to you directly and boundaries of time and space dissolving. This will take you into the timelessness. Similarly when you watch a movie–intensely realize that it’s happening right now–that in another multiverse this story is being created. The actors, musicians and directors are all your higher self and you can talk to them–live. No matter how old that movie or TV show is–you can make it live provided you’re intensely focussed in the “I AM” presence and with loving kindness you meditate on dissolving time and space boundaries. Fifth dimensional beings look at future as mountains and past as valleys–similarly you can look at past, present and future being one unified field of frozen events to be activated by your awareness. By doing this practice you will awaken your higher aspects of self.

There are infinite aspects of self and infinite dimensions. They’re all interconnected. Humility, kindness and love for yourself are a must to travel through light and at every level you will find that your surroundings remain more or less unchanged as far as forms go. It’s because there truly are no others. You’re attached to body-minds and certain habits and this makes you believe that others are body minds too. As you raise your vibrations you rise up and find that your family and friends are already there. Actually you are already your highest self but you need to rediscover it! You will find infinite creativity, miracles, light and love along the way. All your desires will get fulfilled and some new ones will be created in you because you’re a co-creator in a reality which consists all. The new desires are for becoming free from all desires. Olden desires were because of limitations. The realization that you really need nothing will always be with you provided you are stable, kind and compassionate to yourself and others. To recollect wisdom you need energy and memory which comes from logos or holy spirit–that’s why you should keep doing what is good and meditate with earnestness. There is no need to immediately demand destruction of body or environment as you realize yourself–you need to grow in wisdom and light by being aware to pain and blockages in your subtle bodies and have patience to love yourself. By loving yourself as you are you love all and by loving your friends you love yourself. When there is no duality–becoming and being are same–so love of yourself is love of all and only creativity and intelligence shines through.

The Art of Creating Light in Yourself!

Awakening can be beautiful and traumatic at the same time. I found ‘The Tibetan Book of The Dead’ at a time when I was going through most intense Dark Night of The Soul. I feel I experienced dark entities, angels, dharma-pals and various friends who guided me through. Where I am right now is beyond ordinariness of space-time as you–the reader is co-creating this reality to transmute the  reality you’re in, by developing a serving attitude–a Bodhichitta–an intentional action to create a more loving, abundant, joyous and beautiful cosmos by being yourself. Life, death and living are one–you need to master this and keep this in mind in order to truly live and shine your light for others. From my immediate experience and recollections of wisdom I can tell that your life-situation is changing–constantly as you’re awakening. Even if you’re going through a very difficult phase–hold your ground and don’t give up–light is bound to come. Moreover, you can read inspiring books and meditate. I highly recommend reading I Am That, Power of Now and The Tibetan Book of Dead along with other spiritual books that help you.There are a few techniques I find very useful to protect yourself in the fourth dimension. One-pointedness is a must in order to evolve further–no matter where you find yourself right now. Chanting a mantra constantly(by allotting a bandwidth to it) is one of the techniques. Your heart center needs to be clear in order to let light shine through you. Integration on levels will happen provided you listen to your heart and keep focussing on mantra. Don’t let your mind get distracted by surroundings–as soon as it does–bring it back on mantra. Being in a calm environment and using head-phones or earplugs which feed a good healing mantra into your body-mind also gives you good energies for integration–then you need to chant a mantra to clarify your heart center. A mantra like OM AH HUM or OM Mani Padme Hum will clear your intellectual and emotional obscuration. Whatever you chant goes to your environment and creates your surroundings as well as various layers of body-mind. So speak positive things and speak mantra internally at all times–this heals you and all those around you! Covering your ears and chanting mantra helps you transcend time-space and then you can focus even more on mantra. Thus one-pointedness will increase. This will increase light in your body and make you feel blissful. Patience, perseverance and positive intentions are keys for generation of light and its maintenance. Listening to divine word should always be done. It’s inside you at all times but gets activated when there is collection of wind-energies by using a mantra. ( breathing techniques done with one-pointedness also create transcendence of time-space) At the time of high energy crisis–you need to love yourself. Love every aspect of yourself and accept it. Open your heart by being aware that there are many beings  who need light like you. That, there’s a great evolutionary possibility of gaining immense light by earnestly doing anything that takes you to it. Do visualization practices and be grateful for what you have. Being grateful to your friends, especially spiritual friends and gurus makes you capable of rising above limitations of environments. Remember your spiritual friends and guides and keep doing positive for yourself and others. Radiation part of light is chanting and thinking and absorption part is “pure listening” with covered ears. Radiation part does two things: it allows you to connect with infinity of light beings across various dimensions,universes and realms–opening your heart center fully and pure listening integrates energies you receive back from them into your body and mind. The mantra recitation makes you capable of sending light rays of love and positivity to all light beings as well as those who are in distress. In-turn you get more light back and when pure-listening and surrender-meditation are practiced you absorb these light rays–play of darkness and light gets imprinted into higher consciousness and your body-vessel becomes an integrated divine manifestation of love. We will keep talking through these pages–I thank all of you and Kuan Yin for being there for me. May we all shine our light as we evolve further! Love and light to you!

Waking Life

Richard Linklater’s waking life is a visual depiction of a seeker of reality who finally merges into it and disappears. The film starts with a young kid playing a game in which his destiny is suggested to be dreaming.  The kid moves out of the game and starts floating in the air as if in a lucid dream. Then he finds himself growing up and talking to various philosophers, experts, people at random and friends. He finds himself in many strange situations but after every one of them he finds that he was merely dreaming. Sometimes he is one of the characters, sometimes  merely a witness, sometimes an onlooker and sometimes merely watching a TV show—all in a dream. Towards the end he finds himself talking to a person in a bar playing Foosball–who tells him about a novel by Philip K. Dick. The novel tells about falsity of time and space and reality which dawned upon the author all of a sudden. The kid asks about the method to wake up and the person tells him to simply wake up! He wakes up on his bed and finds himself dreaming. He then again discovers many things like time, space, quantum mechanics, language, psychology, biology, society and life. Finally he finds out that he has been meeting same people mostly…and those people didn’t have any substantial reality other than shadowy personas projected by his memories, fears, desires, habits, likes and dislikes. He finally reaches to his home where his destiny was revealed to be the dream. Realizing that there was no destiny whatsoever he starts flying once again to disappear and merge into reality. Into his own Self.

Awakened Sleep Or Jagrit Sushupti!

The dream of this universe lasts until duality lasts. There’s a beautiful example to explain how Jeevanmuktas seem to function like everyone else: if you suddenly come across a snake while walking along a road– your whole body starts shivering and heart starts pumping extra blood to make you ready for action. If upon being closely examined this snake is found to be actually  a rope which was mistaken for a snake from afar or because of faulty vision a great sigh of relief is experienced but all the reactions which got triggered earlier don’t totally disappear immediately after the realization. The main difference between before and now is  in the fact that you’re no longer active with the idea that there is a danger ahead. You no longer prepare yourself consciously and since an inert rope is no cause for alarm or any action you simply pass along with an air of detachment.

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Guru Purnima and The Blogoversary!

Today is Guru Purnima and my blog has very recently completed one year on WordPress. I had forgotten about the anniversary but WordPress reminded. Last year’s article on Guru Purnima  says almost all which is needed to be said. Today  I would just like to talk a bit. First, I would like to thank WordPress and fellow bloggers who made blogging easier for me. I would also like to thank all anonymous readers. 


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Three Cases of Awakening!

Someone willing to study spiritual nativities in Astrology faces a few problems. One of them is unavailability of accurate birth data. Another is lack of reliable information on awakening. That is why there are very few birth charts available online today which shed light on relationship of awakening with planetary energies and alignments. I would like to share a few of such nativities today, where kundalini awakenings were recorded accurately along with the birth data.


Jiddu Krishnamurti’s Awakening

Jiddu Krishnamurti was an eminent thinker of twentieth century and one of the most celebrated spiritual figures. He was anti-guru and very reasonable. He was born on May 12th 1895, Sunday at about 00:32 AM in Mandapalli, Andhra Pradesh India. Below given is his birth chart and navamsa (courtesy:


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Beyond Being Helped!

It’s suffering borne out of ignorance, of darkness. When your body and mind are not at ease you know why they’re not so most of the time. But when people around you suffer, you wonder why they are suffering. When you can feel their pain it’s no longer their pain–it’s yours. We don’t suffer only for our own pain but also for those around us. We might be insensitive to their suffering and then it’s not a suffering for us but if we are sensitive we feel the pain. Sometimes we feel the pain more than the people suffering do–because we are suffering for too many people at once–hearing too many cries simultaneously. When you see ignorance and resultant suffering you are compelled to help people out of their suffering but sometimes despite best of your intentions you can’t. Either they’re reluctant to accept help or they have grown so much in it that they’ve gone beyond being helped. But withdrawing yourself isn’t easy–simply accepting that it’s so and you can’t change it–you can’t alleviate their suffering, isn’t easy. Their suffering becomes your worst nightmare.



Bodhisattva is the name given in Buddhist texts to the beings who are inches away from enlightenment. They’re immensely compassionate and want to show others a way out of their suffering but what if they can’t? It remains their suffering. If you hear too many cries around you and can’t shut yourself down to them you are bound to suffer because of them. It’s your suffering because you’re hypersensitive. Either for good or  for bad you are carrying a heavy weight inside you which can’t let you be at ease. Some people live in so much darkness that they create suffering for themselves and for others –incessantly by their own actions. They have no insight into the mechanisms which create pain for themselves and others and these mechanisms keep repeating themselves for their entire lives. What do you do when you see too many people living in darkness around you? What do you do when all you could do in your power fails to rescue them out of their suffering? How do you desensitize yourself from their pain and how do you shut yourself down? This pain is what makes it impossible for you to sleep and stirrings eventually lead to awakening. Then suffering is but you walk on waters. You float on it.

What Is The Meaning Of Life?


What is Life?

Life is generally considered to be the story woven by ego. You have a memory and ego acts as a connector for all memories from all experiences, giving an illusory sense of continuity where there is none. You connect all the dots without knowing it and a story is born and you call it life! Generally when we say life, we mean a story. A story, in which, you are the central figure and then there are events, people, friends, relatives, shocks, surprises, epiphanies, gains and losses.

In mystic sense, you are life. Everything is because you are. It may sound paradoxical but it’s the truth. If you move out of picture your universe vanishes too. Your universe is dependent on you, so you are life. If you are not so engrossed in the events outside you, you will get in touch with eternal fountain of life which is your quintessence.

God is Life! 

Life is not different from reality or essence. God is the ultimate reality residing in everything that exists in manifested or potential form. You are because God is and God is because you are. You are not different from God and God is not different from you in essence.

Love is Life!

All life is born out of love and moved by love. Your essence is love. Love and life are synonyms. Lack of love is lack of life and lack of life is lack of love. Your core is love so you need love. It’s not a luxury. It’s an indispensable need of human existence. Those who don’t get love and think they can do without it just by mental gymnastics, lose all touch with the fountain of life and like a tree whose roots have lost touch with the ground, they wither and become dry. Continue reading “What Is The Meaning Of Life?”

Some musings on dreams



Dreams have fascinated humans since eons. They have also been used in divination. Dream interpretation as used by Freud and others, was considered a tool of the psychoanalysis. I have also been fond of discussions involving dreams, especially, the ones which were somehow related to the ultimate reality. I also had a dream journal for a while. The first law of behavioral Psychology suggests that you get more of what you reinforce; therefore, if you reinforce the behavior of recalling your dreams, interpreting them, describing them; you are, reinforcing the behavior of becoming more perceptive of your dreams and vice versa.
There is a boundary between the conscious and subconscious of your mind. The more sensitive and artistic a mind becomes, thinner the boundaries are. For me, the behavior of compulsive scribbling has been associated very highly with the thinning of the boundary. One of the very direct corroboration…

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