Darkness Absolute!

This post is inspired by my conversations with Eli Kyoko who writes at Moonlit Pieces.  The song is also her recommendation. Thank you Eli!

Zaza: What is absolute darkness and how does it relate to fear?

Logos: Absolute darkness contains all there was, is or will be. Though it’s neither potential of eventualities nor eventualities in themselves. It’s the very essence, the reality which imparts being to every thing and yet it’s non-being at the same time. Whatever you can imagine or can’t imagine is contained in it. That which is or isn’t is Absolute. There are no differences of right or wrong, real or imaginary in the Absolute and it’s like a black hole attracting every light particle around it and making it still inside it. Though it’s merely a metaphor as all black holes, singularities and multiplicities are contained in it. Continue reading “Darkness Absolute!”


Witness of Witnesses!

Zaza: Now is the only Truth. Is it not true?

Logos: Truth can’t be expressed in words or experienced. It is. And it isn’t. And then some. Every now presupposes a then. Every present presupposes a past and a future. The need for now is essentially because all consciousness is consciousness of duality. Pain. Separation. The trifurcation of Time is as much of an illusion as Time itself which is consciousness vibrating at a lower frequency of vibration. Memory has Time stamps and they project all the sensations which are interpreted as now, then and then. Undivided consciousness is the light of love. It alone is. You’re it. The Absolute. Though in consciousness it has past, present, future and space–infinite space. Bringing your attention into now connects you to true home because that’s the point where “I am” connects with Absolute. The light of love allows consciousness to perceive itself as its object and it starts perceiving objects, world, past, present and future.  Continue reading “Witness of Witnesses!”

Darkness and Lila!

Zaza: Dear master, why  there is darkness if everything is an expression of Absolute?

Logos: There are many similes to understand this but none of them can replace realization. And no realization can replace liberation. Absolute is both light and darkness. It’s either absolute darkness or absolute light beyond consciousness. To mind it appears as darkness-frightening because everything it knew is consumed by it. Death, life, rebirth are one–you may call it life or consciousness. It’s Absolute’s spectacle. All consciousness is memory and it’s playing when it considers some of it its own object. It’s like shadows being created when there are objects on path of light. Only difference is–consciousness is its own obstacle, light and shadow. And there is a light beyond consciousness which is Absolute. Nothing can be said about it with any certainty because all certainties and contradictions operate within the consciousness. Continue reading “Darkness and Lila!”

A Prison and A Dream

Zozo: Sometimes I feel I am in a prison. This life is a punishment for some other lives where I did something wrong and as a result–all freedom was taken away from me. I am not the only prisoner here though–I feel this is purgatory and everyone here is spending their life-sentences–though most of them don’t see iron bars. They don’t see limitations, traps, repetitions and enormous suffering like I do.

Zaza: But as you told me once before we don’t have any idea if other dimensions exist for sure. It’s all myths, scriptures and hearsay. If all we have is this world and this life–comparing it to a penitentiary is flawed because this is an experience, a way of living which exists inside this world–like other modes–being free and able to accomplish what one aims for. 

Zo: Yes, this analogy of prison is inherently flawed but I feel it comes to us from those beings who realized unbound freedom and had their previous experience of limitation to compare it with. It’s faith in that freedom–not only because someone said so but also because our intuition, something inside us tells us that there must be different modes of existence. Take dreams for example: we feel much more freedom and things are more fluid compared to waking state–which suggests that there must be another state even more free from both dream and waking and quiescent like sleep state Continue reading “A Prison and A Dream”

Zuzu and Zozo

Zuzu: Dear master, I am going gaga over the pithy call received today from the Galactic Core, connotation of which goes way over my head.  

Master Logos: Galactic core is well-aligned with our Sun at present. Cosmic central Sun, Galactic Sun and Solar Sun are all in sync, therefore an open heart is bound to create an overflow of information which is pristine at this point in time. Gandanta Mula phase will last a few more days, then sing old seasonal songs as you usually do.

Zuzu: I observed that Zozo wanted to work with me again, having made accommodations for my idiosyncrasies this time around. He sang last season:

“You thought you’d be bored, I’ve you floored!” Continue reading “Zuzu and Zozo”

Dependent Arising!

Darshan or ‘proper seeing’ is the word for Philosophy in Sanskrit/Hindi. All masters, including those in Buddhism have emphasized importance of Samyaka Darshana or proper viewing. It imparts right knowledge about inherent hollowness of all things including that of mind and knowledge(even ‘proper seeing’ is hollow-empty)

Simply speaking everything is dependent on everything else and nothing becomes possible until entirety of cosmos makes it so. Even a single minuscule factor missing from an equation makes it impossible to be exactly the same. The supreme deluder Time plays a trick on everyone by making them think they’re the doers. When you feel elated because of a sense of achievement after a desire has been fulfilled it is merely a deception created by ego. Similarly when you feel dejected because a desire has been denied by the existence it’s another deception with a dark color.  Continue reading “Dependent Arising!”

Through Darkness Towards Light

These are extraordinary times. I never ever felt like it was truly radical a shift in my surroundings and environment before. Now there is an unmistakable shift happening into a more spiritual dimension which is full of love, light, peace, intelligence, beauty, compassion and understanding. Darkness is most grim before the dawn of bliss, therefore as old patterns are breaking away and things which no longer serve our greater good are melting away we are feeling up and down every day and every hour of the day. To be stable to practice what needs be practiced is wise and to understand that basics don’t change as far as spiritual values are concerned is wisdom. If you need more power, more love and more compassion ask your inner self and it will be given.

This is a time of awakening as well as integration. Awakening is limitless so you might want to inculcate certain behavior patterns which are in accordance with flow and which lead you towards highest love and intelligence. Integration means being a whole as your physical, mental and spiritual bodies are aligned well with your environment and with entirety of universe, multiverse, cosmos and absolute. Continue reading “Through Darkness Towards Light”

The Scientist

1. The time and space don’t exist for you because you are absolute. You are time and space and yet beyond it.2. There are infinite parallel universes overlapping on the surface of consciousness. You don’t inhabit a universe but multiverses even as a personality. Events which happen are out there and their perceiver arises only in perceiving. There is no perceiver independent from perception. Only life exists which is sum of infinite events. Death, life and rebirth are one. All events are on screen projected by your light and exist only for a split second so all beings from smallest to biggest are merely shadows.   3. You’re absolutely free as everyone else. Elements act on elements in nature. Nature, mind, consciousness are all names for active Self. You’re that Self and yet beyond all this free from contents of all types. 4. You’re never bound–even when you imagine you’re–neither you’re free–nature and universe is conglomeration of opposites and their harmony. 5. You’re infinitude of infinites NOW. There is no perfection in future–you merely assume a goal and start chasing it. This is nature’s doing. 6. Bondage, yearning, desire, evil and good all exist in nature–in universal mind and differ from situation to situation—there is no good, bad or ugly in absolute. 7. All that you ever wanted to be you already are. Identification with personality makes you believe that you are merely a personality, an identity which is to be protected from things and forces external to it–the Truth is–you’re the only reality there is–hence past, present and future–including all identities exist in you and you’re in all identities. 8. Anything you ever imagined is possible—anything you will ever imagine is possible–is already happening in another universe and all infinite universe draw their being from you. 9. Every element discovered by you is as perfect as you’re–no higher or lower existence as far as reality is concerned—every situation is a dream witnessed by a prime mover who witnesses infinite universes moving through  surface of consciousness. 10. Reality is not the reward of being eligible, fit or training—you’re always reality because reality alone is–which is both indescribable and indefinable–being beyond imagination, words and understanding. All that you understand is a pointer to your very own Self. There is no higher or lower self. 11. For waking state merely brings similar patterns as dream state–there is no difference between waking or dreaming. Sleeping is same as awakening and you are beyond all states because all states are made possible by you. You’re the proof of all isms, ideologies, sciences, knowledge and beings. Nothing could prove your being and be independent of you as well.

Waking Life

Richard Linklater’s waking life is a visual depiction of a seeker of reality who finally merges into it and disappears. The film starts with a young kid playing a game in which his destiny is suggested to be dreaming.  The kid moves out of the game and starts floating in the air as if in a lucid dream. Then he finds himself growing up and talking to various philosophers, experts, people at random and friends. He finds himself in many strange situations but after every one of them he finds that he was merely dreaming. Sometimes he is one of the characters, sometimes  merely a witness, sometimes an onlooker and sometimes merely watching a TV show—all in a dream. Towards the end he finds himself talking to a person in a bar playing Foosball–who tells him about a novel by Philip K. Dick. The novel tells about falsity of time and space and reality which dawned upon the author all of a sudden. The kid asks about the method to wake up and the person tells him to simply wake up! He wakes up on his bed and finds himself dreaming. He then again discovers many things like time, space, quantum mechanics, language, psychology, biology, society and life. Finally he finds out that he has been meeting same people mostly…and those people didn’t have any substantial reality other than shadowy personas projected by his memories, fears, desires, habits, likes and dislikes. He finally reaches to his home where his destiny was revealed to be the dream. Realizing that there was no destiny whatsoever he starts flying once again to disappear and merge into reality. Into his own Self.


Absolute is neither conscious nor unconscious because it’s beyond consciousness. It’s homogeneous, continuous and without any gaps or divisions of any kind. Words don’t reach it neither imagination does. It’s consciousness in which imagination creates various names and universes. Time and space are both creators and destroyers of perception and perception is creator of both time and space though perception can’t destroy time and space.

From the viewpoint of consciousness variations and discontinuity can’t exist without time and space. Time is change and change is time. Time’s passage is not independent of thoughts and thoughts aren’t independent of time. Time and thoughts come into existence together and disappear together. There is no possibility of infinite pleasure because consciousness is consciousness of change. Time doesn’t allow infinite pleasure or pain. Consciousness is also impermanent because awareness is not describable–it’s not a concept. It’s dark and mysterious as far as consciousness trapped in mind forms is concerned but Truth is that it alone is and thought forms don’t exist. That which has a beginning has an end and is therefore hollow.