The Promissory Note!

I promise the bearer to pay one hundred rupees.

–signed governor

Reading the note credulous seraphic kid went to the house of governor and showing him the note held in his hand demanded him to pay the sum he had promised in the note written on the note.

Are you mad? The very note you’ve in your hand is the money promised said governor.

Oh, is that so, why then did you need to make a promise?

That was needed to authenticate the note–a fiat, governor said.

Then your signatures would’ve sufficed-why add another note?

That’s custom, an economical,constitutional,federal issue which can’t be grasped by your simple mind I am afraid.

enough said.



On his way to work he used to see this limping man with a grey stubble. A reel flashed before his eyes-a decade of fervent activity when life seemed to be fun and full of hope. Today he decided to salute the old man. The old man didn’t recognize the biker but returned greetings out of politeness. This night-in a dream- the young man finds himself talking to his school friend whom he hadn’t seen in over a decade and half. He tells him that he missed his company and it seemed very mysterious and curious that he was the only one out of their school lot to have dropped out of their gang altogether. Nobody had heard from him for a long time.  In the dream language he tells that his mother had died and that rendered him deeply depressed–he merged himself into pile of studies and went on to earn a doctorate and started teaching in a college. Listening this the young man hugged his friend hard and kept rubbing his back to comfort him. The next day as he saw the old man on his way to work he stopped and after exchanging a few greetings  asked about his son. In a sad tone the old man reported about the demise of his son a while ago-he had committed suicide.  The old man was a drunkard and used to beat his wife and children in their childhood. The reason behind the death of the woman remains unknown but the young man had completely forgotten about the fact that it was a piece of information given to him by another friend and it seemed like a fresh news given to him in a dream by the son of the deceased. The subconscious has a way with images-it deletes many things and prepares recipes for dreams-the night is long and the show must go on; he thought to himself as the old man sobbed a little.


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There are two approaches to treat my writings-first one, expecting consistency in thoughts and themes is bound to fail in its efforts through and through–the second, much like life itself can be treated as a testament of varying moods and themes. For example, last year, around this time-I hated Satan whereas I am in love with him this time around. My views on things change very often and they often reflect movement of stars as I find myself very susceptible and permeable to energies around me. Defining ‘me’ could be difficult and disengaging but it’s enough to say that there is no consistent personality as amalgamation of many energies in an equilibrium to environment operates as identities in various persons. There are people who know that they do nothing and there are people who think they do everything and among those two extremes there are most who think they do some things and some other things just happen. I don’t know much about the game of life but I seem to side with existential thinkers who advocate that meaning is created in life by us–that there is no absolute meaning.

Waiting to find Truth and then communicating it with others is futile because Truth can’t be expressed in words and can’t be found in words. The purpose behind writing is not to be absolutely sure about things you write about even if you write nonfiction.  Continue reading “Masquerade”

Queen Elizabeth’s Birth Chart

Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; born 21 April 1926) has been Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand since 6 February 1952. Additionally, she is Head of the Commonwealth and Queen of 12 countries that have become independent since her accession: Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

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Capricorn arises on the eastern horizon with a deeply exalted Mars which is accompanied by atmakaraka Jupiter. Atmakaraka rising in lagna or navamsa indicates royal births(though not always as sometimes it might just be individuals having bearings like royal personages.) This union of Jupiter and Mars is in itself a powerful combination and it is present in 9 out of 16 prime divisional charts in this nativity! As I indicated in case of Aurangzeb royal personages often indicate peculiarities in divisional charts. Also examine powerful cancellation of debility of Jupiter as it’s with a planet which is in deeply exalted in a Kendra house. Moreover, lagna lord Saturn which is retrograde(by virtue of which it becomes even more of a benefic) and also sign lord of Jupiter aspects it fully from Labha bhava.  Continue reading “Queen Elizabeth’s Birth Chart”


English is a funny language with some inherent structures which are beyond the understanding of even eminent linguists leave alone lay persons. There are plenty of usages which confound us but here I am going to talk about a simple word which I have almost always interpreted to have opposite of its actual meaning.

accurate   inaccurate

correct      incorrect

valuable   invaluable

In case of the first two words here, the prefix ‘in’ creates words which are antonyms but in case of  valuable it gets confusing. Invaluable doesn’t mean worthless-it means something which is so valuable that its cost can’t be estimated. Clearly when valuable joins the prefix ‘in’ its value magnifies positively instead of becoming negative as usual for other words. Arithmetic rhythm is at work here or so it seems.

P.S. : I am sure there are plenty of cases where prefix ‘in’ doesn’t make the antonym of the word it’s added to-another example is habitable and inhabitable which mean the same thing. In a way valuable and invaluable are antonyms–if valuable is taken in a negative sense-then something valuable has a limited value whereas invaluable is so precious that its value can’t be esteemed.


Real is imaginary

What is imaginary and what is real? If anything is, it must have a basis in reality, therefore there’s nothing absolutely imaginary or real. If anything can be imagined it must be, similarly if anything is, it must be capable of being imagined by someone. That which is imaginary for a reality must be reality for another reality, thus the question is, is there anything which isn’t real or imaginary? Categorically, differentiation is needed only for being functional in your day-to-day life otherwise no thought stands scrutiny because none of it’s more real than any other, it’s a stand-alone premise. Activity or motion is very life of life-energy.

A Paradox to Emboss!

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A paradox is a logical puzzler that contradicts itself in a baffling way. “This statement is false” is a classic example, known to logicians as “the liar’s paradox.” Paradoxical statements may seem completely self-contradictory, but they can be used to reveal deeper truths. When Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist anything except temptation,” he used a paradox to point to our fundamental weakness to give in to tempting things (like chocolate or a pretty smile), all the while imagining that we can hold firm and resist them.If you’re staring into the maw of a wild animal you should probably think about running away as fast as you can. A maw, you see, is an informal term for a mouth. Continue reading “A Paradox to Emboss!”

All Sundry and Water-balloons!

I’ve heard word Vim for a long time without ever being curious to know its meaning. The reason is its being used by a company which manufactures bars to clean kitchen-wares. I thought it might be just a fancy word without any meaning and etymologist in me didn’t get triggered even once-obviously I’ve not heard the phrase vim and vigor either.

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Vim is an odd-looking word, but it stands for a simple concept: being ready for activity, especially vigorous activity. Someone who is always playing sports or going on trips is full of vim. Someone who lies on the couch watching TV all day shows very little vim. This word often appears in the phrase “vim and vigor.” If you have vim, you have energy and you’re ready to put that energy into all sorts of activities; you’re up for anything.

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Some Interesting Eponyms!

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Nicotine is most commonly known for occurring in tobacco, and therefore in cigarettes. In small amounts, nicotine is a stimulant, although in larger quantities it’s considered a poison and is even used in many insecticides. The earliest French root of the word was nicotiane, which comes from the Modern Latin botanical term for the tobacco plant, Nicotiana, named for Jean Nicot, the French ambassador who first brought tobacco from Brazil to France in 1561.Chauvinism means the belief that your country is superior to all others. Continue reading “Some Interesting Eponyms!”

Horoscope of Fidel Castro!

The longest-serving non-royal head of state in the 20th and 21st centuries, Castro polarized world opinion. His supporters view him as a champion of socialism and anti-imperialism whose revolutionary regime advanced economic and social justice while securing Cuba’s independence from American imperialism. Critics view him as a dictator whose administration oversaw human-rights abusesthe exodus of a large number of Cubans and the impoverishment of the country’s economy. Castro was decorated with various international awards and significantly influenced various individuals and groups across the world.


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