Club Ball!

Zaza: Dear master why do enlightened people have no doubts?

Logos: Enlightened means full of knowledge. Knowledge is light. Knowledge is love. Knowledge is peace. And Knowledge is memory. All knowledge means having access to totality of memory at all times. But that’s a complicated explanation. A human brain can handle only a tiny amount of information and energy. The awakening is unfolding of memory and remembering what we are timelessly makes all doubts disappear. Doubts are because of pain. Pain asks a thousand questions peace asks none. In love, in peace, in light all questions, all doubts disappear. Subject and object division disappears. Continue reading “Club Ball!”


Vibgyor Bubbles!



Touch of a saint,



Another pipeline,

Valleys, horizon, violet indigo dreams,

Miss communication asks me strange questions,

Her range cooks all spicy delicacies,

I put peppermint into my coffee, Continue reading “Vibgyor Bubbles!”

One Hundred and Eleven!

Guesstimate mate ate blunderbuss for lunch hunch proved right vedas sand das kapital

Controlled enrolment mendacious mendicant cant,

Hedge edge educe deuce edification cation catwalk anion ion on and on.

Naphtha strings rings ophthalmology owls slow low wallow,

Colonnade portico port colon culvert vertiginous vertices,

Paladin aladin din clamor mortal kombat batman, Continue reading “One Hundred and Eleven!”

Peppermint Parchments!

Peppermint parchments pachyderm papyrus rusticated rustic resuscitates rodomontade rouge roulette

Tip given to toe venerated plight of height eighty eight ignited hearts burnt through winter on which angels and demons warmed their hands ands or nands nors gates crashes fates rashes ashes.

Reedy redwood farrier ready warrior eddy currents dying on rent entrance trance rancid id.

An era rap par pepper pert turpitude turnip nibs snippets pet peeves evening gown glasgow lasso  

Serendip dipped into a lake met a lark a spark ignited infinite phantoms haatim tai talismans 

Hedge edge geez ease cease crease seas as a caesura.




Alternate nostril breathing has many advantages which other breathing techniques give, still some of its distinct advantages are because of some of the following :

The left hemisphere of brain controls right half of body and vice versa. ANB helps you synchronize these two and optimize brain functioning.

The volume of air passing through two nostrils passes through one which makes pressure on various glands and nerves just double the amount of usual, add the deep rapid breathing to it and synchronization of brain halves–you help stimulate pineal gland which usually remains dormant. 

The left(Ida), central(Sushumna) and right(pingala) channels join at the upper tip of the nose between eyebrows; repeated practice helps remove obscurities which stop wisdom winds from entering to central channel from left and right channels where they are known as karmic winds. 


Soyabean Berries!

Furlough loafer rough gopher peripheral pheromone monad mnemonic moniker,

Boondoggle on boon dog year doggerel early earful eavesdrop dew vase flower pot,

Stalwart wart tavern vernacular culinary connoisseur consomme borscht brew,

Coterie clique farrier far fledged fledgling fulgent fulsome flagrant grant rant ant an a t.

Maunder under smattering muttering utterly terse matters mauna luna una flux lux candela.

Coxswain ox coaxing axis catherine at wax statue habitue boatswain beau au gratis.

Monitors and Proctors!

Turtle tyler durden drummer rummaged inside his aged head but found no zedi edifying his flying soccer skull

Pink drums green brain sticks and stones may break some tones not all notes get lost in mayhem

The class didn’t know they were mates. They were made monitors and dreamed about prisons. Then they again dreamed about classes and forgot about the passage gone haywire as mosquitoes bite them. Monitors were not privy to proctors but they had premonitory premonitions about promontory. They kept plodding with their good nature.

Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy. Continue easy and you’re right. Easy way about the right way is to forget it’s easy and forget it’s right. 

—Chuang Tzu  



Cosmic Cake!

Ease is yours ours now eternity fraternity peace,

Myth you recreate every morning very dream of dream,

Stairs down the infinity hall walls mirrors your song long overdue duels fuels for awakening fillers domes modes destitute lotuses litotes stilted lilts,

Lotus-Pink, white, purple, red, green, azure.

Blank canvass lanka painter resonance, Continue reading “Cosmic Cake!”

Does it matter which voice asks, what?

Does it matter which voice asks,


If there is just one voice?

Disjointed echoes are collected by a bone collector in a basket,

Adjectives boomerang, Continue reading “Does it matter which voice asks, what?”

Skylark !

Hunker down bunker gown frown own metamorphosis,

Cistern cigarettes hangovers penultimate pen governors,

Zarathustra thrust stranded trends renditions dictions,

Damascus dam mad am amalgamation of gamut muttering smatterings,

Iota kyoto tokyo y2k caterwaul watchword, Continue reading “Skylark !”