Logos: Once a centaur asked a doe, are you my foe? The doe smiled and then said: Abre-los-ojos–I am a figment of your imagination!

Zaza: Master Logos! How pleasant to see you this morning! A wayward reindeer, accosted a man without fear, it had an emblem on its forehead which read ‘interactive fiction,’ the man had misplaced diction, for all his predictions immediately came to happen. The dream had a ring and a fairy, a school where they celebrated his arrival–one who was new there and fogged. His daze didn’t let him call olden cubs and bears but he found himself getting converted into a pettifogger, gossip monger. 

L: A child used to see same dream day-after-day. Once he stopped and asked the dream: why do you keep coming back? The dream said: it’s not that I particularly like visiting you, for I’ve many other things to do, but I am supposed to be your fate, I’m already late, in delivering goods, which I brought from the woods, now let me do my job, get a bob and tie this bib under your chin, no need for pin, else you would choke, let me slightly poke–how does the dream know what you looked like, when you were afraid of your bike, how did the flavored spice scored a ton? They outdid your expectation, trials and tribulation.  Continue reading “Bardo!”


The Hanged Man!

Zaza: What do you eat my lord?

Logos: Plastic, plastic, plastic.

Zaza: Do you eat it thrice daily?

Logos: Whatever suits you well.

I met a man on the way.

Confusion was his name.

He looked bemused and I tried to disabuse him.

Time had slowed him down or

Time slowed down for him?

He thought to himself: “Why everyone around me is running helter-skelter?”

But it took him some time to come to his senses and realize Continue reading “The Hanged Man!”

A Telltale Tale!

Zaza: Bravado master Logos! The night was a long horrendous jungle but I found your sweet melodies ringing into my ears and all my fear disappeared. 

Logos: This morning(oh, is it noon already?) finds you in good health. Did you show them all your wounds, heart-aches, headaches and did you complain about shortcomings in their system?

Z: Not really master for I am a born follower, unless it’s absolutely necessary to point fingers I keep mum. I had accepted my fate a long ago. After-all acceptance is essence of flow–but every now and then-this or that corner of my psyche groans and I let it. This cry is rarely heard by anyone around but I showed it to them because if they were interested in some other parts they must have been interested in these. 

L: You never had kind of help they had but your prepossessions were not wrong. Not even once. The persecution did seem like trials of witches in middle ages but it was an ignominy written in your fate. OTOH it might have been that you were never reading the messages left for you in all the odd places.  Continue reading “A Telltale Tale!”

Cuckoo’s Nest and Dragon Tattoo!

Zaza: Let’s negotiate peace talks.

Logos: Why not. Do you still feel indebted to them?

Z: Yes of course.

L: It’s like this: a profound lover of mystery finds himself as a character in a mystery movie. Puzzles to puzzle him. Is there a greater adventure when you thought all was routine and boring? You thought you will be bored and girl with the dragon tattoo had you floored, decimated, bowled over and much more. 

Z: Not even once I tried to learn their art. 

L: Yes, because it’s not compulsory. Everyone reaches to the goal via different ways. You had it easier than them I suppose. It’s merely a beginning though. Actually it’s always a beginning and end as every beginning is an end and every end a beginning. But you must accept the fact that it all started happening only after tasting the ambrosia–so that might explain it a bit.  Continue reading “Cuckoo’s Nest and Dragon Tattoo!”

Tobacco, Screams, Hackers and Dakinis!

Zaza: I tread slowly for pain is writhing and it has incapacitated me. I hear voices from past, present and future, all of them pointing fingers at me in one way or the other.

Logos: Picayune. They are the voices focussing on trivialities. You remember about the last night dream I had? There was a big bright spot in the sky and I called upon my friends who were waiting for me in the drawing room–we were supposed to go to a marriage ceremony. I also called my sibling and when they came upstairs I showed them the grand play of stars–the bright spot was gone but there were so many cohorts of small scintillating objects and stars moving randomly and rapidly. As I was showing those to them I was also thinking inside myself–there is no use for they are not interested. They’re as much in their dream-world as I am in mine. I feel we’re all speaking to the walls and expecting that walls will listen attentively and respond back. I lay down there watching stars without expecting them to take any interest in them while they were expecting me to join them for the marriage ceremony. Continue reading “Tobacco, Screams, Hackers and Dakinis!”

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Horoscope!


Birth Data: 23 April 1452, 09:40 PM 

Birth data has been taken from and birth charts created using software.  Birth data is corroborated from book Da Vinci’s notebooks which has an introduction where native’s grandfather who was notary clearly tells us that he was blessed with a baby boy at a certain hour of night on a certain date. Leonardo was born out of wedlock and ran into a few difficulties with authorities as a budding artist. He’s widely regarded as the greatest painter of all time and he was also selected in a poll as the greatest genius ever born in an event poll amongst living geniuses on Earth. If he lacked something it was time–as he records in his notebook. He had sheer genius which made him foremost luminary in any field of endeavor. He had a habit of not completing projects and an insatiable curiosity–which makes you feel as if he was a young child, curious but impatient but he actually had a lot more patience than most of us. He invented among other things–tank and flying machine.  Continue reading “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Horoscope!”

A Master A Piece!

Logos: Do I hear an elegy again?

Zozo: Yes master, our solar Sun has entered into Mula, and galactic core is still aligned with it but some people have started to interpret it as an end of festivities.

Logos: They must be the people who don’t follow stars.

Zozo: Yes master. They follow their own rhythm and deny all connections with cosmic dance of molecules.

Logos: Let them be. I don’t admonish anyone nor do I lure for I’ve no cure for malady which is threnody of hopelessness.

Z: Dear master, can esoteric people be garrulous?

L: What can I say, the world appreciates lies and abhors Truth. It has been like this since Chronos supreme established Moon as the governor of the fate of this planet. Continue reading “A Master A Piece!”

A Prison and A Dream

Zozo: Sometimes I feel I am in a prison. This life is a punishment for some other lives where I did something wrong and as a result–all freedom was taken away from me. I am not the only prisoner here though–I feel this is purgatory and everyone here is spending their life-sentences–though most of them don’t see iron bars. They don’t see limitations, traps, repetitions and enormous suffering like I do.

Zaza: But as you told me once before we don’t have any idea if other dimensions exist for sure. It’s all myths, scriptures and hearsay. If all we have is this world and this life–comparing it to a penitentiary is flawed because this is an experience, a way of living which exists inside this world–like other modes–being free and able to accomplish what one aims for. 

Zo: Yes, this analogy of prison is inherently flawed but I feel it comes to us from those beings who realized unbound freedom and had their previous experience of limitation to compare it with. It’s faith in that freedom–not only because someone said so but also because our intuition, something inside us tells us that there must be different modes of existence. Take dreams for example: we feel much more freedom and things are more fluid compared to waking state–which suggests that there must be another state even more free from both dream and waking and quiescent like sleep state Continue reading “A Prison and A Dream”

The Notion of Romantic Love!

Zozo: What do you think about notion of romantic love?

Zaza: I think it’s one of the biggest delusions.

Zo: Why?

Za: Look, don’t get me wrong. As far as its divine part is considered it’s the strongest feeling out there and partly because it’s nature’s call for life to continue. Life wants to express itself and continue reproduction in physical forms–this coupled with strong urge to belong to a group, to be part of a community, to be cared for creates a sense of romantic and conjugal love at base. Then there is a most sublime part to it–which is akin to Self-realization. You love yourself the most no matter what you consider yourself to be. 

If you consider yourself to be body you love your body.

If you consider yourself to be your possessions you love them.

If you consider yourself to be your relatives you love them.

If you consider yourself to be knowledge you love knowledge. Continue reading “The Notion of Romantic Love!”

The Merchant!

There once lived a merchant who wanted to dedicate his goods to an astrophysicist. But influence of astrophysicist was not good for his shop for some reason so he never revealed of his connection to astrophysicist to anyone ever. The need to conform to social codes was one, the need to feed his family was another which made him do things he did. He was a skillful merchant–full of good qualities, hard working, able to weigh his decisions well–but his integrity was only towards his shop though his heart did want to delve into sublimity and there was a dilemma and battle sometimes between these two but as happens usually–stomach used to win over soul. He had much aid but it was his heart which betrayed him often. Continue reading “The Merchant!”