Note: This brief post is prompted by a wonderful post on Jyoti’s blog here

Truth has the power of a million splendid Suns and even more! In the beginning of his spiritual practice Gandhi used to say: God is truth(which is also known in Vedanta as Sat-chit-Ananda trio’s Sat-which means eternal) but when he matured he said: Truth is God as his preconceived notions about God faded one after another but what remained was Truth–touchstone for all his experiences and undertakings. Truth is our ticket out of this dimension and almost every children is taught to be truthful when she is young but as she grows up and observes the world around- she has to start learning to wear masks else it hurts. In the long run ticket is lost and she keeps wandering here waiting for another way out. 

Truth isn’t what we feel is right out of the propositions of right and wrong but rather that which is eternal and uncaused–independent and in our behavior what we know to be according to the best of our knowledge towards ourselves and others. Truth is the easiest way in and the easiest way out. 


The Law of Unity

In Science, Philosophy and Spirituality, during my conversations, with my friends, colleagues and relatives, I have often come to an unspeakable difficulty in explaining the nature of Truth, Reality and Existence. The problem is because there’s no concrete proof that reality is one. It’s true that there is no hard evidence for metaphysical things but you can explain some of them using metaphors and examples. When it comes to the peace, bliss and harmony I am at a halt because I find it exceedingly difficult to convey it to the person next to me that reality is one. Truth is one. Peace and bliss are one.

Those who require some guidance on spiritual path often come up with questions like what is the role of spiritual life when so many individual idiosyncrasies exist. While describing the mysterious element of life you use words like existence, truth, reality, harmony, peace, bliss, self and god. These words don’t mean much without realization. But sometimes the need arises–which presses you to use logic for certain things–in those situations I find it hard to convey the quintessence of reality–which is harmony and unity.

If you look to logic and science-do they really help you? Is there a certain law suggesting that reality is one? I think not. But there are hints. All theories in Science work towards achieving subtler and subtler unity. Look at the God Particle. Look at the Theory of Evolution which traces the evolution back to protozoans–single cellular organisms like Amoeba and Paramecium.  There is a hint in all branches of studies that original element is always one–that there’s a harmony which leads to unity which is the source of everything. The Big-Bang theory of creation of this material universe is also giving a hint towards the unity underlying manifestation. These patterns suggested in theories above give a clear indication that even Science is looking for subtle and unique unity.

But as far as I know there’s not any law in Philosophy or Science which suggests that reality is one. That all phenomena is the outcome of some simple unity which has seeds of all varieties. Spirituality has such theories indeed. Almost every religion leads you to a prime-mover or creator who was in the beginning. Advaita-Vedanta also suggests that Self is one and appearances which are innumerable and multifarious are merely shadows of the Self which is the underlying cause and basis of all of them. But I don’t see any proof towards unity which lends me a hand with logic to explain certain things to those who need them.

Though it’s obvious if you care to observe that there’s unity in diversity. All animals have organisms. Complex organisms have very similar metabolisms. They’ve some liquid like blood circulating through their bodies which gives their organs energy to operate and does other functions. Humans look different from each other but they all have blood and bones inside their bodies. Blood types may be different but it’s basically particles–electrons, protons, neutron, higgs-bosons and hubbasons leading to the God particle and all of these are basically forms of energy. Energy is basically one energy working through all nature and manifestation–its forms are so many–electrical, physical, magnetic, atomic, chemical and so on. But there’s only energy and there’s intelligence which is giving shapes to the energy–this leads you to a harmony. One reality, truth, bliss, peace, existence, light, love and self.

Learned readers might point me to any theory or law which suggests unity among diversity. Thanks for reading!