How your universe collapses and awareness emerges afresh?

Everything which was keeping you fast asleep starts helping you wake up when it’s about time. If you like reading fiction or watching films it will also help you wake up as much as meditation, religion or anything else will. There is no cause for awakening or sleep. When it’s beginning of awakening you see intense suffering and effort on your part which is mostly for your ripening. When you have no desires anymore–only a great longing for peace or truth you realize your Self. Then meditation becomes spontaneous and you realize that you never did anything because yours was no effort at all–it was as if a superpower was working inside your heart all along–which was your true nature. This knowledge takes some time to get well integrated into your system. Beginning of awakening, middle and end are all contained in this moment in NOW–in the ever present. That which appears to happen doesn’t have an existence–that which is true foundation of each event never appears, can’t experienced, can’t be pointed to and can’t be expressed in words albeit by denial of all perceived and imagined.  Continue reading “How your universe collapses and awareness emerges afresh?”


Play of Three Modes of Energy!

Desires fulfilled breed more desires. There’s a story of a monster called Raktabeeja–in a divine war this monster was almost unconquerable. The moment someone spilled its blood it used to recreate a thousand more similar to the original. Then the great illusory potency Mahamaya of God created a form Kaali which is the fierce demoniacal form of mother goddess. This destructive form is also known as Nritti. Nritti slayed the demon of desires and yet its anger is so fierce that entire universe was being destroyed–then Shiva comes to the rescue of the world and lies down in the battle field. The mother steps on Shiva but realizing him to be her master sticks her tongue out.    Continue reading “Play of Three Modes of Energy!”

Who is Shakti?

Many people in India observe fasts during navaratras for nine days and mother goddess Shakti is worshipped in a deity form with magnificent colorful display in many parts of the country. The word Shakti means Power. In general, power is a means to an end–something which fuels various processes is known as power. Power is what gets work done. The goddess who is worshiped is source of all power in universe. She is creatrix, nurturer and destroyer. She acts as Avidya until you’re supposed to sleep and when you need to wake-up she acts as Vidya. She is the one who puts you to sleep until she wants you to wake-up. She is the shock-absorber and shocker. She is alpha and omega. When you wake up she is nowhere to be found. The great spectacle is seen because of her but she is not different from you!


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Kundali and Kundalini!

Today a friend started discussing in words what I had perceived a while ago-that there should be some relation between terms Kundali and Kundalini because they sound so similar. I concurred and then tried to express my views on the same:

Kundali in general means anything with a circular shape . Kundala is the word used for circular ornaments which are generally earrings but might also be used for rings worn on wrists like bands. In Mahabharata epic there is a popular story in which Karna has powerful earrings which he had since birth because he was immaculately conceived from Sun  by Kunti.


Kundalini is not very different from Kundali in meaning. It also means something which has a circular shape. But two terms have been traditionally used for different concepts. Kundali is used for horoscope whereas Kundalini is used for serpentine force  which usually rests at the base of spine.

Are these two related?

I feel they’re deeply related because they’re one and the same thing!

Kundali or horoscope is basically karmic map. At a deeper level horoscope represents Time. Karma or great serpentine Ouroboros is the great devourer Time which has been compared to a dragon or snake eating its own tail because it’s cyclic in nature and infinite.



Ouroboros: Time
Ouroboros: Time

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वृक्ष कबहुँ नहीं फल भखै, नदी ना पीवै नीर !
पर्मारथ के कारनै, साधुन धरा शरीर !

Trees never eat their fruits, river doesn’t drink its water;

It’s only for the ultimate good sages carry their body. 

Tapas or Tapa literally means heat. Tapashcharya means way of living in which you bear heat. In the normal sense it means bearing discomfort or pain for greater good or Dharma. Tapas has had a great significance in Spirituality. From fasts to celibacy and non-violence to truthfulness–all austere pursuits which are dedicated towards spiritual advancement is considered Tapa.

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Sadhu, Sadhana and Siddhi!

In common parlance Sadhu and Saint are two words used together as well as interchangeably. Sadhu is a short form of Sadhaka. Disciple is a proper English word for Sadhaka. Disciple is someone who practices some sort of discipline under a Guru. Sadhu stands for a saintly person in general. In exact terms –harnessing energies for some great goal is discipline and it includes but isn’t limited to controlling body and mind. Thus Sadhu is a very disciplined person especially someone who practices spiritual discipline.

The discipline is Sadhana. It’s introversion. Extroverted energies are made introverted under some expert guidance in order to do inner work which leads to harmony and peace. The guidance or Guru could be a person, many persons, books or Self which acts via inspiration and intuition.

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Awakened Sleep Or Jagrit Sushupti!

The dream of this universe lasts until duality lasts. There’s a beautiful example to explain how Jeevanmuktas seem to function like everyone else: if you suddenly come across a snake while walking along a road– your whole body starts shivering and heart starts pumping extra blood to make you ready for action. If upon being closely examined this snake is found to be actually  a rope which was mistaken for a snake from afar or because of faulty vision a great sigh of relief is experienced but all the reactions which got triggered earlier don’t totally disappear immediately after the realization. The main difference between before and now is  in the fact that you’re no longer active with the idea that there is a danger ahead. You no longer prepare yourself consciously and since an inert rope is no cause for alarm or any action you simply pass along with an air of detachment.

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Why Did Mahabharata War Happen?

The other day, a friend had read about the cause of Mahabharata war and he shared it with me and wanted to know about my view.

Pandavas were five brothers who were righteous and had a common beautiful wife named Draupadi. Duryodhana was eldest among the Kaurava cousins who used trickery and deceit to get what belonged to Pandavas and also humiliated Draupadi because of a deep grudge. The story briefly goes like this: though Kauravas were jealous of Pandavas since very beginning, they became even more inimical after Draupadi humiliated Duryodhana before many people. A special palace was created by the chief artisan of demigods Vishwakarma for Pandavas. It had floors which shined like water bodies and water bodies inside it seemed like plane surfaces. This caused Duryodhana’s fall who was unaware of the design. Draupadi took advantage of the opportunity and mocked Duryodhana and his parents together. Dhritarashtra was blind by birth and his wife had taken a vow to not use her sight after marriage, thus both parents of Duryodhana were practically blind but since they were king and queen they sailed through. Draupadi had previous grudges against Duryodhana and his brothers and she used the opportunity to mock and taunt him.

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Maya: Buffer, Shocker and Self!

In the eleventh canto of Srimad Bhagvatam, Lord Krishna tells his friend and disciple Uddhava about the true nature of bondage and liberation. He tells that there is one Self alone and it’s because of difference among various mental tendencies –we observe so many beings. There exists neither bondage nor liberation. The imagination of bondage as well as liberation is because of Maya(Kundalini). Avidya(illusory potency) and Vidya(liberating potency) are both forms of Kundalini or Shakti.

Until there’s lack of ripeness the Self considers itself to be a limited being. The force which ensures this sleep is called Avidya. The prefix ‘A’ before Vidya suggests that the word is exactly opposite of Vidya. Vidya is the knowledge or force which liberates one from suffering, hence Avidya is the false knowledge which keeps one in bondage.


The humor lies in realizing that both Vidya and Avidya are AVIDYA because they’re parts of the dream. After awakening there is neither bondage nor liberation. They’re like dreams seen last night. It doesn’t matter whether you were running after materialistic pursuits or after some very peaceful heavenly state in your dream. Once dream is over you know that it never was reality. All the attempts to wake-up were in the dream therefore they were also as illusory as the things which kept you sleeping. It might seem paradoxical–because we think our attempts to wake up were really necessary to wake up. Actually we are always awakened–completely enlightened. The belief that we are not is what leads us towards spiritual pursuits and austerity. The tapas merely burns away the notion that we are bound. How dramatic that Vidya which is also AVIDYA has to first come in to make you believe that you are in bondage. Before Vidya comes into play you firmly believe that you need various forms to be at peace. You don’t even imagine that unity exists. But once Vidya starts functioning you start imagining a state which is free from duality and struggle of running after pleasure. Then it makes you so sensitive that you shun all material pleasures as false. Vidya burns away the notion of any separation from peace. Only after realization you firmly get established into the eternal state. It’s your ever present peace behind all movements. Vidya turns extraverted mind inwards. As it becomes introverted and one pointed the stillness increases and gradually becomes firmly established. Continue reading “Maya: Buffer, Shocker and Self!”

The Natural State!

Problems don’t exist in this state for the simple reason that nothing is considered a threat. There remains no compulsion to pursue pleasure. When pursuit of pleasure ends unhappiness and happiness also end. There are various life situations  and you deal with them with equanimity and poise but they’re not  perceived as problems.

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