Oh master,

It can’t both be true,

Experiencing the womb for nine months,

Without an experiencing structure,

And taking stand as beingness,

Which doesn’t differentiate between high and low, Continue reading “Flowering!”



Big dipper’s dip is my line of sight,

Two UFOs hover over the cotton trees,

And a few mothballs,

Dance in the cool breeze,

The garden cat is a braggadocio,

Gossipmongers are sour red plums,

They pop under my feet as I walk,

Plumage of halcyon bird eludes passersby,

It has drunk a bowlful of nectar, Continue reading “Mothballs!”


 I submerge in the excess of Yin,

Interlinked in every fractal well proportionate in aspects,

They play with each other,

They mingle,

Now who would care to look at the caravan?

Thoughtlessness records itself,

With two dots at the either end of bottomless pit,

Which become markers to create the ‘witness,’

Which is a device,

A phantom, Continue reading “Darkness!”


One, two, three…six,

Very few stars managed to peep through the dark blanket,

I had donated my quilt to Deewan today,

Now it drizzles with cold wind,

It’s soothing,

Winter’s balmy tears act as elixir,

For the earth which emits petrichor,

The holy cow still trudges in the dark, Continue reading “Time!”

The Track!

They’ve burnt,

Unsaturated fat in the midnight oil,

Oil is well burnt if,

End is burnt by means,

Intentional or unintentional,

Some come to break the code,

Others to wreak sweet havok,

This ode is to those dots in destiny,

Tiny pixels, cosmic mosquitoes,

Toes, nails, chippers, potatoes,

Ailments, balms, qualms, alms,

Ah the story, Continue reading “The Track!”

Do Not Frequent My Grave

This piece moves me beyond what I can ever express. Beautifully written, thanks for sharing it, Rachel. 🙂 ❤

Fitful, Fearful, Phantasmal

I died inside your belly, Ammi Jaan,
Then went to where I’m like the swan,
To eternal verdant gardens of spring,
Going about however I please.
I am very tall here, Ammi Jaan,
And the age of thirty-three.
Narywhere on my body is hair
Nor in my heart are any cares.
And though I’d not reached Earth’s open air,
Breathed to me was a soul–whole.
So please, don’t cry, and ne’er despair
About my short, one hundred and twenty days.

Do not frequent my grave.

I died on the highway, Bara Bhai,
Some hours ‘fore my arranged wedding night.
She was waiting to meet me–please send sorries to my bride.
After the crash, I went to the hands of the King of Kings,
Right here, where unfathomable colors sing.
I’ve no way to describe these sights you’ve never known!
Listen to me, Bara Bhai, there was…

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Without A Mind!

Ah I kept waiting to hear your voice,

That wait meets this moment,

Some identities shuffle– some pain and pleasure,

It doesn’t matter if you’re sensitive,

Insensitive or case-sensitive,

This coming and going is,

A spectacle for nobody,

When you wear the white satin skin,

You merely entertain yourself.

When you jump headlong into abyss,

It sleeps soundly. 

Without a mind. 



Luster of bluster bombastic bamboozling linga zing,

Eponymous epoc pokemon go come back in time,

Soda salted lime a dime a dozen cozen zen enlightenment,

Peppermint mentations rotations on wheel of  Yama,

Propagation of memes mesmerizing zindagi aegis of gist,

If you had paid this much attention to your work, Continue reading “Memes!”


Rear cracked view mirror,

Reads Bhagavata tales,

Shadow and light,

Play in the porch with butterflies,

The spring which throbs incessantly,

Lets light enter into the hologram,

Its activity translates in visions,

Insights and unveiling,

The key piece in the devil’s kaboodle is,

The belief that there is something,

More, blurred, red, 

Enter the Sun, Continue reading “Flow!”


There is nothing rational to be grasped,

From an enlightened mind,

Tricks, techniques, knacks, mantras,

Are mere appearances and disguise,

One which is one with nature,

Works like nature,



With its own order,

Which ever eludes rationality, Continue reading “Mind!”