Magic Inside Family!

The fifth dimensional awareness struck me like a thunderbolt all of a sudden and more so because of my recklessness, blind trusting, vulnerability and above all because of the way awakening happens for you at every stage especially if you are not under the tutelage of a live master or don’t belong to a group which practices spiritual discipline. Let it be made clear that physically I am still under the roof where it all transpired but as moment-to-moment infinite portals, dimensions and relative realities are intermingling it is evident to realize that it’s a new world and new home. I am still living with same parents and siblings as far as identities are concerned and I do hope to be on my own when things inside me and outside me settle a bit.  Continue reading “Magic Inside Family!”


Psychonaut in a Public Mystery school

I watched a Youtube video which suggested that Greek mythology called earth Gaia–a living organism. The idea that entire existence including all matter is living consciousness is very near to reality. I found resonance with the idea that earth is actually a vessel of light ascending into the fifth dimension from the viewpoint of all of us who are ascending from third-fourth to the fifth dimension. Treating Gaia as a living spaceship makes us both astronauts and psychonauts. The latter term has been taken from The Tibetan Book of The Dead. I perceived Gaia’s space curvature first in 2012 when under the influence of a substance. It clearly seemed I was in the space on a curved earth. Now as 2016 and dark night of soul started I constantly found solace in the idea of being on a spaceship or in a lab which was a simulation of my previous environments. The idea indeed came from Science-fiction films I had watched before still its resonance was strikingly brilliant and comforting now. People around me, my family members, neighbors, animals, birds and even remote ambulances seemed simulated. They all had an air of unreality about them and they were all extremely fluid and deeply associated with my feelings, thoughts and perceptions. Continue reading “Psychonaut in a Public Mystery school”

Integration: Radiation and Absorption

Whatever you think, speak or do is a radiation for totality. It has always been so–now after awakening you realize it more than ever. All words you think, write and all expressions via body, mind and speech are radiations. If you feel you belong to a community of light workers, angels, humanity, star-seeds or gods—your expressions, your creativity is connecting you to the mind-continuum of those very beings across time and space. Absorption is receiving words, light-codes, energy in all its possible forms from all existence. If you feel you belong to a certain group you will receive light from them. The actuality of radiation and absorption–the interconnections of various forms of consciousness and dependent arising of all phenomena becomes overwhelming and then enlightening as you awake towards your full-potential. Continue reading “Integration: Radiation and Absorption”

The Art of Creating Light in Yourself!

Awakening can be beautiful and traumatic at the same time. I found ‘The Tibetan Book of The Dead’ at a time when I was going through most intense Dark Night of The Soul. I feel I experienced dark entities, angels, dharma-pals and various friends who guided me through. Where I am right now is beyond ordinariness of space-time as you–the reader is co-creating this reality to transmute the  reality you’re in, by developing a serving attitude–a Bodhichitta–an intentional action to create a more loving, abundant, joyous and beautiful cosmos by being yourself. Life, death and living are one–you need to master this and keep this in mind in order to truly live and shine your light for others. From my immediate experience and recollections of wisdom I can tell that your life-situation is changing–constantly as you’re awakening. Continue reading “The Art of Creating Light in Yourself!”

Yogi and Bhogi

The dynamo of energy works in mysterious ways. It’s a superpower. The Yogi burns and has to bear acute pain but he’s free from diseases and the Bhogi enjoys but later suffers from diseases and distress.

Food suppresses the mystic fire for a while but it’s not the way. It’s the way of the Bhogi. The water also can carry vibrations but they eventually overcome and start burning brighter. Water is the mysterious element which can carry the fire inside it. It’s mysterious and it makes the healer intuitive because it runs deep.

Fire inspires and purifies and water guides and heals. Subtler than both of them is Shabd. The logos-the word of God is the highest power in the manifested world. It’s the messenger of God. The Word gives fuel to the fire. The water carries the fire. The water carries both the word and fire inside because it’s gross. The Earth is the grossest of all elements and it carries all of them–Shabd, Fire and Water inside.

The middle way is the way of Tao. Tao is harmony. Tao is acceptance. Acceptance and surrender are not inert but very alert. They endow with peace. 

Pain and Acceptance

Pain is opposite of pleasure. Pain is something not desired by a healthy mind. The craving for pain cannot be for pain but for a type of pain which in its acuteness starts producing pleasure. As Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote in his Notes from the Underground, such pleasure may arise from immensity of loathing amid most intense of pain. In psychotic situation known as masochism, a subject derives pleasure by inflicting pain upon himself.

Eastern philosophers and mystics have emphasized on the search for happiness. In their opinion every action( or lack of it which is again an action but in the opposite direction) of every living being is in search of sensation of pleasure (which is associated with happiness in humans). The theory of evolution might say that this pleasure is being sought in order to avoid pain which is an indicator of threatening circumstances for organism. For example: In absence of pain, if you get a cut and start bleeding and do not notice it for enough long, you would die without being able to do anything about it. Pain plays an important part in protecting organisms, species and hence life from the view point of Science. Mysticism and Spirituality,  however, consider bliss to be another name of ultimate. In their opinion highest level of happiness is bliss and the state of bliss can be permanent for someone who engrosses his mind in the Godhead.

I have a certain observation about normal pain stored in body. When I use word ‘stored’, it is to suggest that certain relaxation methods let this pain end and that is why it is called ‘stored’ unless you do something about it. The pain is often not very obvious to notice but in certain parts of your body it’s stored because of your negligence. In cases of acute pain in any part of your body, you become very aware of that part of your body and time starts taking toll on you. Time becomes heavier because incessant rapid stream of thoughts triggered by the sensation of pain makes your mind stuff grow exponentially. Even in moderate cases of pain you feel certain uneasiness and you do not really become very conscious of the fact that it is because of pain that you do not feel at ease and even feel peevish at times, whereas everything seems to be at ease from the outset. As Buddha said in his Noble Truths, becoming aware of the suffering is the first step towards removing it (or at least reducing it), knowing that pain is present helps in getting rid of it. This subconscious pain in form of feelings or at the gross level of physique makes you very uneasy in your day to day business. if it is not present, very simple looking things would engross you and time would start flying with wings of happiness.   

Acceptance is the alchemy that transmutes the pain into the bliss. The pain is not in itself the problem but rather the situation of which it’s a part. The situation makes pain either acceptable or totally unacceptable. You know that there are certain situations when pain is considered pleasure. This goes on to prove that it’s your attitude towards the pain which decides your feelings. Acceptance of pain tends you towards spiritual awakening because it makes your life a complete whole. You are quick to accept pleasure because it’s like happiness, your true nature; but you shun pain and detest it. When you develop the attitude of a witness towards streams of pain and pleasure in life you don’t shun pain. You transmute it into bliss by acceptance. Some pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.  

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