Gloomy Gloaming!

Gloomy gloaming sinks within,

Its unfathomable depth,

Orchestrates Orion belt ions,

On my head betelgeuse,

Peyote coyote coy sparrow tweets,

And jumps to the railing again,

Rayleigh counts scattering as,

Enervated kids keep skidding on filmy notes,

This mystery asks no questions,

For it’s very romance of romance. 



Darkness Absolute!

This post is inspired by my conversations with Eli Kyoko who writes at Moonlit Pieces.  The song is also her recommendation. Thank you Eli!

Zaza: What is absolute darkness and how does it relate to fear?

Logos: Absolute darkness contains all there was, is or will be. Though it’s neither potential of eventualities nor eventualities in themselves. It’s the very essence, the reality which imparts being to every thing and yet it’s non-being at the same time. Whatever you can imagine or can’t imagine is contained in it. That which is or isn’t is Absolute. There are no differences of right or wrong, real or imaginary in the Absolute and it’s like a black hole attracting every light particle around it and making it still inside it. Though it’s merely a metaphor as all black holes, singularities and multiplicities are contained in it. Continue reading “Darkness Absolute!”

Asphodels Yodel!

Asphodels yodel,

The fragrant smoke rants,

Coffee fleets on a song,

White translucent plasma of light is my lama,

I’ve been through these quarters,

Yes I’ve been through these quarters, Continue reading “Asphodels Yodel!”

Corpus Hobnob!

Hobnob door knob nebula mongoose berry rye year ear march past reticent retina,

Id, scrap, un carpology corpus callosum, harp dwell well weather ether nectar,

Cloud loud oracle clay pots lay spots stops spats pats steppe pete pate ate tea,

Tempo poem empath pathos soham am I so soliloquy,

Loquacious quasar surreptitious susurrations rations vacations,

Fibres febrile relay lay brief on a reef effervescence essence,

Solipsism sisyphean scythe thermal hamartia martian mart tiered art.  

Alimentary canal canary nary array ray limn mnemonic nickels. 



Doha, Octet and Octave!

The octet of Diana,

Sings an octave,

Dehra dun ya,

Dohra dun?,

Kya dun,

Aur kya kya naa dun?

Sweaty dark fog eats her, Continue reading “Doha, Octet and Octave!”


Mosaic prosaic china pieces hina maha yana veena enacted entropy pyre,

Resonant son ant on resplendent dental taal tally all ally lyrical calculation,

Laconic lacuna sodium odin odium din in inn medium medicine cinema,

Mane mansion medley medals dally,

Crypt script ptolemy pythagoras python pit viper pert peremptory,

Capsule capsized boat sidereal reality suzerain rain check mate, Continue reading “Mosaic”

Method Acting!

When curtains drop,

Ropes would be no more,

No more puppets, puppeteers, 

Cheers, applauses, pauses,

Ants have left the sugar cubes,

And scorpions, alligators have been drained down the flush, 

Sirocco, rococo, coconut brocade arcades cadenzas, 

Rubrick’s cube still creates rainbows for me and I take bow time-to-time,

A tractor tracts, a bird sings and attracts,

Who has seen the threads read as tapestry is woven by the seamstress,

When curtains drop… 

Wisdom Winds!

You’re chirping of crickets,

In a silent night where,

Echoes chill my rusty bones,

Soothing anodyne,

On my wounds,

A scab,

A healer with inexhaustible love and unshakeable faith, Continue reading “Wisdom Winds!”

Skull Dendrites!

Sweet potatoes poetess stylus lustrous truss rusticated stechtomy mytochondria medallion lioness gazes deep into skull culverts vertical calories.

Low owl vowels wells elves vespers pert eristic sticklers leery leary timothy mothballs snowballs slabs labs parks sparks arks noah whoa an oath though tough huge rogue gels,

Symmetrical metrics metered visions red edicts onions diction ion ichthyology sea osiris,

Pentagonal peptides betides beckons conical calculators torpor pours itself on self,

Elvish tales elvis songs vis-a-vis wistful vistas tussel sole old dendrites.

Rites passages turn of phrase urn raise relief lief fain emboss inane wan vain glory.

Lyrical lyre lory ores smores pores restitution intuition on tincture turnip pinwheel heel. Eel electra transient trance wake dream anandamide idam bliss aham na sawyam. 

The suggestion for this song is courtesy of Mel who blogs at Fiction In My Head. Thank you Mel!


Aquifer aqua fin finagle nagas phalanges gestation gestalt,

Lunette net luna uno clouds azure inured in red edicts,

Diction prediction preposition prophecies,

Sanile salience silent seance,

Anvil village age collage collectives inventive invectives, Continue reading “Angelica!”