Who am I?



Namaste and Welcome!

My name is Anand and I live in India. 🙂

This blog started with my random musings and observations on life but it has transformed into a place where I share my love of life now. As I connect with people I feel them. I feel their stories and In the process I learn more about the beautiful phenomenon life is.

I want to establish an inner understanding and friendship with you through this blog. I want to hear your stories and I feel it would heal us both in the process and bring in more peace, bliss and love as we keep sharing.

I took voluntary retirement from the professional scene when I was about twenty seven years old because I wanted to devote my life for self-realization and service of humanity. I love life and I am grateful to the existence because I have become happier day by day.

Thanks for visiting this blog. I hope you found something useful or interesting here. Please drop a word for me. I would love to hear something from you. Anything! I am very friendly and you can connect with me on following social media platforms.





183 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi, you have a second blog now on the Cubic theme? strange url name, same profile image, using forename not a nickname like last pseudonym I saw you using here & some of same articles from here over there – You’re experimenting with a test blog there perhaps? Thought I’d mention it in case it is something else, but I’m maybe slightly overanxious on the strange things that sometimes occur. Prob should’ve emailed you but this seemed quickest.

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    1. https://theartofdyingweb.wordpress.com/

      Yes, this one was created by me to share some paranormal experiences earlier this year. It’s alright to contact me. On a side-note I am not anxious about copyright as far as my posts are concerned. When I used to blog on Blogger many people used my posts for spinning and I never complained about it because I never made any money using them, moreover I have different views about creativity so never feel that copyright is for me(doesn’t mean I don’t respect copyright of others!) I commented on your latest post in BW if you’re not sure about that. Sad to hear about Paul. I interacted a lot with him earlier and he was suffering from some disease. Maybe he’s in real peace now.

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    2. Using this space to communicate for obvious reasons(instead of BW!.)
      We say “I am sorry for your loss,” to empathize which doesn’t mean we say so because we feel guilty or responsible for someone’s loss. Maybe I am wrong but English is not my first language so my apologies if I am wrong.

      Regarding his physical state–I clearly remember he wrote that he was diagnosed with some tumor on pages of BW and maybe in a thread when he cursed another member. That might have been the cause because it was around the time you report his death occurred. Maybe BW still has those threads if they were not trashed but you can take my word for it and need not bother searching.

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      1. Apologies, I interpreted wrongly from your choice to use the word ‘disturbance’. I’d guess that your English use is usually spot on and I maybe confuse us!

        Although many of us genuinely care about virtual friends we connect with from time to time over time, realistically we were strangers who became acquainted only in a vague and online or virtual sense. I wasn’t meaning to be overdramatic or attention-seeking in sharing the news but as many of us haven’t seemed to be actively blogging and might have missed the notifiation and as no-one else had mentioned anything and as it was ‘Special Sunday Words’ it seemed appropriate to share and ensure Paul ‘s memory isn’t simply disappeared within the communities we participated and acquainted in. I wasn’t aware he was still actively a member on BW in recent times. I didn’t receive any post notifications alluding to that but not meaning to doubt your word if you saw them there then they might have been and maybe it was around that previous time. He hadn’t seemed keen to return as a member while the group as a whole would allow such injustices as had occurred that second time although that’s a long time ago now of course. The word he used that might have been deemed ‘cussing’ is quite a tame and appropriate label for the circumstances of being confronted with harassment and bullying the moment he entered the forum to participate on that particular occasion and then the obnoxious horrendous insult of being called a ‘lowly person’ for no apparent reason whatsoever in that personal attack made against him. The word he used is quite tame in everyday speech among general populations of UK/Europe/US/elsewhere and was actually quite true and not entirely inappropriate given the circumstance although that use of that word of course gave the excuse for an immediate ban with no consideration for the circumstances at the time under the ‘no offence’ rule that said other person is allowed to flout time and again for whatever reasons of hierarchial nonsense exist within their personal culture / social constructs – and some of those might allow and justify the ongoing abuses of others deemed somehow lesser people and even to say so might be deemed offensive to persons of such belief, so the cause no offence whatsoever rule over there is impractical and implausible. Oops, didn’t mean to rant! No, I’m not digging back for info and I saved the screenshots ages ago and the system just has a minor problem coping with such online discrimination that some sub-types of users are allowed to perpetuate while others are victimised, stigmatised and penalised. In the immediacy of her grief his sister had deleted his blog quite soon and missed the opportunity for sharing remembrance of him as the mostly good-natured friendly and supportive soul that he often seemed to be. Some of his posts had got a bit strange, but in part it might have been a creative thing, or like you say due to ill health, or it might have been someone else using his account trying to make him look bad or whatever. Anyway, sorry for over-running in my reply!

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        1. We used to have long posts as discussion on both of our blogs so it’s never a problem here. Please feel free to write and don’t think that you’re taking space here as long as it’s comfortable with your time and space. I don’t want to sound bombastic but I never deleted or shortened a single post for any reason on BW or even deleted any comments on any of my blogging sites unless they were ‘pure spams.’ Pure spam seems like an oxymoron! I deleted my twitter account but for a while Paul was the person who re-tweeted me most number of times. He was a prolific blogger and wonderful poet too–and as you seem to agree his impulsive nature might have been because of his illness and personal difficulties like facing theft and personal attacks. You did the write thing by remembering him. Thanks a lot!

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  3. Hi Anand. I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I do realize that you don’t accept awards but in the spirit of what the award stand for, I wanted to let you know that you embody it. Thank you for continuing to be a splendid person and blogger!
    If you ever change your mind just mosey on over to my site and search for “One Lovely Blog.”
    Have a nice day now!

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  5. Hello, Anand. I saw your name in the comments section of Meg Sorick’s post about black holes and it caught my attention because I follow another gentleman named Anand from Delhi. You might enjoy his quirky, snarky, malarkey blog called Anand’s Parodies & Caricatures at artflowsinmyveins.wordpress.com

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  8. It’s lovely to meet you Anand. I can see you write very interesting and thought-provoking posts, I’m happy to follow you and discover more about you and your philosophy on life. You are a very special person, with such an important message to spread, and I’m always eager to learn. I intend to follow you on Twitter, but I’m very new to it (I’m not good at all good with social media!) and am just learning how it all works. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the visit and kind words Millie 🙂 If you want to interact with other friendly bloggers please feel free to join the forum Blogger’s World. If you comment on any of the posts there I will send you an invite. The place has many lovely bloggers who will be great companions in your blogging journey 🙂


      I really appreciate your interest and wish you, your family and friends a great new year 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂


  9. Hi Vibrant,

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the just concluded WordPress Blogging courses. I stopped by today to know more about your blog, and I have read some interesting stuffs here. Thank you for following a new blogger like me. I really appreciate it and am pretty sure to learn more from you as I read your writings. 🙂 Have a great week.

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  10. Hello Anand! I first met you in Writing 101 last summer. You have created a lovely blog here. Your idea on names is delightful – most people like to talk about their ‘safe’ facts, so it’s an excellent and original conversation starter. May I ask how did the idea come to you? Truth or dare 😀

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    1. Thanks my friend. We have a lovely forum for discussion, which is like Commons of Blogging University:

      Recently, one of our admins updated the right sidebar with author names widget and then it struck me that I had been meaning to ask many bloggers this. It’s not that I have not asked meanings of usernames before–but this time I did it collectively and I am so thankful that everyone liked it so much. 🙂

      If you drop by this forum, please leave a comment on any of the posts and I will send you an invite. Have a great day!

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂


      1. Thank you for your kind invitation. I wish I knew sooner Blogging U would be so good. If classes weren’t informative, which they are, The Commons is a wonderful community.

        I appreciate the invitation.


  11. It’s great to have met you here.
    I have an urge to know more about you , your views , experiences and a lot more about the journey of your life. 🙂
    I wish I could interact with you… But I realize how anti social I am – No Facebook , no Google plus and no twitter ! 😀

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    1. Hahaha, lol 😀

      You are very kind. You can write via email. Nice to meet you too. There is nothing very interesting about me but I am humbled with your kind words 🙂

      Stay blessed 🙂

      Love and light ❤

      Anand 🙂

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