Two Eighty Tears, Dears!

Your love,

Is inalienable alien,


It submerges whole of my persona,

Two eighty tears flow with those two rings on table,

Which I don’t wear when we talk,

For they remind me of gossips of days bygone,

Your love is,

Jasmine fragrance,

A rare trance,

Its sublimity is ineffable,

All my particles break and merge into your pores,

I melt into you,

I become you,

You become me,

We become one,

Two, three, four,

Nameless, countless,

Lesser than lessest.  



13 thoughts on “Two Eighty Tears, Dears!

          1. Morer and morerer and morererest and moster and mostest and mostestest. You caught me in my loving mood. Lol

            Liked by 1 person

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