The Other Side!

A blue dove sings on top of an electric poll,

This cream of laziness protects your skin from so many ailments,

Nothing is measured here,

No measures taken to ken,


Half asleep man murmurs something,

The man fully asleep is fully awake,

Don’t try waking him up,

Wake yourself up if,

You see any differences,

In sleeping,Β 

Waking and dreaming realms,

The thread ceremony has been done for one,

Who can look through the veil,

I could have promised to see you on the other side,

But that is not a side.



15 thoughts on “The Other Side!

    1. LOL. Because one who sleeps completely is one who wakes completely. No need to wake him up. You need to wake yourself up if you think dreaming is different from waking because they are not. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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