Kiln of Winter!

Orion hunts the question posed by Big Dipper,

Open books are closed for the day,

Closed books open as the red star in the North East beckons betelgeuse,

A squirrel was driving a motorcycle in a dream,

Fragrant smoke merges into the nectar in the valley of death,

Mute mosquitoes do telepathy to learn language of love,

Wheels on which she rides fly, teleport and measure Earth,

Below the Earth another earth breathes in bliss,

Kiss of Nagas on eternity,

Since they lost their bearings,

South East is North East,

Upper is lower,

Dipper is higher,

Her were pert peremptory tombs,

Bombs of bliss blasting in the core of manticore,

Griffin finished lunch by the time of dinner,

Nerds gathered to warm their hands on kiln of winter.ย ย 


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