All questions are hollow,

They’re merely confirmation of being,

Seeking itself in itself,

All answers are hollow,

They’re empty sounds,

I saw the roar of a big boar,

Donkey became a monkey,

Flunky grass was crunky green,

Careening ninja turtles rattling with linga,

Ninga bubba gone gungho hocus pocus,

When Mario was in Ukraine Lugi was waiting for a train,

Rains overflowed over princess in the castle,

A cesspool,

Database is based on gain and loss,

The kriya exists without karta,

The memories of coming and going,

Are glued to anchors,

Which are hollow buffers,

Furs making a woolen coat a veil,





16 thoughts on “Hollow!

    1. Nothing exists by itself and things it depends on are transitory–that is why clinging to them is clinging to death. Death doesn’t exist for life because life alone is. For being nonbeing is opposite and they are both realities and yet reality is beyond them as their support.


    1. There is no question to avoid it. You need to see that it’s. It’s reality of all existence, all being and all mind. In themselves events and phenomenon don’t exist–they are dependent on things they exist among and exist with. Beyond them is reality which is ineffable.


        1. You can investigate into your questions all you want. They would take you to root of all questions: who am I? All being around you arises simultaneously with your ‘I am’ thought. All questions drop only when there is no pain, no fear, no separation. πŸ™‚ ❀


          1. That question who am I, exactly what I just read on the book few days ago. The title is: Making Your Emotions Work for You by Harold J. Sala. It’s about coping with stress, avoiding burnout, overcoming fear.. and regarding to the questions, I have learned a week ago to stop going back to the past. It just hurt me. I’m learning to let it go now.. and just leave on the present and hope for the future.. ❀

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    1. No. If you see emptiness of things it’s as much knowledge as it gets. Though this has nothing to do with poem. It’s strictly a response to your statement. Dependent arising wipes out the notion of doership. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your visit and interest dear Nandu πŸ™‚ ❀

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