Darkness Absolute!

This post is inspired by my conversations with Eli Kyoko who writes at Moonlit Pieces.  The song is also her recommendation. Thank you Eli!

Zaza: What is absolute darkness and how does it relate to fear?

Logos: Absolute darkness contains all there was, is or will be. Though it’s neither potential of eventualities nor eventualities in themselves. It’s the very essence, the reality which imparts being to every thing and yet it’s non-being at the same time. Whatever you can imagine or can’t imagine is contained in it. That which is or isn’t is Absolute. There are no differences of right or wrong, real or imaginary in the Absolute and it’s like a black hole attracting every light particle around it and making it still inside it. Though it’s merely a metaphor as all black holes, singularities and multiplicities are contained in it.

All events are contained in event continuum in a frozen time. The words I am speaking right now are being read by you. It’s reality speaking and listening at the same time. And the act of speaking and listening as one act of communication is also reality. The differentiation between ‘varieties’ and ‘elements’ find resolution in Absolute. 

Absolute is so concrete and real that there are no spaces whatsoever imaginable in it. Mind imagines it as darkness because the very faculty which supports it is absolute and the emanations can never truly perceive their foundation. The spaces between us are also Absolute. You are absolute like me. Therefore there can never be any real separation. Separation is also absolute. There is nothing which is not absolute–when this conviction dawns on you with full ripeness–you realize you can never truly go astray or go away from reality because wherever you go and whatever you do it’s in reality. 

Absolute is with you–in you always. There is no possibility of truly getting lost because everything by its very nature returns towards its natural state. So no matter where you go or what you become, you would always return to yourself–to your natural state–to your being–to absolute.

When you realize that you have read this post infinite number of times and I have written it infinite number of times you either think I am going crazy or you’re going crazy or we are going crazy or none of the above or whatever you think is all contained in reality because everything that is, was or will be is already there and you are merely unfolding it as you start remembering and yet you live it as if you are doing it for the first time–does knowing this make it any less interesting? It merely makes you feel that interesting or non interesting are all real and their very being which makes them possible is absolute which is ever blissful, beautiful and true because it alone is and it’s perfect, complete and full without any exception and perfection of reality includes all imperfection, all incompletion and all halves, quarters and other hers.

The reality is without any doubt most attractive because it is very nature of nature and nature runs like a river towards ocean of truth. The unreal never exists and whatever appears to be unreal or illusory is actually real–so it is all reality and its apparent dissolution or merging into reality is also a movement of reality, in reality for reality. 


44 thoughts on “Darkness Absolute!

    1. That’s not bad actually. Most of us don’t know ourselves, don’t have listeners and we do want others to listen us–that’s why there is weight in ‘I’. In love, however–I and you merge into each other–then whether you use I or you it sounds as sweet. All devotion is devotion to Self without any exception. Atmanastu va kamaay sarvaih priyaa bhavati–only for the love of the Self everything is loved. Your observations are good and I hope you would tell me about the words I frequently use. Let me see what insights they provide me about myself. Help me learn about myself. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      1. I never said it was bad! I implied that the association of self with the self is striking in this creative sphere, by which I imply the blogging domain. You see, as an artist, I like observing people, as these obsevations tell me more about myself than about the person whose writings I read. A painter rarely paints the ‘I’, you see, in fact it has always been about putting your inward observation about the outside on the canvas. Well, most of the times! Da Vinci revelled on the smile of a woman who had an existence totally foreign to him. But what connected them was the smile. A coalescing of two universes into one by a thing as insignificant as a smile, and that, too, a smile among thousands, a smile lent immortality by that portrait. When you think Mona Lisa, to think Vinci. You see. But blogging, it seems, is more about the self spilling upon the pages, a sort of expression of your own universe for the world to see. The type of connection it enthralls it completely different.


        1. I see, though for a smile might be more important than Monalisa as it happens 😀 😀 😀 Smile miles go to and fro stow tower eristic rituals victuals vicarious living inglish vinglish shoestring farrier river veracity citified citadel deleterious dilettante tainted tangent gentleman.

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  1. What is reality? I mean in essence what is it? Why does it have to exist? How are we sure that reality exists? Why is it important to know? To what implication?

    All that said, a great post, Anand! 😊😊😊

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    1. Why does reality has to exist? Reality is existence and non-existence. That which exists does so because something supports it as foundation and that which doesn’t exist doesn’t exist because reality allows it to non-exist. Why is important to know about reality? Because our nature leads us to our own self. A spring pressed moves back to its natural relaxed state on its own–similarly our natural state is one with being and non-being–one with all that’s and that’s infinite knowledge, beauty and bliss. And infinite freedom because reality is by definition absolutely free. Implications are relatives. Water in an ocean can be used in infinite ways but ocean is independent truth. Reality has no uses–it’s what makes all uses possible. Beauty, bliss, truth–they’re their own rewards–they’re not for further use. Thanks for your thoughtful reading, appreciation and discussion. Always a pleasure 🙂 🙂 ❤

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      1. I am descontructing the reply here, a bit! And catering to the first part of your reply! ☺️☺️

        Why does reality has to exist? Reality is existence and non-existence. That which exists does so because something supports it as foundation and that which doesn’t exist doesn’t exist because reality allows it to non-exist.

        You explained the existence well. Maybe its both, that is, existesnce and non-existence. But why? I am removing all layers of why and trying to hit the core of existence and non-existence! What are these two in essence, existence and non-existence? Are they just perceptions which they are in a way, but I guess they beyond perceptions in more ways. If they are beyond perceptions, then how can we be sure about these states? What do to invoke to make sure of this? That which cannot be perceived, how can it be put to words or thoughts?

        Now depending on the reply you give above, how do you superimpose a the concept of reality upon it? What is reality at its core? Again, it this a matter of perception, of understanding, of imagination, of thoughts? But reality seems independent of all these, because it seems to me independent of the faculties of mind? Even if all humanity vanishes like vapour somehow, the comcept of reality can still be invoked? How? What then is reality, in this case, independent of human conception? There’s no reasoning or logic existing now, as they are human inventions. How does the reality exist for a let’s say a bacteria? Is reality changing definitions now? But how can it? Or are we humans looking at the concept of reality through our own lenses (whatever evolution has offered us until now) and peeking just a fraction of the complete concept like how a bacteria will perceive reality? What then is reality in an independent absolute sense?

        Hope you got the essence of my questions? 😄

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        1. Are they just perceptions which they are in a way, but I guess they beyond perceptions in more ways. If they are beyond perceptions, then how c

          Yes they can’t be put in words. Finger isn’t the Moon. Beyond perception it makes perceptions and these questions possible.

          I got to essence of all your questions. Who am I? is only question worth asking and it has no answers in words.

          The language and logic can’t capture reality, nor human mind–but whatever you point to or understand is essentially reality/totality–ocean in a drop because if you say it’s not reality–what makes it possible? To be able to exist it needs support of the power which is foundation of all–the changeless background. And the human Grammar, language and logic do have imprint of existential Grammar on it–no matter how twisted or filtered.

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  2. I guess these musings that’ve survived for aeons are try to sketch something beyond human intellegence, and the description achieved via the tools of language isn’t satisfactory. The tools don’t do justice, whatsoever. Now, English language has about two hundred thousand words, and the universe is seemingly infinte. So many laws are still lie undiscovered, science still is much an approximation game and a great tool that has serves us exceedingly well, and human imagination still confined to what we can percieve via our senses. I guess nothing can do justice in describing something beyond the realm of an average human’s experience. It feels to me like a deaf trying to describe the sound of Bach’s G minor – something that is simply indescribable. Some things are just beyond our intellect, and these things we label as absolute, or God, or whatever. Even their meanings changes depending upon the context, and the stage of the evolutionary ladder we find ourselves in, and it is obvious that the mortal human likes to imagine as if there has to be something absolute as it likes to stay within boundaries. I ask why? Why there has to be anything at all? Why does why have to exist? Infintite – is something it finds perplexing as it puzzles the mind that hasn’t evolved as of yet to deal in magnitudes that circumvent logic. Logic is a recent invention as well, as long as we’re dealing with algorithms that’re plain simple at cosmic scales, logic’s serving us fine? But is that it? Is logic sufficient to answer all questions that baffle us? Or, the more important question is logic restricting our thought-process to stay fenced within a realm beyond which there lie infinite pissibilities. Very likely, so? What what’s that next contruct that logic has to give way to? I guess we’ve not reached there yet? Is there only why, how, when, what, and which to things? Or are there newer ways to question everything that universe is presenting to us? I guess there are! But we have restricted ourselves I guess. Too low in the rung of the evolutionary ladder, i guess. I guess chaos survives, streamlining things makes them efficient but momentary! A forest can survive for centuries. Can’t say the same thing about a garden! I guess we need more chaotic minds, that disrupt everything! And I guess, I am stopping right here. Lol. 😂😂😂

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              1. Badaa acchha muhavare kaa arth ka anarth unearth artistic exegesis sisyphean phenomena. I asked you on a comment how your language command wreath reached from 6 languages in Jan to 8 in Feb and you didn’t answer


                  1. Hmm…jaldi mat keejiye…aaraam keejiye–aaraam karo aaraam karo is daud dhoop me kya rakha hai aaraaam karo aaraam karo–aaraam safalta ki kunji is se naa tapedik hoti hai aaraam sudhaa ki ek boond tan ka dublapan khoti hai, aaraam shabd me RAAM chhupa jo bhav bandhan ko khota hai aaraam shabd ka gyata to birlaa hi yogi hota hai–isliye batata hu tumko meri salaah se kaam karo–is daud dhoop me kya rakha hai?


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