Mosaic prosaic china pieces hina maha yana veena enacted entropy pyre,

Resonant son ant on resplendent dental taal tally all ally lyrical calculation,

Laconic lacuna sodium odin odium din in inn medium medicine cinema,

Mane mansion medley medals dally,

Crypt script ptolemy pythagoras python pit viper pert peremptory,

Capsule capsized boat sidereal reality suzerain rain check mate,

Ate three chapatis patios ratios rational ratiocinations nations,

Options snowman man an am an a anyone on nyom vyom,

Pushya magha mula sthula thule hubli hub,

Penchant chant pendant push button on ton,

Pennant enfant terrible blatherskite skating shoes slip ups lips pusillanimous,

Six eighteen two eighteen even venus sinus hosteen bull paddock paddy dock,

The sign of four thirteen hirsute twenty went antonym six away way rastafari,

Eclectic epileptic seizure zury outside my verandah dahlia purple pellets,

 Elliptical ellipsis asyndeton detonated debris iris osiris poseidon donning plumage








4 thoughts on “Mosaic

  1. Ssameera :)

    Sab went above my head😂😂 but this song is my favourite.💙💙💙💙💙 And I was about to tell you. Achi chemistry hai.😁😂😂 Kaise mujhe tum mil Gaye😝

    Liked by 2 people

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