Doha, Octet and Octave!

The octet of Diana,

Sings an octave,

Dehra dun ya,

Dohra dun?,

Kya dun,

Aur kya kya naa dun?

Sweaty dark fog eats her,

Dark clouds of doubts speak aloud,

Cymbals sing ek onkar satnam,

Names of the one,

Two, three, free, eternal, infinity,

Soothing breeze freezes all my doubts as I inhale deep,

Hale halestorm of twenty second letter of alphabet,

Bets with alpha beta psi phi science fiction,

How far will he go?

Namaste lambaste lambs bastions baste pastiches oats,

Cackling kids and vehicles float on the same air,

Where tathata had hung up his hat.Β 




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