Why You Should Give

This is wisdom of love and light of life! Thank you Rulla!

Rulla Alani


If you have not yet read Compensate by Emerson, I highly recommend it. It will change your perspective on life. We were all taught the Golden Rule as youth; however, the harsh realities of life have often resulted in us forgetting this simple law of life. It really comes down to this – whatever we give off, we receive back, in one form or another.

A few examples:

Let’s say you love someone deeply, truly, and genuinely. You are honest, patient, and selfless. Regardless of your partner’s attitude, you are their companion and you stand by them. However, the relationship does not end up working out for the long run. One day – you will attract someone who will love you even more wholly than you loved before. This is because we are all walking magnets, only attracting that which we give off.

Let’s say you are working a typical…

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